For Pity’s Sake

There is a saying often seen in the Dissident Right when there is a revelation of some pretty young girl who has made the poor decision to engage in a “romantic” relationship with a man of color.  Often, the saying is, “Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll.”  These women often end up pregnant, battered, abandoned and, sometimes, even dead. It’s a sad and sorry state of affairs we only really observe in the fallen material hellscape of the American Empire. 

I take no issue with warning against these dangers.  The NAXALT (Not All X Are Like That) argument can be made, of course, and it will be, as a defense to these women’s poor decisions. The chances of a native Christian woman ending up with a black man is about 15% as of 2010 (Pew Research), however, most whites in an interracial relationship are Hispanic/White or Asian/White, despite the surge in White/Black relationships in almost every television commercial you see.

The domestic violence rates among minority marriages (Black/Black, Hispanic/Hispanic, etc) is over half (56%), whereas whites sit at about one in four (25.6%).  A relatively recent study displays how this works out. An interracial couple is 1.5 times as likely to have domestic violence (over monoracial minorities, twice as likely as whites) and over half are cohabiting or dating, compared with 47% reporting they are married (5% of 10,000 couples sampled to make comparisons between monoracial and interracial couples). 

So, while it is perfectly sound to warn young impressionable women to steer clear of minorities, the schadenfreude often displayed at their misfortune is honestly disheartening. We hold ourselves to high standards of morality and ethics, but the first chance we get to run someone’s nose into their mess we jump on it, especially for the dead. We shouldn’t be approaching near celebratory glee when we see a story about a young woman, who has been all but programmed to make this horrific mistake, make the mistake. It should be mourned and used, as best as possible, as a dire warning to other young women who received the same indoctrination in the propaganda camps (what we call schools and media). 

This could have been prevented

Use arguments against this in a way she will understand and relate to, if you just simply call it disgusting – the woman is likely to be defiant and go into it with more enthusiasm and find herself in a wood coat waiting for the Resurrection. If she is Christian, there are multiple verses that can be used to argue your case. The most simple is in a nice handy list of things the Good Lord wishes for you to follow fully. It’s simple and easy to remember, “Thou shalt honor the mother and father.”  The separation of nations in Genesis can be used as well. If they argue back with, “No Jew nor Greek, Man or Woman” ask why God created the various nations and put them in their own lands. Do they know better than God?

If she is extremely materialistic, simple economic arguments and the rate of single motherhood of mixed ethnicity children and the dysfunction in those homes is a simple argument. It’s hard to enjoy material pleasures when you have a mixed race child to support and are alone. 

Our modern dystopia has already destroyed the patriarchy it hates so much. Women disregard their fathers’ advice as it’s not pertinent to them in the age of strong independent women. If, and when, Tyrone beats them, they will come crawling back to those old protections they desire so much.  What happens then depends on the strength of the men in the family. Do they turn away what is their own “prodigal son” returning home? Or, do they take her back in after her failure to honor them and her family? This is a question I am thankful I never had to answer with my sister. 

As Christian men we must do what we can to bring the morality of our families and, especially, of our wayward daughters back to the foundations our ancestors and their ancestors laid before us. Being Christian is meant to be a difficult life, not an easy one.

When thy enemy shall fall, be not glad, and in his ruin let not thy heart rejoice

Proverbs 24:17


  1. Is this satire? As one who regularly uses memes to bring home this point, I can’t say “celebration” was ever part of the exercise. Nor have I observed it in others. Don’t mistake disgust for celebration. The fear of rejection by your own people remains the best deterrent to this awful practice, not the high probability of domestic violence.

  2. I have four daughters (as well as four sons), and if I were asked by a young father how best to prevent this from happening to his own girls considering all the outside influences she will be exposed to under the best of circumstances, I would tell him in no uncertain terms to never give his daughter(s) the slightest impression that he would ever tolerate that sort of behavior in her without the distinct and very real possibility that she would thereby permanently forfeit her favored status in her family of origin and essentially become what used to be referred to as an “abandoned woman.”

    It is certainly true that none of my children could ever do anything conceivable to make me stop loving them, but at the same time there are several things they could do to make me effectively disown them, cast them out of the “garden” that is their family of origin, and place cherubs with flaming swords at either end to “keep the way” of that garden. A non-regenerate daughter need not apply!

    I agree with Mr. Swor; “tough love” is, well, tough all around, but it is also the surest way to prevent such a thing from ever happening with your own kids. They’re not going to understand all the dangers inherent to the mistake until they have in fact suffered them directly. An ounce of prevention, therefore, is worth a pound of cure…

  3. As a father and a Christian, I would always welcome my “prodigal daughter” back into our home. She will still have to bear the consequences of her bad choices, but I will never turn her away. Just as Christ has never turned me away when I have asked his forgiveness for my disobedience.

    However, as a man, I can promise you that the minute after my daughter returned to the safety of our home, I would be on my way to “visit” with her dark feral friend, and inflict upon him the consequences of his poor choices.

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