Civil War 2: Right-Wing Fantasy Boogaloo

Sometimes I run into these posts in the wild. Antifa ownage videos and compilations. A soy boy and his tranny “girlfriend” get btfo by a fit normie and suddenly the war is over before it started. “Civil War 2 will be easy,” claims Boomer Dan from his HoverRound. He burps out grunts of impotent rage at what are basically proxies for his own children, while the rest of the old folks home and some twinks from the CPAC circuit feed him Facebook likes. How we got into a position where armed commies marching through the streets in coordinated dress, chants and maneuvers is a total mystery. I guess they were always just here. Internet hyper-reality has memed several recent phenomena into perennial facets of everyday life.

It wasn’t an accident. Shitposters pine for some idealized nostalgia world of 50’s suburbs and 2.1 children, while their parents wonder when these Mexicans, Indians, Arabs and Africans all moved into their neighborhood.

Boomer Dan will never scratch the surface and realize what led to all of this. Even if he is capable of understanding the scope of our problem, he has several pre-installed rationalizations for why it isn’t all that bad. If only he knew where those came from too. Our friend Dan might be a lost cause, but if you’re reading this far you have some hope. Once you get past the BEN SHAPIRO INDUCES PROLAPSE ON COMMIE PROFESSOR clickbait, some wonder how we got this far. “Owning the Libs” isn’t hard, yet they have gay ice cream and I get sued when I don’t want to bake a gay cake.

The Left is more than just antifa. Those are the disposable flunkies that keep right-wing upstarts busy with street theatrics, instead of serious organizing. The Left has universities, media, corporations, and multi-billion dollar NGOs that influence every facet of society. If Soros can get tens of thousands of people to march across the border every other month from Central America then how much harder would it be to arm them? Is there a single right-wing organization that you could think of capable of mobilizing ten thousand people for anything? Even if someone did, how would they be organized? What will their objectives be? How would they communicate? How long will it take for a command structure to form? The right-wing fantasy of all the Bubbas rising and spontaneously forming some grand shitlord army will be met with the reality of the decades-long effort of leftist organization of and infiltration of mainstream institutions.

Say you gear up one day ready for Civil War 2. Who do you report to? Where do you go? Do you just shoot anyone with soy face until you run out of ammo or tendies? You can tell nobody has seriously thought of this or else the recent shootings carried out by chan spergs would have been a bit more purposeful.

Lets say you start organizing today. As a dissident start-up you’re going to have to evade the notice of Uncle RICO and his bros in the NSA. Do you and your intended recruits have the revolutionary discipline to not mouth off or dox yourself for some skelly mask photo-op in the woods?

The biggest obstacle the Right has is they don’t give themselves moral license to actually do anything. We meme and call everything Clown World, but the real clown world is us. Shitlibs believe a guy, who twenty years ago would have been one notch to the left of Bill Clinton, is now literally Hitler. The consequences of this belief have been riots, assaults, assassination attempts, several shootings, angry mobs attacking the houses of media personalities, perjury before Congress, rigged elections and millions of dollars in property damage – and, this is all from private actors. Righteousness of cause leads them to do whatever they think it takes to win.

Does the Right even believe they are right? We have an amalgam of narratives that some jew-atheist-globalist-satanist-pedophile cabal run the world. This cabal has millions of babies murdered globally and their remains used for experiments or sold on the black market. They have cross dressing pedophiles interact with children in tax payer funded programs. There is supposedly a global effort to commit genocide against all White people on Earth. The government monitors every electronic communication. With this much evil you’d think more people would be animated. Instead, you had people shilling for Andrew Yang, doing literally nothing, not producing content, flashing firearms on social media and infighting. Real winning strategy right there.

“Clown World” is a resignation. Everything is ruined and nothing can be done. We are living in another Weimar. Of course, Weimar didn’t last, something like that can never last. We all know what replaced it, but how? It took years of organizing, sacrifices, diplomacy and the pursuit of legitimacy in the eyes of the people. Only then order was restored.

If it was easy, anybody could do it – including, Boomer Dan and fashy shitlords wasting time on the internet or playing “war” in the woods.


  1. So, where DO we begin? In the streets, or in the ballot box? I have been part of the former, now moving more and more towards the latter.

    Seriously. Let’s have a discussion before it’s totally out of control. IF it’s not too late already

  2. Unfortunately for the Right, we continue to allow our enemies to dictate the terms of engagement. Until that results in full scale slaughter I fear there’ll be little or no preparation on our end. In the meantime, punching Right is time better spent…

  3. I won’t take advice from anyone who uses bizarre terms like”shitlord”.I really don’t see the point in your article.You seem very defeatist.Also you apparently suffer from low self worth in that you give the Jew overlords an aura of invincibility.Many of us know about their huge advantages in controlling media,tv,movies,ads,education,politicians and the damage they have inflicted with said power.Yet their power is fleeting if the people truly decide to assert themselves.Some points in your rambling piece are indeed true.And your critiques of how others fight the battle may or may not be true.My problem is the number of defeatist/downer articles written by persons who sound an awful like Israeli operatives in Tel Aviv.My advice is to believe in the White race and the master Jesus and do not fear the Synagogue of Satan but merely go about defeating them.How is this done?Events will lead us and then the revolution most think will never come will be upon us.So don’t down others when you obviously offer no real solutions.God bless all here and never lose faith in the final victory.Someone will prevail and it won’t be the vile,degenerate,nasty Jews and their father the Devil.Have faith.God is always beside us.

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