Come Home, Southern Man

I am a veteran of the American Empire war machine. That sounds pretty wicked, doesn’t it? I truly am not trying to make that sound sinister, I promise! Certainly, there is nothing evil about serving your nation in the military, is there? At least, until you wake up and realize that American Empire isn’t a real nation, and that your service only benefited the destruction of genuine nationhood and the spread of globalism. Freedom fries made from GMO potatoes for everyone!

I am not going to play up my time in the military. I did not serve with honors or distinction. In fact, if I’m being honest, I was an average enlistee and my enthusiasm was always lacking. Having said that, I truly believed I was doing something good. I believed in America and the Constitution. I believed that “liberty” was for everyone and that our mission was to spread liberty. I’ve always been pro-veteran and I still am. After all, it is not our fault, as veterans, that we knew not who we really served.

So with that said, it is time to face the facts that the United States Armed Forces are nothing more than a bloated arm of the welfare state, and that middle class and poor, white, Southern men are ZOG’s most gullible welfare dependents…eagerly invading sovereign nation after sovereign nation in order to spread the fundamental human right to eat cheeseburgers, consume high quantities of soy and high fructose corn syrup, pop antidepressants and to provide unlimited access to pornography for the world’s oppressed masses, yearning to breathe free.

I’m generalizing here, but it is well known that Southern men, despite being represented by only 16 out of 50 states, make up the lion’s share of military enlistees. This article cites this figure at 44 percent. That’s pretty hefty considering the population weight of northern states like California, New York, Illinois, Michigan, etc.

I’d love to romanticize these facts with high minded fantasies of exceptional patriotism coupled with a Southern military tradition that is an amalgamation of Robert E Lee’s spirit and the single mindedness of ancient Sparta. And, certainly there is some truth to that. But, Occam’s razor applies here, and economics trump all other considerations when you get down to brass tacks.

One could also look at the demographics of black Southerners and conclude that they benefit from this glorified welfare program more than white men. This would be marginally true, I found this stat stating that 17 percent of active duty personnel are black, while the U.S. black population is 13 percent. How that breaks down North vs South is anyone’s guess, but for sake of discussion we’ll go with the idea that more black Southern men enlist per capita than Northern blacks. Still, in terms of raw numbers, both white men and women dwarf all other demographics, and Southern white men are the single largest demographic group.

Okay, having laid out the numbers, let me back up and say that I’m not making a negative value judgment on Southerners. I’m a Southerner, and I served. Again, I’m not ashamed that I served and I have always held veterans in esteem. My personal story is an anecdote, but I think my situation was not all that uncommon or unlike the average young white man who turns to military service as an opportunity to better themselves or kick-start their life.

The question is, why do we live in a society where so many young Southern white men feel compelled to join the US military? Are there no other options? Is this the way it’s always been?

I would argue that prior to the two World Wars, Southern men were probably less likely to feel patriotic to the American flag. When WWI kicked off, the War of Northern Aggression was still a deeply felt open wound in the Reconstructed South. It was still in recent memory that people lost loved ones in the Confederate Army, and Southern men were more likely to be conscientious objectors due to a combination of religious convictions, pacifism, and/or animosity. I have no way to quantify this assertion, but there are famous stories about conscientious objectors from the South, including Sergeant Alvin York of Tennessee who ultimately did serve with high distinction in World War I. Not to mention, both World Wars required a draft in order to satisfy the numbers required to win the war. This was long before the days of the large, standing, professional and voluntary U.S. Military Industrial Complex.

I still haven’t come to a satisfactory answer as to why the recent trend has shifted so heavily toward white Southern men. But, I’ll offer up a few explanations, most of them economic.

First and foremost is the G.I. Bill passed in 1944. The original goal of the G.I. Bill was noble and honorable, to compensate the returning WWII veterans for their sacrifice. But post-war, the G.I. Bill became the cornerstone by which the Empire maintains its bloated offensive military machine. Even in the 21st century, the ramifications of Reconstruction are still felt in the South, which always relied heavily on agriculture. Poor and middle class white men, especially from rural areas, are lured into signing up for service in order to get a good start in life. This was certainly the case for me.

Another economic complication is the very globalism that the Empire spreads through its military machine. Trade agreements such as NAFTA and the importation of goods from China, causing trade deficits, moved a lot of textile and manufacturing jobs, that once took root in the South, overseas. My own father lost a good job in the textile industry in the early 1980’s when his company moved manufacturing to Mexico. This was a situation that my family never fully recovered from, even after my father found a new occupation, and ultimately contributed to my own economic reasons for joining the military.

Even comfortable middle and upper middle-class white Southern men are often compelled to enter into a military contract, be it as an enlistee or as an officer. Both paths are convenient ways to get a college education, either through the college benefit of the G.I. Bill or through ROTC. With the affirmative action programs created by the Civil Rights Act, many middle class whites find it extremely difficult to pay for ever increasing college tuition fees, and find themselves excluded from grant money that poorer minorities have easy access to. The bottom line is that white men often have to sacrifice four or more years of their life in service to the Empire, just to have an opportunity for college – where a great many blacks get a free ride based on their skin color and status as a “victim class.” Thank you “white privilege”!

In conclusion, I want to reiterate to other veterans who read this that “we knew not who we served,” and that I am not casting a negative cloud on being a veteran. If I’m being completely honest, I’ve mostly benefited from my military service. But that’s the point, when you boil it down to its essential mechanisms: the U.S. military is a welfare benefit. And, when I reflect on the advantages it gave me in life, they were all economic. If America were a fair and just society, Southern men would not serve because our economic condition requires it. Instead, we would serve our country for the very patriotic ideals that American propaganda attempts to brainwash us into believing.

But as I write this, somewhere a Southern man is sitting at a recruiting office, being told that his training as a wheel mechanic will be a marketable skill when he completes his service, and he’ll sign up to go spread Cheeseburgers and Pornhub into the Third World and hand out MREs to illegal immigrants at our southern border.

Come home, Southern man. There’s nothing for you in Uncle Sam’s military.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. I, too, enlisted in the Navy, for the stupidest of economic reasons. I hated most of my time in the military, all nine years and fourteen days of it. I now advise any young Southerner who even considers it to choose the Florida National Guard or Florida Air National Guard, to do their service and training here, in the Southland. Certainly they will run the risk of dying in some third-world cesspool, fighting to expand the influence of the Empire. But, the odds are moved a little better in their own favor. Better still, stay out of liberal colleges. Learn a trade. Learn the correct way to use credit , or save cash, to buy a home. Serve the South. We love you. The Empire hates you, desires only your servitude and your blood.

  2. I myself am an Army veteran who has used his GI bill to go to trade school. This article is spot on. For me once all the programming wore off was when the military no longer seemed like a long term option. I was dead set at a young age that it was what I was going to do but low and behold after 5 years I had enough and came back to the civilian world.

    When I look back on it that is 5 years of my life that while I have benefited in some way I will never get back. When I compare those years spent to what I could have done with them I feel a great loss because I didn’t know any better at the time and was so disillusioned to believe that was what I wanted when it was significant external influences which drove me down that path.

    When I met people in trade school who had enrolled right out of high school my first thought was “why didn’t I do that?”. Instead now at 28 I am behind many peers my age and am having to essentially rebuild my life entirely from the ground up but at least I have a strong path forward and that is something I will always thank God for. I just wish I had done things differently in hindsight but that is the power of hindsight as they say.

    If you are young and are reading this think long and hard about all the options you have. Don’t spring on one because it’s the easiest or most convenient. Hard work will get you very far and you may be better off starting out as a lube tech at your local dealer changing oil and kicking tires in the long run than you may be sacrificing years of your life that you have no say in what is done with them.

  3. Wow, lots of wisdom here. I hope there are some youngins reading and considering this article and comments. If I the had the power and resources, I would start a series of Trade Schools, around the South, for young Southern men, and hopefully circumvent the military option for many.

    1. I take a different perspective on college than a lot of people. We need white Southern men in trades, yes, but we woefully lack in white Southern men with traditional values occupying positions in academia, legal professions, and other areas where power and influence can be consolidated.

      I feel if a man has the will and drive to get a college education and excel in any of those areas, he needs to do so.

      But those of us who would otherwise be going into the military, yes, its better to just go to trade school.

  4. A tip for anyone with children:
    Emancipate them before they turn 18. It opens doors for grant money. If your income is middle class and your skin color is light, your children will be handicapped. Better for them to not have to use your income tax returns when filling out applications.

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