Black Highlights: 2015-2016

As we near yet another Fake Black History Month, let’s take a look at a few of the more demonstrative but, in a couple of cases, least publicized examples of black behavior and culture over the past year or so.

1. Dorothy Dow

One night in early August, 2016, five blacks kicked in the door of 83 year old great-grandmother, Dorothy Dow. They demanded money from her, and when she claimed to not have any, they began mercilessly beating her. In the process of this beating, Dorothy was cut, bruised, had both of her arms broken, and was in the end set on fire. She eventually passed away after spending weeks in a hospital bed. Nary a word of this was mentioned outside of local media.

To me, this case of black violence is particularly horrendous. It conjures images of Nat Turner and his gang slaughtering white women and children in their beds. Unlike Turner who was hanged, flayed, and beheaded; however, Dorothy’s black butchers- Justin, Cortavious, Shanquavious, Mina, and Angel- will at the absolute worst spend years on death row, eating three square meals a day on the taxpayers’ dime.

2. Amanda Blackburn

On November 10, 2015 Amanda Blackburn, a mother who was pregnant with her second child, was made the victim of another black perpetrated home invasion. She was assaulted by three black men, and she was shot like an animal. To quote the court document, the black trigger puller, Larry Taylor testified that he, “leaned over her body and shot her in the back of the head. He leaned further, looked at her face, and watched her bleed.”

Truly disturbing. What is perhaps almost equally disturbing is the response  given by Amanda’s husband, a pastor. In April, 2016, after what was surely much grappling to come to terms with his own cuckoldry, he released a statement saying that he forgave the three men for the assault and murder of his wife and unborn child: “I really hope I get the opportunity to share the Gospel with these guys. Imagine if these three guys met Jesus. Imagine the kick in the nuts that would be for the enemy.”

This illuminates the issues of white, pathological altruism, as well as the gutlessness of the modern American church. It is quite apparent that these disgusting traits of virtue signaling and spinelessness that so many whites are now cursed with were quite alien to our ancestors, as they conquered and exercised dominion over nearly the entire world.

3. The Dallas Police Shooting

On July 7, 2016, in an act of premeditated violence against whites, Micah Xavier Johnson shot and killed five Dallas police officers, injuring nine others. Johnson enlisted in the US Army Reserves and, more importantly, took tactical training from a local combat school. This illustrates how blacks are beginning to use the white mans’ own tactics and standard operating procedure against him. This event, along with the July 17 mass shooting of police officers in Baton Rouge by a black, was memory-holed quickly, and life went on. Go take a look at Twitter. Try searching “Micah Xavier Johnson” or #MicahXavierJohnson, and see just how blacks generally feel about the premeditated slaughter of whites.

4. The Sportsball Dilemma

Moving on to slightly more lighthearted topics…if there’s one thing that a great deal of white American men love to watch, it’s football, a sport dominated by blacks. Sometime in the latter half of 2016 these blacks decided to begin taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest white police brutality. This seems to have all been started by Colin Kaepernick who is himself a privileged mulatto adopted by a well-to-do white couple. Other black players began to follow suit soon after. Naturally, this ruffled the feathers of more than a few white fans. Maybe white football fans are beginning to realize that blacks view White America as an evil oppressor, responsible for all black misfortunes; and that they view national symbols such as the National Anthem and the flag as alien and racist. That they do not, and will not ever view themselves as part of some fabled “American race.” In any case, NFL ratings have plummeted over the past several months, in a trend that we may hope will continue.

5. Black Lives Don’t Matter

2015 and 2016 have been marked by the organization Black Lives Matter’s protests of white police brutality. These protests are, of course, accomplished by barricading freeways, assaulting innocent bystanders and looting liquor stores. The very premise of an organization like BLM is absurd, based on the extremely high rate of black on black violent crime. One of the more colorful examples of black lives not mattering is the murder of Darren Seals, a black activist who rose to status in the wake of the shooting of Mike Brown. He was found in a burning car, dead from gunshot wounds. Another example is Matt Williams, a Chicago activist who was gunned down while playing video games in a friend’s basement. Yet another is Chicago rapper King Yella. He was shot in a drive-by shooting while filming a music video in support of BLM. We all know that BLM is funded by the (((usual suspects))), but the wonderful irony of it all is that the very blacks who claim that they are being exterminated by the white police officers of an institutionally racist nation, just cannot get their act together for long enough to quit exterminating each other.

If there is one thing to celebrate after looking at a few recent examples of egregious, black foolishness and violence, it is that 2016 marked the end of Barack Obama’s presidency. No more do we have a Cultural Marxist African as a president- one who hated the historically white America and her history. No more will “our president” mourn the deaths of black thugs and try to forcibly inflict diversity upon high-trust, white communities. We can be thankful for the rising surge of populism and increased racial awakening of our people, and we can have hope that continuous bad black behavior will force more to awaken. There will soon be a time when there are no more heart-wrenching stories like those of Dorothy Dow.

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