Balkanization and Brotherhood

War is chaotic, lethal, and a fundamentally human endeavor. It is a clash of wills fought among and between people. All war is inherently about changing human behavior, with each side trying to alter the behavior of the other by force of arms… Because war is a fundamentally human endeavor, it is inextricably tied to the populations inhabiting the land domain. All military capabilities are ultimately linked to land and, in most cases, the ability to prevail in ground combat becomes a decisive factor in breaking an enemy’s will. Understanding the human context that enables the enemy’s will, which includes culture, economics, and history is as important as understanding the enemy’s military capabilities….

Army Doctrine Publication 3-0

My time in the service has provided me with fortunate opportunities to sit and sip whiskey with other ambitious men and let me tell you friends – we are not alone. Everywhere I go, I find men with dreams of a having a true home again. A home that does not hate them for their skin color, culture, their way of life and, most importantly, does not resent them for their success and sacrifice. But, these will not be your next door neighbor in another beautiful, white Southern plantation home; these men rightfully identify with their land all the same.

On a cold, late night guard shift, or at the base’s local dive bar and four or five drinks in, I take the chance to throw out an exploratory red lure and I seem to always get a bite. Something like “It all just seems so antagonistic against us  nowadays…” or “I just don’t see why I’m so wrong for wanting to put my family first…” or a casual laugh or joke about the austerity of military life being “our privilege” is enough to see who turns on the bait and who is still stuck in the dreamlike state of the normie. You’ll hear “Why can’t I have pride in my people!” and see the spark of a budding white nationalist; you may even hear “Yeah, man, I know everybody calls that fascist, but I was looking into fascism and I don’t see why some aspects are that bad…” At that point, you know someone is casting a line back at you.

It’s a fun little dance and, eventually, you end up with a mental catalog of who is where along the path – some will be libertarians discovering Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson, and some will already be planning out their compound in Montana and screening for like-minded people for their mini eco-fascist paradise. But, if you don’t already recognize a Southern draw then, you know, you still have an issue – a lot are not going to campaign for Southern independence. It’s coming from a similar place though, and that’s important. But, ultimately, it’s something else – Yankee Nationalism, or some more positive variation thereof and William Henry Whitlow has explained that well enough already.

It really is hugely white pilling to see the growth of edgy reactionary memes exchanged and Alt-Right YouTube video groupchats with each school or training event the military sends me to – but again, it’s not Southern nationalism. For example, one may have grown up a Yankee reactionary conservative and soon figured out that if they ever wanted true independence from the pozz and self-reliance, they’d have to move out of the city and buy some land. Or, they’ve started a small fiefdom and they’re well on their way to forming Cascadia. They may appreciate our cause, they may enjoy learning where they were lied to about the Civil War, they may have even been a long time listener and follower of ID – but, they are not going to be moving to the South to retake what is ours. It’s bittersweet to see such heartfelt support for our cause, but know that we cannot count them among our numbers.

Any red-blooded man that is driven to push today’s Overton Window has a powerful passion to defend his home; a passion for family, faith and fatherland that is rooted to his core. It wouldn’t be right to ask them to leave their homes and come with me to retake everything; just as they know they couldn’t ask me to take a plot in their budding Cascadian compound. As much as I can see, balkanization is in our future. If we aren’t swallowed by globohomo cosmopolitanism like an all-devouring Grey Goo, then we shall be divided.

And, we cannot expect to call upon these good, strong men of European descent from the cold waters of the northeast or the plains of the Midwest to abandon their investments and crusade with us against invasion and degradation of the South. They are tied to their land all the same – like any other struggle, including our virtual culture war, it is still about retaining land under a friendly flag. Plain and simple, our end goal is to change human behavior. To do that, we need good folk on good soil all around our beloved Dixie.

So, despite some perfectly valid identitarian divides, we must work to focus on the common ground. We must form alliances with these same men, who are simultaneously rediscovering the value of their forefather’s culture and lands; we must make our stand on the only place which we can be united from all corners of Weimerica…on the internet. We are in a cold civil war and, sadly, we have far too little power to balkanize already. So, when you take to the trenches of the propaganda war, look past the beautiful magnolia trees, dogwoods and Spanish moss of your homeland.

When it comes down to it, even in the Free Dixie of the future, we would want strong neighbors with similar interests. Support discussions and efforts to keep destructive Californian economic flight out of states like Idaho and Nevada, like and share articles from your brothers in the North who are fighting against a narrative that their land is “having a demographic crisis and needs to import workers,”  and remember that you could still have a very distant kin in Arizona fighting to stop the spread of Fentanyl across the border. The great decline hasn’t just degraded Dixie, we can assist our allies with a few clicks and taps on our keyboards – they’ll appreciate the back-up.

It costs you nothing but time to take your stand on these electronic front lines. And, helping our neighbors means one less wellspring of anti-white hatred to fight later on. You have a home, but you also have a people. So, for the sake of the good men scattered across this country, please don’t forget that.

-By Mosby’s Morale


  1. Excellent article!I am a northerner who would be willing to move to the South and fight.I may have southern ancestry and I have ties to NC.I had lived there last winter but could not find work in the area I was in.However,I want to move back to a different part of NC or somewhere in the South asap.I hate Ct.However,I am unsure where to move to find like minded people or people who would”accept”me because I am a yankee(albeit not in heart).I wish I could be part of the flag rallies,monument supporters,etc.I just don’t know where to begin.

    1. Laurie: one can only be a Yankee if (s)he is one both “in spirit and in truth,” to borrow a biblical turn of phrase. I take it that is basically what the article is meant to convey.

      Southerners have always known that “not all Northerners are Yankees,” but on the other hand, it is natural for the natives of a given state or section of the country to be a little suspicious of migrants to their areas. I think it comes with the territory of sectional relocation in either direction, and the only answer to it, or at least the one most likely to be satisfactory to yourself, is to be deferential to the hosts even when (or, especially when) their ideas and customs and so on go against the grain of your own thinking. And never turn a deaf ear towards the natives if and when they ever say something to you to the effect of, “now you’re acting like a Yankee.”

      1. True,I understand.
        When I was in NC,I visited confederate graves and placed a rebel flag.I guess I’m saying how do I find a church/group/organization that supports southern ideals,etc.that I might be a part of even though I’m from the North.
        I also recently found out I may be adopted.I do not know much of my heritage.I have been in contact with the UDC and a lady told me because I have a strong pull to the South,it can be a sign I have southern ancestry.I did not grow up nor still know much of my past.
        But thank you for your reply.

    2. I take no issue with copperheads. When we say “yankee” we are not referring to copperheads who are pro free Dixie. As long as I’ve been alive like T. Morris said we have been able to make the distinction. The phraseology can get those from dispositions above the Mason Dixon line confused because they are not familiar with our lexicon and rightfully so. The lexicon we have is part of our identity just as the times I’ve been up in the lands of colder disposition I’ve seen and heard things that I did not understand and they likewise with me.

      Trust me when I say this, if you’re a yankee we’ll be the first to let you know. I would know, I’m up to my eyeballs with them in Florida especially around snowbird season. If we ain’t grumbling under our breaths about you you’re probably alright.

      There were plenty a Northerner who came to the South during the war of Northern Aggression and I’m not talking about with the Union Army. That side of things is heavily repressed for obvious reasons for obvious reasons.

      1. Yes.Do you happen to know of any books you can recommend about northerners fighting for the South or any other books you might suggest?
        Thank you,

      2. To Live and Die in Dixie by David Zimring is a start if you are inclined to research the subject but it’s only a start.

      3. Laurie: You might like to read some of the wartime journals kept by Southern women during the war, and later published in book form. Most of which I personally have read mention various forms of support for the Confederacy coming from people in the northern states.

        Off the top of my head, read The Wartime Journal of a Georgia Girl, by Eliza Francis Andrews. She talks about Northern soldiers who got to the South and changed sides. These men were referred to by Southerners as “Galvanized Confederates”; they were always looked to with a healthy dose of skepticism, of course, but they were there nonetheless. Another one you might read is Emma LeConte’s journal. Miss LeConte mentions the same, but in different words and in a different context. Also, read Belle Boyd’s journal, and the various journals depicting life for political prisoners from the North housed in the various “Yankee Bastilles”. The Old Capitol Prison and its Inmates by Virginia Lomax is one, but there are several others such as Mrs. Greenhow’s memoirs depicting the same.

        As Otto says, this is just a start, but they we lead you to others which at least make mention of the subject in passing.

      4. Thank you.I can check these out.I have read some and I bought and read Confederate Women at Fort Macon in NC.I got to find several in the Jacksonville,NC library(fancy finding any up here) and have just ordered a Rose Greenhow t-shirt(she is my hero)it has the photo of her and her daughter.

    3. If you’re a Copperhead, and willing to be dedicated to Southern Nationalism, the League of the South will accept you. I’m a Copperhead and have been a League member for years, and they’ve always treated me great.

  2. Well written. One of few articles I’ve read on site that didn’t bash Yankees…many current folks from the north would have fought for the South in 1861, as a matter of honor. Men of honor DO live north of the M-D line…

    While I love my home in Alaska, I agree that the South should be its own land and free.

    I see a time coming when enough folks get tired of being wrong for being proud of their own and stand up for all that is right. That time can’t come soon enough for me. Freedom has a price, I am willing to pay it. God bless y’all.

    1. Mike: Yankees deserve to be bashed, but as I and Otto both mentioned, when we refer to Yankees we’re referring to the Puritan New England sort who cannot sleep at night if they’re not stirring up sh*t here and all over the world; we are emphatically not referring to everyone who lives north of Mason and Dixon’s line.

      BTW, I spent three years in AK when I was in the AF many moons ago (’89-’92). There are lots of good people up there, if some of them are a bit “eccentric,” but aren’t we all in our own ways? Albeit the homosexual element and their advocates in Anchorage is a bit much for my tastes. But speaking of my time in the AF, that is where I first learned that there are people all across the northern states who in fact are not Yankees.

  3. Even the founding fathers recognized that America was not but a country but many smaller countries united together for a common purpose. That quickly fell by the wayside as the federal government steadily increased its power and watered down states to essentially be nothing more but a lower branch of the federal government. This is one thing the South has always fought against and is one of the biggest contentions that led to our secession. Lincoln was arguably the final force in the stages of thrusting the federal government among all the states in the union and the bastard was rightfully shot for all his crimes against not only the South but the constitution itself.

  4. Laurie, you might also want to find a copy of A CONFEDERATE CATECHISM.

    My wife and I, both of us Southron-born and bred, have lived in our RV now for about four years, in Central Florida, and, yes, we are inundated with snow birds and Northern transplants. Up until relatively recently, I counted myself as a member of the “all things Northern be damned” crowd. But, I am learning, mostly since we came to our current location, that “all Northerners are not necessarily Yankees”, and it has been an eye-opening lesson for me. A good number of these folks think as we do, that the mass influx of foreigners, and the mocha-nization of the population caused by racial-intermarriage and mixing, is detrimental to our survival, and should be stopped. We also pretty much agree that 90% or more of what emanates from Washington, DC and other elitist strongholds(N.Y.C. L.A., S.F., et al) is meant to enslave us further. We differ in that most of them still fly the Federal emblem over their residences(and look at me funny when I inform them that I don’t even own one), that we should all “stand together as americans(they would capitalize the word, but not me)”, and that President Trump is the saviour of ‘murika. Well, you can’t have everything. But, most of them don’t sit around saying how backwards we are, or how they do it up North. At least, not within earshot of me(maybe the word on me just gets out). They appear to be good folk who just want back the homes they grew up in. And I tell them to hang around, it’s coming.

    Otto, where are you on Florida. We should meet up sometime for coffee.


    1. Yes.That is great.I used to support and fly the federal flag until I understood.I also am a christian and love the christian meaning of the confederate flag.The only reason I would “support”the flag in any way,is to honor the military who”don’t know better.”I have a CSA sticker on my truck and my son who is a marine”took offense”as he did not understand at the time.I think he is starting to see.He even reads my suggested articles by Identity Dixie,and other Southern groups,etc.Now that I know what I know about our government and our military,I would have tried to persuade him not to go in but I raised him to be”patriotic”and did not know about a lot yet.I even told my children I want to have a confederate flag at my funeral.

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