Southern Nationalist Radio: Episode 59 – Poland March & Judge Roy Moore

Harold Crews and Brad Griffin, of Occidental Dissent, discuss two topics in this episode. First they go into the recent Nationalist march in Warsaw, Poland and infer some insights in regards to what we can learn from that 60,000 strong march. Then Harold and Brad go into the US Senate campaign of Judge Roy Moore and how it displays the absence of integrity and credibility of Establishment figures in the US political system and the main stream media.

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Normie Nonsense

I’m around normies way too often. I’m increasingly shocked by their utter idiocy on a daily basis. I’m not talking about them driving the wrong way down a one-way-street, but their severe lack of knowledge on the most basic topics and concepts. To be fair, many of these issues have been thoroughly manipulated by Current Year dogma, but with a smart phone it takes literally seconds to confirm basic common sense. The Eternal Normie is so gaslit and asleep that I wouldn’t be shocked if one challenged me that the sky was blue. Some examples from recent days.

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Dead by DACA

Cinthya Garcia-Cisneros, an illegal alien protected by the American Empire’s disastrous DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) policy, was convicted in January 2014 of two counts of felony hit and run after she killed two Oregon stepsisters — Anna Dieter-Eckerdt and Abigail Robinson. They were playing in a pile of leaves in October 2013 when the vibrant Garcia-Cisneros plowed into them with her car and fled the scene. As if that wasn’t maddening enough, you’ll never guess what happened after our anarcho-tyranny “justice” system convicted her.

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Bob Goodlatte: Make the Shenandoah San Salvador!

It never changes does it. If you’re a student of Virginia politics, you know full well that most of the state is being demographically and politically transformed by both internal (think Yankee shitlibs, cucks and transplants) and external immigration (think Third World refuse). Most of our Republican leadership isn’t even made up of actual Virginians. See the ugly mug associated with this article, it’s none other than Massachusetts native, now a Virginia trvecon, Bob Goodlatte.

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It Belongs to Dixie – Arizona

The United States, despite being one country, is composed of several different nations. Most of us are extremely familiar with this, given the identity and culture of the South and Greater Dixie is so distinctive and recognizable. But what few people recognize is that Dixie’s soul ultimately reached out far beyond the plantations of the lowlands and the rugged hills of Appalachia; her soul extended far to the West, all the way through Texas and into the New Mexico Territory and even California.

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