Common Sense in ClownWorld

This is Weimerica and trouble abounds. Still, some safety protocols remain timeless. If you’re young and feeling rambunctious, let’s review three of them along with a couple illustrative examples from this past week. Each is based on the principle that simply avoiding problems is far more critical than self-defense to your overall longevity. 

Avoid People Who Use or Sell Narcotics

This alone will steer you clear of all kinds of trouble. Christopher Dean left this lesson unheeded. After migrating to Atlanta from California, he decided to engage in “a drug transaction” at the home of some black gangbangers.  Here’s the local DA on the results of said transaction:

“In my opinion, this murder — with its torture which included a brutal beating, sodomy with a wooden or metal object, penile sodomy by one or all of the defendants, shooting of the victim to the back of the head and the partial decomposition of the body — represents the most horrific death in our county in recent history,”  


It’s reasonable to surmise that this simple business exchange didn’t go according to his plan, but we’ll avoid the gruesome details. The point here is that while the gangbangers would’ve ended up dead or in jail either way, Dean had other options. At least until he strolled through the front door of that house.

Bad Things Happen in the Wee Hours

There’s no benefit to being out in public for recreational purposes at this time. In most places, last call is at 2:00 AM or earlier. It’s fun to drink beer and socialize. Just go home when you’re done. Those pancakes should wait until breakfast because restaurants like IHOP or Waffle House have a tendency to become venues for mayhem during the witching hour. You could find yourself caught up in a brawl or catch a stray round. Here’s a cautionary tale from earlier this week: Craig Brewer “a good Samaritan” (i.e. high on something) went around a Florida Waffle House paying for meals and dispensing 20 dollar bills. This proved sufficient provocation for one Ezekiel Hicks to put one in his dome. 

“Suddenly, a crowded Waffle House turned into a murder scene.” 

The life of Gainesville’s very own Nelson Mandela cut short. Those customers would’ve succumbed to starvation without his charity, that’s for sure. At any rate, the establishment promptly reopened. After sunrise, one probably could’ve enjoyed warm biscuits in there before his body was even cold at the morgue. 

Color Functions as a Risk Multiplier

There’s nothing complicated to understand here so let’s loosely utilize the concept of “almost surely” to sum this up in a simple sentence: In a risky situation, as more People of Color become involved, the probability of violence approaches 1. 

Enjoy yourself, be smart and stay safe.


  1. I’m not sure how common “common sense” is in clown world, but yours is good advice in any case. At least for those with ears to hear (and a healthy allotment of common sense). For everyone else, you might just as well be talking to a brick wall. As studies have shown, stupid and incompetent people do stupid incompetent shit largely because they are blinded by their own incometence; they tend not to know how stupid they are (and, by extension, how stupidly they conduct themselves) by virtue of their own stupidity. Such people are “their own worst enemies” for very good reason. And of course our freedom-worshipping, equality-worshipping society exacerbates the problem. So there ya go.

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