Do YangGangers Dream of Inflation?

I must confess, the last two or three weeks have been rather stressful for me. Dealing with the inane and nonsensical memes coming out of the burgeoning ADHDGang movement has given me a lasting headache. But, I want to take a new approach today and thank the GangBangers for dropping the thin veil of faux-identitarianism and showing their true colors. For those true colors are nothing more than low rent socialism cloaked by irony bro-ism, which the usually grounded (and, always well respected) Hunter Wallace over at Occidental Dissent has chosen to openly endorse. Perhaps he’s being tongue in cheek, but I have my suspicions. Regardless, it warrants a proportional response; the subject of YangGang is one that requires a very serious and logical retort.

Hunter was singing an old and modified John Lennon tune in a recent article: “Imagine a world in which mixed race people would have the money to settle in Brazil. Blacks would have the money to settle in Africa or the Caribbean. Europeans could return to Europe.” I had to chuckle at the sheer fantastical delusion of this position. As far as I know, wealthy mixed race people like Naomi Campbell, Halle Berry, Vin Diesel, Lenny Kravitz etc. aren’t currently pining to move to Brazil. What evidence is there that giving someone $1,000 per month is going to change that? Furthermore, why would they move to another country and lose those gibs? These people aren’t going anywhere, unless they’re physically removed by the government.

Further from OD: “In the future, everyone can be master, not a slave, or a wage slave. I don’t know how else to explain it to you more simply, but I am floating above you all with Yang…I say this half in jest, but we have to maintain human supremacy over the robots. We can’t afford an uprising.” There you have it, folks. This is not a world where Dixians, Swedes, Japanese, and Nigerians all have their own spaces and are free to excel or fail on their own merits. Instead, this big brain is floatin’ on high, dreaming of sipping tea on a manor’s front porch, while hordes of robot slaves pick cotton in a field. It’s clever and, of course, we’re having a bit of fun. But, if it’s all just a meme, what do the non-converts think about all of this? Do we really want to have on our (generally speaking, the Dissident Right) official record the support for UBI (universal basic income) and juvenile treatise on mastering cotton-picking replicants and “get that bag”?

Look, there have been warning bells being rung about automation taking away jobs since the Luddites. Not all of the warnings have been wrong. Certainly, the trend of technology has been to make life easier and work less laborious. But yet, jobs in engineering, maintenance, diagnostics, programming, and coding have boomed, not to mention the fact that managerial, accounting, inventory and data entry jobs have kept up with the same pace.

The notion that technology is going to advance to the point of replacing every conceivable human function has little basis in reality. Sure, agrarian skills have been made more obsolete by technology, but even today the demand for cheap labor to pick fruit and vegetables largely drives the illegal immigration problem (a subject that demands more attention than the sophomoric YangGang meme). Furthermore, with the trend toward vegan lifestyles and organic farming, there seems to be more of a willingness on the horizon to pay higher prices for foods not processed by machines and automation.

And, what if technology does somehow reach a point where human labor is made obsolete? That is a fair question to ask. But, anyone who works in a technology driven field, such as myself, can tell you that there will always be a need for machinists, welders, electricians, and troubleshooting experts to perform repairs. The more complicated machines get, the more complicated their mechanical and electronic failures are. Heat burns up motors, gears and servos. Jams and crashes happen that can be catastrophic. Belts break, get warn and slip due to changes in tension. And, without the complex cognitive thinking that humans possess, robots and computers will likely never have the ability to self-repair these complicated mechanical failures.

I’ll play devil’s advocate for a moment and contemplate a nightmare world where robots (or terminators) are able to self repair, modify and reprogram themselves. Do you know what world that turns out looking like in my mind? The world where Skynet has taken over and decided that humans are parasites that need to be destroyed. That’s more likely to happen than Yang winning the primary and spergs getting a grand per month. But, if Yang does win, I’m not battling T-800s across a scarred futuristic hellscape because some YangGangers wanted the bag and gave up on life. Hopefully, humanity will come to its senses before it allows computers to have that level of cognition. Also, while I’m not a particularly religious man, I’d like to think that humans do possess God-given souls and that androids will never have that ability, even with implanted memories.

But, enough joking around. At the end of all these arguments, we still live in the world we live in today, the here and now, and not a world of science fiction fantasy. A smart society will ponder the “what ifs” and take necessary steps to prevent the worst case scenarios. But, history has proven that wealth redistribution only serves to put more people in ghettos. In turn, the middle class (or what is left of it) always gets handed the bill. A UBI, even if a good argument can be made for it, requires a “Universal Maximum Income” to compliment it. Otherwise, the top strata will simply readjust itself to accommodate the extra money that the peasants have been handed.

Inflation be real, a lot more real than Yang’s chances.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. Damn right! Great article! I haven’t mentioned it here, but this whole idea that machines will replace human labor by 2045 or whatever is idiotic beyond belief. I’m glad the “big brains” are hovering above my inability to understand all this stuff in any case. It takes all kinds. Meanwhile we’ll just keep building houses from the ground up, and providing every other uniquely human endeavor known to man. Including, of course, upkeeping and repairing these machines. This “Yang-Gang” bunch really gets my goat. Stop being dependent idiots and act like you have some damn sense!

  2. How much ying-yang could a Yanger yank if a Yanger could yank ying-yang? Well, the price of ying-yang would rise and Yangers would yank less ying-yang than they think they’d yank. Economics be real, Yangers.

    True story.

  3. Yang bucks is not suicide, it is Monkey wrenching. It will never ever happen. What it will do is unleash an enormous amount of resentment from the anti-whites at the very thought that whites could actually receive some sort of benefit on a level playing field with non-whites. Any public act that does not condemn us to permanent penance and the paying of a danegeld will enrage them. Yang stumbled into a place that will force a public debate that our rulers would rather not have: the dispossession of whites. Yang raised an issue and has injected it into the public square. Because he’s not white it will get a hearing.

    We’ve advanced in growing our numbers since Cville thanks largely to the behavior of the most virulent anti-whites. Let’s keep this going. A debate fueled by anti-white rage will engage a lot more of our people. UBI already exists for non-whites. This may even fuel a move on the part of the anti-whites to increase our penance and the danegeld. This can only help to raise among our people an increased awareness of the war being waged against us.

    There are foolish ways to accelerate things and there are smart strategic ways of doing it.
    Make a reasonable request, let our enemies light the fuse.

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