Crush the Urbanite

In the wake of Donald Trump’s inauguration, there are few topics more pertinent to us Southerners and Ruralites than that of the Urbanite Question. Let us ignore the rehearsed and polished rhetoric of the leftist television pundit, the Jewish intellectual, and the smarmy, talented-tenth negro; rather, let us use this inauguration to take a glimpse at the true face and final destination of Urbanism. The Urbanites are sending their best to protest this election in the only way they know how- destruction of private property, cowardly assaults on private individuals, and wanton degeneracy. They are sending anarchists. They are sending faggots. They are sending cat ladies. They are sending imposters. And they are sending coprophiliac cuckolds (NSFW). That is what is arrayed against us- a coalition of the weak, the deformed, and the disabled. Third worlders, perverts, spoiled teenagers, and- as always- the eternal Jew.

If we were to pick an archetype for Urbanites it would be a disabled, mentally retarded, transgendered, multi-racial, angst-ridden teenager. This coalition of retarded, coffee colored deviants wants to literally erase you, and all history of you, from the ends of the earth, White man. This could possibly be somewhat amusing if they hadn’t been doing such a damn good job of it for the past fifty years.

Now, we do have Donald Trump in office, and he does offer us a chance to strike back at the Urbanite. If nothing else has been made clear from these protests (and the entire election), it is that the Urbanites do not like Trump. In fact, they utterly loathe him. Trump, while himself a product of the crown jewel of Urbanism, NYC, at the same time represents a grave danger to the urban elite. He is wise to them and he is not under their thumb like so many other politicians. Through voting for him, millions of working class and rural whites have displayed that they are sick and tired of the corruption and degeneracy of a few city-dwelling elites on the East and West coasts. This is a chance to begin turning the tide against the Urbanites. The kvetching as Trump, barely in office, begins slashing wasteful and anti-white government agencies and programs, such as the despicable National Endowment for the Arts, is beautiful.

Let’s be honest though. While Donald “Law and Order” Trump will be very likely to crack down on Urbanite criminals and wreck their beloved social programs, does anyone honestly think that this will be enough? What we, as a people, are currently experiencing could well be likened to the advanced stages of cancer. Trump will act as a medication to stave off death for a short time, but unless drastic measures are taken, the cancer will continue to consume us. The damage is too far gone for half-measures. Just as a cancerous tumor is physically removed from the body, so must the cancer of the Urbanite be physically removed from our society.

You might scoff at me and say that you don’t care what anyone does so long as it doesn’t effect you; it’s not worth going to war over. Well, I’m here to tell you that it does effect you. Maybe it would take having a drug-addicted “antifa” torch your car to jar you from your complacency. Maybe it would be having a forty year old, GRIDs ridden tranny using the same bathroom as your daughter. A pack of negros kicking in your door and killing your family in front of you perhaps? The nightmare scenarios are endless. Urbanites and their compulsive desire to dictate your very existence are not going to go away any time soon, and your ancestors went to war over far, far less.

So, white Ruralite, you are faced with a choice. Firstly, you can choose to do nothing, pass the buck to your children (if you even have any), and die in a nursing home staffed by third worlders, having lived a comfortable lie. Alternatively, you can utilize the election of Trump as short period of time to catch your breath, and then gird yourself for the coming war. Take back what is yours, be willing to fight for a future for your children, and, by God, don’t allow mentally handicapped, sexual deviants to dictate your life.

Si vis pacem, para bellum



  1. Edward,

    That is the best summation of where we stand that I’ve read in a very long time.

    I was about to blast you for your anonymity and then reflected on Nathan Bedford Forrest after the war. If you are a Nathan Bedford Forrest I salute you, if not and sad is it to say, I doubt you are, don’t yell at the poor and overwhelmed White Working Class to be brave and courageous.

    Anonymity inspires no one.

    ‘Follow Me,’ you say. I say, Deeds Not Words.

    Jimmy D. Giles
    173 Pear Lane
    Pearl, MS 39208

    1. I don’t blame anybody for anonymity. You don’t have to put your name out there to share your thoughts online.

      Saying you have to give out your name is like saying that soldiers are cowards for wearing camo and should wear orange vests instead.

      1. But you are not a soldier.

        This anonymity shit has gone on for far too long.

        No one cares what an anonymous person says on the Internet. It’s nothing more than a book club.

        If anything the South ever stood for and fought for it was honor. And there is absolutely zero honor in being anonymous. It is and will forever be nothing but cowardly and dishonorable.

  2. From MI Spooks:

    “The part of the non-Movement that I like the best is its constancy. No matter what else is happening one can be assured the pro-white literary movement’s ‘Battle of the Book Clubs’ will continue undiminished at full fury. Decade in, decade out, generation after generation, war, peace, nuclear war warning, global warming, stock market bubbles or economic depressions, nothing appears able to affect this.

    The major flaw in ‘A Brief History of the White Nationalist Movement’ was its failure to capture this ruthless struggle for market and donor share.”


    Why is the above not applicable to you?

    Someone needs to figure out how to marshal our voting strength and purchasing power to meaningful and decisive ends.

  3. the election showed our “territorial imperative” is awakening. our land, our country, our people!
    i respect & admire those rejecting anonymity. we should all have a plan to reach that goal. some of us are not in a position to risk the hit on income yet, but good examples lead the way & help us work toward it.

  4. At some point the time for talk is over, and the time to fight begins. That time is now. Trump isn’t one of us. He’ has rats in his fambly he has. Goldfish sacks are in his cabinet. Its time to grind these ritz crackers down to fine dust and bake them into their destined future. Soylent Green.
    Let me tell all you Southrons. There ain’t no Yankees no more. There are rednecks all through this country now boys. The bluebellies are the dumb coppers with the tin badges and they can expect to take more fire from the other side than us. Those fake Yanks are just fags and cucks. They’re not men at all and surely not us.
    The Confederates made a big mistake. They weren’t rebels. If they had been, Bull Run would have been the end right there. One battle, no more Lyin’ Lincoln. You Southrons and your false sense of honor and fair play. Don’t waste no honor on liars and scum. Its like marrying a whore and raising niggers as your own. Honor is for gentlemen and men who keep their word. Don’t waste it on those to whom it means nothing.
    No more talk of secession. We’re not split. You cannot divorce parasites and bums boys. They can’t let you go. They live off of you. They follow you like wolves. You have to drive them off. You can’t expect them to stay past your property lines. Fear is all that makes them leave and not come back. Grab a gun and pass the ammo. This land is our land.

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