Bad Wars & The Genuine Right

A bad war can unite the Right and bring out the best in our movement more quickly and completely than almost any other issue. The recent missile attacks by the United States against Syria (an act of war even if war was not declared by the US Congress) demonstrates that even enthusiastic supporters of a president who campaigned on a populist-nationalist platform will immediately turn against him if he engages in aggression abroad as routinely demanded by globalists, neo-conservatives and neo-liberal interventionists. As soon as the missiles were fired Trump supporters were instantly joined by a chorus of Southern Nationalist and Alt-Right voices in opposition to the strikes. As Jason Wilson of The Guardian writes, “the most energetic and entrepreneurial parts of the right are anti-war.” Of course, this anti-war Right is to be distinguished from the “invite the world/invade the world” establishment figures such as John McCain, Lindsey Graham and George Bush who masquerade as conservatives or Rightists.

How is it that a movement which is often described by those in the US media as full of angry, violent, aggressive and dangerous people, who are motivated by a desire to harm non-Whites, publicly opposes US military attacks against Middle Eastern, Central Asian and African countries? If the media stereotype of us is to be believed, we are hateful evil people who want to kill those whose culture or appearance is unlike our own. However, our united opposition to President Donald Trump’s attacks on Syria (as well as President Obama’s attack on Libya, President Bush’s attack on Iraq and President Clinton’s attacks on Serbia and Sudan) points instead to a principled stand against US aggression abroad.
Below are a few reasons why the authentic Right (and this would especially apply to Southern Nationalists) is the most consistent anti-war voice in the current system:

  • US wars are always against comparatively small and/or weak countries which pose no military threat to us here.
  • We never benefit in terms of increased security or material advantages from US wars.
  • US wars are frequently fought against pro-Christian regimes (as in Serbia, Iraq and Syria) to assist anti-Christian forces.
  • US wars drive up the Federal debt, ultimately imposing a greater financial burden upon us.
  • US wars benefit the military-industrial complex and the US media – both of which hold values diametrically opposed to our own.
  • Following US wars, the US (even small towns in Dixie) is flooded with vast numbers of refugees from the attacked country, further displacing our people and creating needless demographic, economic and cultural issues for us.
  • The burden of fighting a US war disproportionately falls upon Southerners and rural Americans who make up the bulk of the US fighting force – even though the decision to go to war is made far away by Beltway insiders and media figures who generally loath the values and identity of those who do the fighting and dying in these wars.

In short, US wars of the recent past are fought against countries which do not threaten us. They cost us the lives of our family members, friends and neighbors. They impose a financial burden upon us. They strengthen our cultural and economic enemies at home. And, after the fighting is finished, the Feds flood us with refugees from the country they needlessly attacked – further burdening us. This is why the genuine Right is anti-war.

-By South Carolina’s Son

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