#CalExit – Let ‘Em Starve

What do all these movements have in common? A want for self-autonomy and the freedom of choice of association. As a Son of a Confederate Veteran, a Texan and a Former Southern Californian, I feel the want for self-governing runs through my veins.

I look at the state of California and wish them the best in their want to leave the American Empire. I think that it might be the first domino to fall, giving those other states in the South a renewed hope for freedom and an end to Federal tyranny. I hate what the state of my birth place has become. Overrun by an invading hoard, the cradle of (((degeneracy))) in films and TV, a socialist playground for student activists screaming “No Government,” then in the same breath asking for more government in the form of “muh free healthcare,” as well as, prohibiting firearms.

The first Californians were hard working and religious people – they were the 49ers, the Mormons and Devout Catholic missionaries who built missions all along the coast of California. California is a tale of two states: the rural bread basket of the farming industry, cattle, fruits and vegetables and, then you have the state of degeneracy – large megacities taken, over block by block, with drugs, gangs and non- Whites. It is a seething battle ground where it is no longer safe to raise a child or walk the streets at night.

So what do we do as Southern Nationalists? Do we support the godlessness that is rampant in California by helping and hoping for them to secede? If we support their efforts is it because we want our own efforts to be recognized as legitimate? Or is it because we want to watch them crash and burn. Letting the sad sacks, beta males, brown hordes and welfare queens starve to death in a desert.

I would say both.

Let the animals devour each other and starve in the streets while giving Southern Nationalists renewed vigor for self-governance and a blue print of how to become free and how to not destroy our society.

-By Joe Martinez

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