Names That Cannot Die

In case you were unaware, the cowards at the University of Virginia voted on removing plaques that honored their own alumni that died fighting for the Confederacy. The University of Virginia Board of Visitors, staffed by cucks, bugmen and iconoclasts, passed the resolution and spineless crews have already removed these memorials to bravery. We will not allow them to pass from memory and this post serves as a record of their selfless devotion. The below has been taken from a Richmond Times-Dispatch article from 1905.

Identity Dixie honors our brave dead.

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Hardened Hearts

A piece of shit rapper that goes by the name of ‘XXXTentacion‘ released a video recently called Look at me. The video depicts a black child with his father (surprising, I know) next to a noose, with a white child next to it – ready for his execution. The video then portrays the jiggaboo teaching his offspring how to hang a white child. The white child is then hung and killed, his legs weakly kicking the air. XXXTentacion has around 700,000 followers on Twitter. Let that sink in.

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Gibs & Demands at Mr. Jefferson’s University

Earlier last week, the vibrant and #brave crowd at the University of Virginia made a list of demands to “smash white supremacy” at the formerly prestigious school. With any luck, the school will spiral out of control as the leftist agitators (enrolled, entrenched and employed at the school) become more and more erratic. I’m hoping for the Mizzou decline, but who knows, it might get worse.

The Minority Rights Coalition at the University of Virginia issued a set of 10 demands (really just gibs). The demands are included in a Facebook image, so I’ve done our dear readers a favor by outlining them and providing a redpill explanation for each insolent and undeserving request.

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Thom Tillis – Let’s Make Carolina Colombia!

On Tuesday, Senator Thom Tillis (supposedly a conservative and a senator from North Carolina) issued the following statement on Trump’s announcement to phase out the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, and on his cucky intention to introduce legislation addressing the legal status of illegal alien children squatting in our country:

“Immigration policy must be set through legislation, not executive orders. That was the fundamental flaw underpinning DACA and the reason it’s highly unlikely to survive a legal challenge. President Trump is wisely giving Congress a period of time to fulfill its responsibility to legislate and take long-term action to address the uncertainty facing undocumented children, who were brought to America through no fault of their own.”

As is typical of cuckservatives, he has the shotgun pointed at his foot with his finger on the trigger.

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