Crypto Contributions

The officers of Identity Dixie and hosts of Rebel Yell podcast wish to thank our gracious donators for the support they have shown to the cause. From the beginning, we have taken the position that we do not ask for donations, but we graciously accept all such contributions in the spirit in which they are given.

For much of this autumn (2017) Rebel Yell has been delayed in releasing episodes, primarily because of hardware and software issues which prevented us from recording usable content on multiple occasions. Thanks to the generosity of our donators, especially those who donated Bitcoin to our cause, we have been able to purchase new hardware and software that allowed us to resume a normal recording schedule and we hope to begin releasing episodes on a weekly basis. Your financial sacrifices are what restored our ability to produce content and get back into the fight as it were.

Because of the anonymous nature of Bitcoin we have no means to identify who these donators were (unless they contact us directly), but the recurring cycle of contributions suggests that much of these donations came from a few individuals who went out of their way to give to us on a regularly basis. Wherever you are comrades, you have my sincerest thanks.

Bitcoin is a decentralized payment designed to mimic the economic function of hard currency while combining encryption makes it extremely difficult to intercept transactions or defraud participants. In the last few years an increasing number of companies accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. The officers of Identity Dixie have found Bitcoin to be an extremely useful means of accepting donations because it allows us to accept donations anonymously, store them securely, and purchase goods and services from reputable businesses without having to expose the financial privacy of our officers. Bitcoin allows us to practice operational security while performing the business transactions required of operating a dissident metapolitical organization. If the sociopolitical tensions of the USA continue to escalate we expect security measures like these will become more necessary.

If anyone wishes to donate, they may do so at:


Our address (17LRS9puF8sGJsThcf3YrfEw3NFuWS5WTQ).

Again, we place no demands upon our listeners or readers but graciously accept whatever amount anyone wishes to give us.

Mencken’s Ghost, KGC.

14 December 2017
“Retake Everything”