Sexual Utopia in Power


It is well known to readers of this journal that white birthrates worldwide have suffered a catastrophic decline in recent decades. During this same period, ours has become assuredly the most sex-obsessed society in the history of the world. Two such massive, concurrent trends are hardly likely to be unrelated. Many well-meaning conservatives agree in deploring the present situation, but do not agree in describing that situation or how it arose. Correct diagnosis is the first precondition for effective strategy.

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion

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Ethnic Diversity and Social Cohesion

April 15, 2016 Francis Uncategorized 1


Summary: Research shows that people like those who are similar to them. Moreover, the more heritable a trait is the more important similarity in it is to friends and spouses. Thus, people enjoy the company of those who are genetically similar to them. This may explain why people to marry, befriend, and live near, members of their own race for more than randomness would predict. Moreover, a rich literature of correlational, longitudinal, and experimental, data shows that people get along better with members of their own race and that ethnic diversity damages social cohesion. 

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Southern Supernatural: “The Genie Hunt” by M.C. Tuggle

Coot rolled his eyes. “An evil Coot Pickard. Lord have mercy on us all. The good one’s bad enough.”

With that, Buddy and Coot proceed on their way down the rabbit hole in M.C. Tuggle’s newest novella.

The Genie Hunt is the latest chapter in the paranormal adventures of Southern lawyer Buddy Vuncannon and his good ol’ boy friend Coot Pickard, as the two find themselves caught up in the middle of a mystery involving robbers, genies, childhood friends, and the dark side of globalization; a modern day Southern Gothic whodunit that moves fast and leaves you wondering what they’ll get into next.

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#SBC17: Campaign to Un-Cuck the Southern Baptist Church

Over the past hundred years, many in The South have come to identify not only with Americanism, but Zionism,  Liberalism, and now Globalism as sacred causes; willing to offer themselves on the altar of those who, at best, see them as stalwart pawns, and at worst, actively labor toward their dispossession.

What if that ended?

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