The Time Has Come To Be Men Again.

In the Current Year, as in recent current years since the rise of social media, memes have become powerful cultural forces that can shift socio-political discourse almost instantaneously. One of the more powerful species of memetics is the viral video. Smart phones and video sharing applications bring real time images of events to the eyes of people who are insulated from “the real world” and otherwise blissfully unaware.

Last night, such a viral video was shared with me in one of the deep, dark corners of the interwebz that us, “literally Hitler,” type trolls hang out and which jarred me to the core in a very profound way. The events that unfolded were not shocking or surprising. We’ve seen it all before. However, my keen eye has become sharpened to the otherwise unnoticed details that lay beneath the surface and I’m compelled to break them down here for the reader.

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Weimerica: Where Vice Has Become Virtue

Recently, Andrew Anglin over at DailyStormer published a piece where he touched on the age old tactic that the (((media))) uses when going after “muh literally Hitler” figures such as himself. It’s simple really – dig into their past, find all their closet skeletons, find associates (possibly enemies) willing to smear them, and ultimately discredit their radical right-wing message by showing them to be “hypocrites”.

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