FWG, Podcast #9 – House Judiciary Committee Anti-White Inquisition Part 1

The FWG grew discuss the April 9, 2019 House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism.

The FWG crew discuss the April 9, 2019 House Judiciary Committee hearing on white nationalism.

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  1. They’re not treating them like “blameless animals,” they’re treating them like they’re less than fully human; or, more precisely, they treat them as though they are less than fully mature human beings, lacking moral agency. Like children, in other words.

    That’s a “nicer” way to put it and all that, plus it’s more accurate, but I can tell you that you’ll still run into the same problem of your opponents trying to put words in your mouth, clamining you said they are “children” or “less than fully mature human beings,” and that they “lack moral agency,” when what you actually said is that that is the way they are treated by their leftist advocates. Been there, done that. Works the same way with all “minority” groups in “democratic” majority-white countries. E.g. with feminists, with homosexuals, etc.

    Bottom line: I don’t care how nicely you state it, you’re never going to get anywhere with these people. Logically speaking there are three minimal requirements for intelligent communication between minds: (1) a mind capable of transmitting a thought; (2) a mind capable of receiving (and processing) a thought; (3) a common mode of communication between the two, i.e, a common language. The problem, or when communication breaks down, almost invariably traces back to the fact we’re speaking a different language; that we define our terms differently. We’re never going to agree, and that is why we need to be separate.

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