1. So, wouldn’t it be a good thing then that automation is taking over industrial work such that we can all retire back to our farms? Yet, in a different article by Skipwith (https://identitydixie.com/creative-destruction-and-the-libertarianism-of-andrew-yang/) that these jobs are “on the chopping block” and that’s a bad thing! I realize you may disagree on some things but as you are both critics of what you call “libertarian capitalism” it’s unclear as to whether deindustrializing the workforce is a good or bad thing, as industry is supposedly the root of all evil. Automation would also mean an end to mass immigration for labor purposes.

  2. I don’t feel bad for him either. How duplicitous is it to say ” The future is non-white, but vote for me anyway.” ? “Burn me last” whites are the scum of the earth and pose the most danger to our kids. We can keep outsiders at arm’s length, but we have to clean our own house first.

  3. Universal basic income is for the hookworm.

    Consider the hookworms of the bowel,
    They neither toil nor spin,
    But verily I say unto yaw,
    That not even Trump in his overcoat
    Is as warm and cozy, nor eats as regularly as one of these.

    Or consider the roundworm
    Who feeds as he pleases
    He neither sows nor reaps,
    But he has food enough to swim in,
    Free heat, free transportation.
    Who could ask for more?

    Or consider the schistostome,
    He spends his life,
    Engaged in perpetual coitus,
    With the female of his choosing,
    Literally enveloped in her labia.
    Why be a foolish host when you can be a worm on UBI?

    They all get a free ride to the medical clinic one day,
    When the stupid host, embarrassed will say,
    “I think I have worms.”
    It’s their lucky day, the pharmacy is bare
    From socialized health care.
    But the ride will end soon enough,
    When their host bites the dust.

  4. So is it the North’s conquest of the South that led to its impoverishment or was it industry in general? If the South had won and enjoyed an industrial boon that the Northeast had previously, would it be anywhere close to being worse off or would it even be worse off than remaining agricultural?

    The argument predicates itself on the implication that industrialization was forced on the people as it was in the USSR or Maoist China. The reality is that in the United States it came naturally from a rise in technology. Farmers became more productive such that fewer and and fewer people were needed to produce more and more food. Therefore, people pursued trades where they were marginally more productive, and as the economy grew and evolved they pursued new and better jobs which they could attain. To eschew industrialization it is necessary to show 1) that industrialization caused a downfall of culture and 2) that industrialization must always cause a downfall of culture. And then, of course, you have to make a judgement that giving up the (enormous) material benefits of industrialization is worth a reclamation of whatever culture was lost.

    It’s worth noting that creative destruction is simply the choice of individuals to select paths where they are comparatively more productive. With the development of new technology, such as the automobile, some occupations become obsolete. Some bemoan that the loss of widespread use of horses was a tragedy; however, it is worth keeping in mind: are we not better off with better transport, cheaper maintenance, and not having manure on the streets (unless you live in San Francisco)? Not to mention that one cannot assume that workhorses back then were treated as well as pet horses today.

    >libertarian leaders
    Apparently, all that’s required for libertarian economics to be mainstream is for a single Austrian economist (Schumpeter) to be moderately popular and have a Nobel Prize. Nevermind that the other Austrians, such as Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe (who is 100% /ourguy/) are generally ignored in mainstream publications. Also, progressive regulations are a “thin restraint” against large corporations purely because these are precisely the bodies which can weather thousands of pages of rules, while smaller competitors are held back proportionally more. Also, State power has adopted a more “soft” façade, using “free trade” (which are anything but free) deals and “privately-owned” central bank cartels to manipulate markets to its choosing. Social security, a palliative for the masses, places economic security in the hands of the State rather than one’s children, leading to a significantly lower birthrate among whites. In the same way, universal basic income is palatable only to Koch-style “big-L” Libertarians, who hijacked the movement away from its own founder. http://reformedlibertarian.com/articles/history/murray-rothbard-versus-the-koch-libertarians/

    Here’s what an actually libertarian publication has to say about UBI:


    Saying modern society is “libertarian,” especially in comparison to the Antebellum South, is laughable.

    It disappoints me to see “right-wingers” fall into using Marxist buzzwords like “late-stage capitalism.” It is an adoption of a fallacy that laid great lands low.

  5. I think the comments about the Republic of Texas are the same lobbed at those who support the confederacy – just give up, its not coming back, etc. – The Republic of Texas could be revived, but a better argument is your second one, that Texans should unite with other Southerners for a united South.

  6. Long time listener of Rebel Yell and TRS. I really enjoyed the discussion on the Norteños. As a 7th generation Texan, topics discussed make sense. Much of which I never knew. Thank you very much for continuing one of my favorite podcasts, Rebel Yell.

  7. Now in the digital age photography holds much power for us as well. The power of iconic photos cannot be understated. As long as they don’t reveal identities we would do well to get some more pro Dixie images out there. It is definitely possible to photograph models without dosing them if care is taken… back to camera, only part of face, silhouette, cartoonified, etc.

  8. Dixie was not the only block of Democrats cast aside by the post-war globalist elites who controlled Truman. The Midwestern and Prarie Democrats were cast aside with Henry Wallace just as the Dixie Democrats were cast aside with Strom Thurmond.

    1948 will be the template for future GOP surrender. Even with a Democratic 3-way fracture, the GOP’s milquetoast corporatism was rejected. The GOP establishment would rather lose than be associated working class rebels of the South and Copperheads of the Midwest.

  9. May God bless this mountain and myth of a man, such valour and vigour. One can only pray for such power and excellence nowadays.

  10. If she’ll screw a [redacted] then she’ll screw a yank. The worst thing we can do is take them back. Every time a girl mudsharks it improves both races.

  11. I agree with the article, including the part about dressing up for events. I’ve been thinking along a similar but tangent line lately. Maybe I’ll get an article cranked out at some point.

  12. Activism shouldn’t be totally discounted because our enemies might “get us”. There’s a reason their so determined from having us have marches and rallies. We need to just learn to balance both and build a stable support group around our street activists.

  13. One of my first interactions on Twitter was with a couple pagans tag teaming me with the question of living in a black Christian country vs a white nonChristian country. Apparently they saw this as a rock solid argument. I first took the time to point out the false dichotomy, but apparently there was a bug in Twitter because they didn’t seem to get the message. The question was very easy to answer.

    I have lived in a >95% black country. My first (black) landlord and his (black) wife would play piano and sing hymns on Sunday afternoon. At my second place the (black) neighbor would play guitar and do children’s gospel singalongs with neighborhood street kids.

    Poverty, street crime, illegitimacy and STDs were very high. Infrastructure was unreliable, the police were extremely inefficient and I was quite happy to not have a serious medical emergency while I was there, though I did have to visit the local (black) doctor for a minor issue. But that’s a small price to pay for getting to live in a country where faggotry was illegal.

    Of course it was not a good place for women to walk alone. But if you lock your doors, don’t promiscuate, don’t get a blood transfusion and don’t walk alone as a woman, you are in pretty decent shape. There was no pressure to convert religions except for when the Jehova’s Witnesses stopped by one day. (Perhaps they have a survival advantage down there with the blood transfusion thing.) I interacted with local negroes daily and to be honest, it was remarkable how little animus there was without yanks and the tribe to keep them worked up. (And I doubt many of them had seen the movie Roots.) Many of them even listened to Real Country music.

    I would rather go back there than First Century Rome or a country populated by Internet pagans (whose rate of bipolar disorder clearly exceeds 100%) any day. A village populated with these people would probably have me executed in witch trials for suspicion that I had once been a Christian and could not be a true convert.

    I prefer to flip the script on their retardery:
    Dixie is clearly a Christian country. The burden is on the pagatitties to decide whether they are a pagan first, or a Dixian first. If they want to stand in solidarity with their tribe then clearly they must convert.

  14. I haven’t listened yet but this is gonna be great. I read the Incerto series last winter as well as Skin In The Game. I strongly recommend people on our side read the whole series, perhaps skipping Bed of Procrustes.

  15. So true. The community next to mine, Ypsilanti, MI, had so many migrants from KY, TN, & MO during WWII doing war production at the auto plants located there that it gained the local nick-name of “Ypsi-tucky.” Sadly most of those plants are long gone and those they employed moved back or were assimilated into the metro-Detroit diversity, but you still hear the term used by some of the old timers and their decedents who stayed.

  16. First of all, regardless of Andrew Jackson being my avatar, I wish to say I’m highly in favor of a man defending his or his family’s honor, but I think duels aren’t the proper way to do so. Let’s say, had Roy challenged Till to a duel and shot him. He’d only prove he’s a coward who can shoot 14-year old kids that probably have never fired a gun before. If the result was the opposite and Till shot him, he would prove he’s a just fool who risked his life for a dumb reason and was shot by a kid, and even if he didn’t die, he would have to accept the insult. Either way, nobody would have any honor left to restore.

  17. Agree. The strongest link is one of blood. We want yanks out, repatriated Dixians in, though we need not take all of them. We should be selective. I hope we do get the better half of our diaspora back, but we would be crazy not to reject the dregs.

    Also be aware that much of southern Ohio was originally settled by Virginia veterans via land grants (Virginia Military District) after independence from Britain, which explains the “Ohio Copperhead” during the Yankeevasion of 1860. They were not “Yankee sympathizers” but Dixians who happened to be on the wrong side of a political boundary, same as the Russian speakers of Crimea when it was politically part of Ukraine.

    “Blood and soil” may be a catchy meme but it would be more truthful to say “Blood and Religion” because the soil is just the territorial claim, not who we are.

    While the Ohio River makes a convenient geographic border, I would suggest the possibility of simply taking the Mason-Dixon Line straight across to Missouri, though ironically it would include a lot of Maryland that is more German than Anglo.

    Also, it is my impression that the Confederados are pretty well miscegenation into oblivion by now.

  18. Otto, the whole point of acceleration isn’t to burn it all down. The purpose is to force separation. We accelerate to make the cost of not separating prohibitive. Rattle their cage and throw a monkey wrench into the works over and over and over…until they have no choice.

    BTW, from the 10th Century on things were not nearly as bad as you seem to think.

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