Georgia Must Stand Up To Hollywood

The Hollywood invaders are once again beating the drums of economic warfare, this time over the Heartbeat Bill (HB 481) that moved through the Georgia Legislature. The wonderful bill has now passed in the Georgia Senate and the House. Governor Kemp has already made it quite clear he’ll be signing the bill. I believe it will, but this is a naked attempt by the Hollywood transplants to scare the Governor, General Assembly and people of Georgia into capitulating to their wicked wills. The ones leading this charge are the Writers Guild of America. They are calling the Heartbeat bill a “draconian, anti-choice measure” and that passing the bill would make Georgia an “inhospitable place.” Their official statement was this….

“This law would make Georgia an inhospitable place for those in the film and television industry to work, including our members,” the WGA statement read. “If the Georgia Legislature and Governor Kemp make HB 481 law, it is entirely possible that many of those in our industry will either want to leave the state or decide not to bring productions there. Such is the potential cost of a blatant attack on every woman’s right to control her own body.”

So, the Californians think they can fear monger us into letting them kill babies. They claim we are hurting their feelings and since they are “enriching” our state that we must bend to their will or else. Ah, they did the same thing in 2016 over the Religious Freedom Bill. I remember that so well. The entire capitalist establishment of America came arm and arm, lead by Silicon Valley tribesmen (((Marc Benioff))) (CEO of Salesforce) to humiliate the State of Georgia over our bill. A bill which merely stated that business wouldn’t be forced to make things that violated their religious beliefs. They falsely painted the bill (HB 757) as a bill aimed at being mean to homosexuals, it wasn’t, I’d still support it if it did though. They made calls that they’d bankrupt the entire state of Georgia over one piece of legislation.

In their typical New England Judeo-Yankee liberal ways they conceitedly condemned the people of Georgia. The Atlanta community, of course, joined in on this blackmail and posturing. Then, instead of fighting back, not even raising a negative word towards the hostile outsiders threating to bankrupt our state, Governor Deal cowardly vetoed the bill.

This was my awakening to the false song of capitalism. We must never again let our state be violated and threaten by these plutocratic bullies. The mere fact that these foreign outsiders would so self-importantly demand we Georgians change our laws to appease their sorry hides is insulting. I don’t care how much money they have or how many jobs they give us, we must never surrender our honor to these Marxist vultures. Perhaps, had Governor Straddle-Bug Deal had a spine, he’d consider not castrating himself before the plutocrats of California and New York.

Do we really need Hollywood filming their anti-Christian/White/Southern movies here?

I don’t recall The Free State of Jones, which was filmed here, being towards our benefit – a mediocre movie which glorified a cheating deserter and turn-coat who betrayed the Confederacy. This is only just one of the many movies these Helly-wood miscreants have put on the big screen that was filmed here. Remember, that they film in Georgia because it’s cheaper!

The same can be said with the mega-corporations who move here. Hollywood, especially, offer very little revenue for the people of Georgia. They bring their own workers from California and other urbanite hubs to film their filthy movies. They merely give our people the “gift” of being an unpaid extra, sometimes. Most of the so-called revenue is made by taxes that the State and Feds receive. Then, perhaps, a few hotels owned by Indians. Maybe an occasional server at some fancy restaurant might receive an extra tip from some debased libertine Hollywood actor. Many corporations were simply bluffing about leaving, just consider how expensive it is to up and move your business. Mostly, it was virtue signaling. Had Governor Double Deal signed the bill, I trust that God would have revealed that these were mere empty threats. Deal lacked faith, among other things. Even if these corporations and hollywooders are true in their threats, let them try.

If they do try, then they should be arrested by the Georgia State Police and sent to the state prison in Milledgeville. Why not? Are they not threatening or at least implying harm upon the people of Georgia? What happens when you take jobs away? People lose money, families lose money, kids go hungry and people die of starvation. Sounds like economic war to me.

I recall that the same GOP are the one’s trying to ban boycotting Israel, yet we are unable to do so for our own state? Nope, we can and should. This time we must demand so. We are being threatened with economic destruction because we stand against the murder of the unborn. We should stand strong and face this scum. We are standing for what is right. We must accept the challenge of the WGA and rebuke them. Rebuke the people like arch feminist Alisa Milano. Rebuke Marc Benioff, rebuke the Godless Left. Rebuke the feminists and their supposed “right” to murder the unborn.

Let’s ban abortion in Georgia and fully send these feminist harpies to the loony bin.


  1. Excellent article! Floridian here who supports this important bill 100%, along with the stance of your Governor and Legislature.

    Hollywood elitists, along with New England Yankee liberals, those self-absorbed and self-aggrandized heathens and hedonistic Satan-worshippers, continually produce pap for the masses, and swill for Christians, while browsing and belittling anyone with the audacity to believe that we are more capable of conducting our lives than they are. They need to learn to stick to movie-making, and to keep their politics and proselytizing for demons unto themselves.

    Fire will one day rain upon them. Until then, WE must adjure Heaven to stand against them.


  2. An inhospitable place for people in the film industry eh?

    Yeah I imagine it would be unbearable for the degenerates in Hollywood to spend a couple of weeks in Georgia without compete and unfettered access to abortions. How many abortions a year do those whores have, anyway? Condoms must be expensive in California.

    1. An inhospitable place for people in the film industry eh?

      My state, Oklahoma, has been accused of precisely the same thing with regard to this issue and several others, namely our immigration restriction legislation, our failure to get on board with homosexual degeracy rampant in Hollywood and Yankee-land, and our (more recent, “hateful”) legislation making the adoption of children more difficult for sexual degenerates. What usually happens here is that we shy away from owning what this is really all about. Of course we intend to make Oklahoma inhospitable to these degenerate hordes; hell, that’s half the point! Take your punk-money elsewhere. We don’t want it, nor do we need it.

  3. Kemp might have some b@lls after all. I hope he signs the bill and sends the Hollywood pedos back to their crying rooms.

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