Eat a Peach: The Atlanta Forum

Last weekend was the first ever Atlanta Forum and I can tell you from first hand experience it was a great time. A truly big league event – with great speeches, a very accommodating and professionally-staffed hotel and, most importantly, friendly, well dressed and well behaved likeminded Southerners.

Michael Cushman has a piece up over at the Occidental Dissent providing an overview of the event, as well as, some news on the local “antifa” (if you’re unfamiliar with the term just think crazy people who LARP as communist revolutionaries) and their low energy and unsuccessful attempts to disrupt the event. Ultimately, the Atlanta Forum was a rousing success and I encourage all members of the greater Alt-Right (and certainly Southern Nationalists) to attend future events.

Personally, prior to the Atlanta Forum, I’d never even been to a political event. In fact, prior to joining the Alt-Right, I had never really been involved in politics at all. That’s pretty telling for this fast growing political movement – its strong and powerful enough to attract politically inactive folks. It also somewhat explains just how “bad” America (and the South) has become. I hate to use such a simple term, but how else do you describe it when the entire mass media shames you on a daily basis for not subscribing to the idea that a grown man (who may have sliced his genitals and Adam’s apple off) wearing a dress should be entitled to use the same bathroom as your daughter?

“Bad” is a little bit of an understatement, but it’s encompassing enough to describe daily life in Weimerica. A place where the taxpayers and civilization makers (think normal White people) are ostracized for their “Whiteness,” their earnings are significantly taxed for seemingly no benefit to them, their public schools are essentially open-air prisons, the vast majority of our major cities are unlivable, their arts corrupted and decadent to the core and, finally, their country looks and acts almost nothing like their grandparents. On the other hand, our political (and sometimes physical – read up on FBI crime stats or watch your local news) enemies are a loose collection of “civilization destroyers” – perpetually violent and lazy jiggaboos, The Religion of Peaceful Beheadings, communists, anarchists, single mothers, delusional and soon-to-be-barren feminists, sexual perverts and that timeless tribe that’s been expelled from their host countries throughout the ages.

The decay is inescapable. The Atlanta antifa freak show is a testament to that – vandalizing property, annoying the hotel staff with midnight screeching phone calls, their communist flags, black hoodies and masks. And, they’re supposed to be the “good guys”?

As opposed to what? Us? Men sporting blazers and button-downs with decent haircuts and southern drawls. If you didn’t know any better, you would have thought our group was attending the Southeast Region Meeting of the American Accounting Association. To be fair though, we probably enjoy ourselves (think bourbon and beer) more than your typical accountant. If we happen to hold views that align more with our great grandparents than the Boomers, then so be it.

But enough about the degenerate and completely reactive and unemployed losers called antifa – and, to be crystal clear, they react to us and not vice versa.

The Atlanta Forum was a complete success from start to finish. I must give full credit to both Michael Cushman and the hosts of Rebel Yell for their dedication and the amount of time and effort they put into launching our debut conference. From finding a worthy and hospitable location to scheduling inspiring and knowledgeable speakers – including Sam Dickson, Hunter Wallace, RG Miller and more – these men worked tirelessly to successfully implement our inaugural gathering.

Some of us traveled from as far as Arkansas and Virginia to join the conference in the Big Peach. When we arrived in Atlanta on January 27th, we spent the evening meeting new faces and catching up with old friends. Even though the weather was chilly, we were able to warm ourselves with some homemade brew and offensive jokes. Saturday was spent listening to speakers, a few short breaks, lunch and another evening of fellowship and drinks. Sunday morning we all said our fond farewells and left for home – not a peep from anyone or organization chomping at the bit to ruin our weekend fun.

If you wondered what the conversations were like – think welcoming and, at times, inebriated banter. The sort of friendly storytelling that would have been commonplace in a traditional (now tragically extinct) men’s club. It is that sort of camaraderie that is badly missing in modern America. But, it’s a boon for the Alt-Right – where else are rational and intelligent men going to go since modernity has made it virtually impossible for us to have our own groups and circles? Where else are men allowed to be frank and speak freely about our society?

For the men of the South – it’s the Atlanta Forum.

In a sense, that’s what the Atlanta Forum represents – a return to tradition. A return of the Mannerbund.

I encourage everyone to attend next year’s conference. And, not just our forum. Taking the movement from beyond keyboards and online chat rooms to real-life networking is vital if we’re to save Dixie and our people.

We hope to see you next year.

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