1. I made your point to Spencer in October 2007. I was at his apartment in Alexandria with a couple of guys who had just hosted a Robert Taft Club. Ron Paul spoke to a packed audience.

    Richard was floating the Duginist idea of an ethnostate. I made a point about regionalism and said, “In the South, you can have slavery.” He looked at me like I was crazy. In retrospect, he was right. Regionalism has failed.

    If White countries don’t find a way to unite, non-whites will always find ways to make cracks in the dam. This is why Russians feel threatened when Germany lets in Muslims. Canada feels threatened when we let in Hispanics. If they get into one of our countries, they can spread into others.

    You are right to blame Old South Southerners who could afford the best agricultural equipment money could buy in the 1700s. They failed to foresee the biohazardous consequences. There has never been a multicultural nation that survived as long as ours. In the big picture, 242 years isn’t long at all. At some point, there will be a new Charlemagne who can chase out the invaders.

    The Holy Roman Empire guarded the world’s most precious ecology for 1,000 years. There is evidence that something like that, but wildly larger in scope, existed during the Ice Ages. The Romans remembered this as Lemuria. The Lemurians were an ultra-White race of giants. They benevolently nurtured other races worldwide while maintaining distance and racial separation. That would be the ultimate goal of Dugin’s ethno-topia.

    Would the South have a leading role in that? Yes, right along with Russia and northwestern Europeans.

    Can we go back to the 1850s? No, not even to the 1950s. Of course, either of those are preferable to the present, but like you said, they weren’t perfect either.

    What matters is to fully understand the ideal and avoid splintering among our own. Try to tend toward White unity.

    There are a few debates that are a good backdrop to your article. One of them is Spencer pan-Europeanism vs. Paleoconservative regionalism. Regionalism uses the lexicon of state rights, the Constitution, and individualism. Spencer tends toward fascism and broad indentitarianism. Regionalism loves the Confederate flag. Pan-Europeanism uses Christian symbols like the cross.

    Is Christianity perfect? No. White religion needed revision 2,000 years ago, and it needs revision again on that same magnitude.

    What I don’t like, and what I think you are reacting against is Anglin and Weev’s drift into Americanism. They are trying to morph the U.S. flag into a White nationalist symbol. The Alt-South is correct to realize that this won’t work. THE American symbol could have been the Confederate battle flag. It had the potential to become a true rallying symbol because its St. Andrews cross harkened back to something deeper, something European, something spiritual. Any purely secular symbol cannot captivate the hearts of our people.

    None of us know what the ultimate optics meta trump card is. If we did, I’m sure we wouldn’t mind some collateral damage to non-Whites in order to save our DNA from extinction.

  2. Logistics and timing are the key to a successful military operation 100% of the time. We have neither of those right now. I find myself in agreement abliet begrudgingly due to the severity of the issue however sound doctrine must take the place of emotional reactionism if we are to begin making serious headway.

  3. I like the idea of reclaiming. The question is how?
    * Do you want your sons subjected to Jamal in the locker room or Jose?
    * Doesnit not pound the American theme of “we’re all the same?
    * I have seen football work nominally well with private schools, but many of our people can not afford that.
    * Shooting sports through FHA can be good. Almost zero participation from Nike Americans.

  4. Fantastic piece. People need to open their eyes to how the world really works. Far too many have been ignorant of it or in outright denial. We must reverse the present course if we are to survive.

  5. I may not be in the majority here, but I don’t think fraternities are good for young men anymore. My friends who are in frats only did it for the parties and easy sex, perpetuating the cycle of thottery and douchebros we see all the time. Every guy in a frat I meet tells me the same thing when I ask about why they joined. It’s usually for the sex and parties.

    Degeneracy won’t save Dixie fam.

  6. I believe the Kennedy twins nailed it when they spoke of local, grassroots movements throughout the South for Southern Independence. Though it is hard to do, playing by their rules, it is far from impossible. If only we could wake the sheep that they have made so many of us into. Anyway, great article. Well written and concise. God bless the South.

  7. Quite possibly the best article I have read yet on this site. Well done. I only hope that you are correct on Trump, and that he is not just a shill used to make the semi-awakened masses more docile. But I do agree that the Marxists tend to push too far, as a general rule, so either way, possibly the same outcome may occur. Either way, again, excellent article. Deo Vindice.

  8. i will make no effort to explain or understand mr. bowers actions; suffice to say, i wont call them dastardly or insane. however i would like to call attention to an all too predicitable out cry and response from the system of us politics that we have allowed to strangle the very essence of what made this nation great.

    an individual saw a problem, assess what contribution can be made towards a solution from his end and … acted. furthermore this very pragmatism should scream out to us … we need to evaluate his target all the way down to the overall membership of the location and the people in the room.

    when the media interviews luminaries on the right and left, they cannot help themselves from bringing up israel and the long term problem of the “jews.” WELL BROTHERS AND SISTERS; I SAY, THIS IS NOT TIME FOR RETREAT! THIS IS NO TIME TO SHRINK BACK INTO OUR CORNERS OF THE INTERNET!… ITS TIME TO ACT! i dont mean act like mr bowers, i mean act in our self interest.

    Trumps blatant and obvious aquiescence to a lying subversive agent that controls our; govt, judiciary, commerce, finance, media, etc, etc etc, should qualify in all our minds how vapid and weak his administration is. and how much israel owns it. we have a vote coming and i am voting str8 D. we are limited as subjects of what each individual can do to recall the dignity we bestowed upon him; legally, but we can vote. remember hes palyed his hand. he traded us on saturday for the pro-semitic forces that are killing our country.

    instead of worrying what we should do, i emplore you, worry where we will all be in 5 years; and whether we will say … “i wish we made better opportunity out of the hand that mr bowers dealt us.

  9. That’s why discussions about the ethnostate is a sperg trap. Don’t get me wrong, love to be in it, make it etc…. It’s overall affect on the group is a net negative.

    Nevertheless we all presist … It’s good to have goals.

    I’m personally am going to focus on tomassi and his efforts. I believe that is where we all are at. We are not in Weimar, we are close to the “reconstruction” of the South…. But I humbly think, we are in the turbulent late 60s and the early 70s.

    Furthermore Trump’s idol is Jackson and more specifically, Nixon. We should plan accordingly.

    In my opinion.

  10. 1. What does Mr parrot say? I had some positive convos w him just prior to the gab fiasco on the us elections. I think you may over estimate Mr. Heimbach importance and contribution.

    2. This is an issue of semantics. We didn’t make this election about trump. Trump did. And for that he will either benefit or faulter. However in 2 yes of his presidency he has not done a solitary thing to aide or comfort anyone in the white nationalist movement writt large. However, he has amplified his race mixing agenda.

    So if everything we have done has led us here, and we do not like here; why continue doing the same thing?

    Seems intellectually incongruant. And to which I reply; “stop reconstructing yourself.” If your a racialist vote racialist; but if you be a fair weather racialist maga siccophant, go stand over there. With them.

  11. This is why I’m here. This article right here. It’s hard truths the LARPer’s and Sperg’s don’t want to admit. The South deserves a better class of men. The men that made the South great before it was reconstructed.

    Make the South Great Again.

  12. We have a border control policy and it’s whatever the cartels want who and whatever they want coming into our country does heroin, meth, weed, and of course indentured servants . We should bring our men back from Iraq, and Afghanistan and humbly ask them to do one more great service to our country and go to Mexico and gut the cartels if our government gave a shit about our rights that would be first on the list, the Nightmare neighbor that is the extremely corrupt state of Mexico

  13. Solid advice, and I am well underway on most. Five beautiful kids, good job, building a community… The uncucked church is a hard one for me… but I’m fighting within my current church, building bonds with members that think like I do and doing our best to uncuck the church. It feels like a losing battle but with God’s help we’ll prevail!

  14. One problem with this is that you called out burning the Talmud, or at least alluded to it , that book calls Christ a bastard and says he’s burning in boiling excrement. I wouldn’t condemn the burning of that blasphemous book.