An Argument Against Accelerationism

It seems that in today’s declining world we live in, as a mechanic of various individuals’ coping mechanisms, accelerationism has been on the rise. I just want to say for those of you who have taking a horse pill sized black pill that I get it, I’ve been there and I understand why you would want or advocate for accelerationism – it’s despair.

Deep down inside, when you peel away all the anger you will find it like a tiny sapling at the root of your anger. You only need be honest with yourself and look. If you can’t admit there is a problem, how will you ever go about fixing it? As I mentioned in my “Everything In Moderation” article, demoralization is a powerful weapon which an adversary can wield against you with damaging consequences. It takes only passive effort on their part to sustain it; although, in other cases the effort may be more active.

I understand where this despair comes from. You are mad and upset with what has become of the world. I’m right there with you. You have every right to be and I won’t for a minute tell you otherwise. Our countries have been stolen from us, the rug pulled from beneath our feet and we have become marginalized by those who seek only to expand their control and power.

If you desire proof of that statement, I encourage you to explore how conventional gays and other such dregs have also become marginalized for the purposes of attacking them. Remember in the 90’s and early 00’s, how these groups were championed by the Left and held on their festering pillar of rot? Now, in a twisted sense of irony, they have served their role and because they are no longer useful must be eliminated. Even as we speak, even some of the most devout LGBT members are stumbling out of the reverie from decades of manufactured propaganda meant to twist the minds of the ignorant, emotionally compromised and mentally weak.

It is only when the lie is no longer sustainable that it all comes crashing down. Now that this is happening, they are being slotted for marginalization. Yuri Bezmenov talks in great detail how this process works.

When we look at general snapshots of society from 40, 50 and even 60 years ago, it’s blatantly obvious we live in the dystopian future that many among the general populace (at the time) largely held as inconceivable. I understand why you are filled with despair and I also understand why you also may just want it all to end. I get it.

Let me make an argument as to why you shouldn’t give in and embrace accelerationism. The metaphorical mountain we must climb is inconceivably massive. Heck, we can’t even see the top when we look up at it. To understand why that metaphorical mountain is so vast you must understand it took arguably over a century to raise it. This was done by repeated, concerted and deliberate efforts by leftists.

I simply point to the Dark Ages as an example. If you studied or remember any history you were taught, the Dark Ages were held as a time of great suffering for our people for a damn good reason. Essentially, we were going nowhere and just dying. Nothing was happening in a large scale sense. While this period in time was brought about, not necessarily by accelerationism, the result is still the same as accelerationism.

Everyone wants a war, until they have to fight in one. Only those so indoctrinated or brainwashed tend to favor war as an outcome. I’m not suggesting this is always bad, but should be considered as a last resort. So, until such a time, I suggest shelving such notions and focusing on solutions in the here and now where you can make a difference.

If you are so vehemently against this notion, understand I’m not trying to convert you to my way of thinking. Frankly, who am I to tell you how to think or do? You are, after all, your own person, right? Take everything I’m presenting as it is meant to be taken.

As of late, I’ve found some readers have been reading far too deep into the things I’m saying and instead of hearing the message, they are hearing what they think I am saying. Simply, I am merely presenting larger concepts at face value. Don’t read too much into it, unless I go down a path very specifically. I’m not bullshitting you. That being said, let’s continue.

Not just the systems, but the world around us is our legacy. It has been impacted by the actions of our ancestors (the ones we aspire to emulate) and even ourselves. The Western world, as a whole, has been responsible for the greatest levels of prosperity that history has ever known. We built this world with our hands, carved out canyons, dammed rivers, erected civilizations which have stood as a testament to our spirit as innovators, explorers and conquers. We did what was said could not be done. We harnessed the power of nature, split the atom, built machines which allowed us to take to the skies like birds, invented methods to communicate on virtually any corner of the planet, created machines which made possible abundance we had never known, cured diseases which previously ravished our populations, and so much more. We dreamed and reached for the stars offering us a glimmering hope of a chance that we are not cursed to slowly wither away on this spinning rock floating around in space.

Now, suddenly a group of demoralized people tell us we should throw all of this away? Just piss all over the legacy of those who came before us? Please explain to me how you can count yourself as a traditionalist of any facet when advocating for accelerationism. Accelerationism is throwing away everything because you are so full of despair that you see no other way out.

I have my gripes with individuals who profess themselves to be “Yang Gang” but not just them, others who have came before them who argued for the same exact thing – destroy it, all of it. These are the same people I’ve found that would embrace nuclear annihilation if you packaged it right. What a horrifying thought. Imagine for a second that you have become so insane that despair turns into zest and zeal. This is what we are dealing with and it is my hope to keep others from falling into this pit-trap.

How does this start? Negative spiral thinking patterns. That is how, innocently enough. When left unchecked or with no positive outlet, it progressively builds into a pattern of mentally self-destructive thinking inducing exactly what the enemy wants – despair. Mind you, they didn’t even have to lift a finger for them to do it. You did it to yourself. Why give them the satisfaction of a mental defeat when they want you to be mentally defeated?

You are better than this. It is in your blood. Embrace it. Let it come to you naturally. You are heirs to the greatest people the world has ever known. Start acting like it. At the end of the day, there is one thing no one can take from you unless you let them – your mind.

A healthy positive mindset is important when tackling any difficult challenge in life. If you can’t bring your best, don’t expect to get the best out of something. Instead of despairing about how the world around you is failing, get out there and start fixing it. You don’t need to be a politician or some self-fantasized dictator to do it.

Simple small changes. Start a program to teach some high school kids a trade, participate in a charity, become a volunteer firefighter, etc. Actually be a positive change in your community. Make the world what you want it to be – by being a part of it. The way I see it is you have two choices, you can sit around on the internet all the time griping and moaning or you can link up with like minded people getting involved in the real world.

Think of it this way, the leftists spent close to over a century to get things to the point they are now. It will take equally as long for us to get it back to the way it was. Massive societal level change like that does not happen overnight. It happens slowly over time with incremental changes, shifts in the Overton Window, policies here and there.

Why throw in the towel when we’re just getting started? Once we were frogs boiling away in the water unaware that our demise loomed, but things are different now. We realized what was happening and more are as well. We’ve managed to arrest the momentum that has seized our societies in the interim.

Accelerationism reeks of defeat.

Stand up and be counted.

God bless you and God bless Dixie.


  1. I see Hunter Wallace has posted a reply with this gem:

    “We’re not despairing about the world though.

    On the contrary, we are excited about how Silicon Valley and China are restoring Slave Society with AI in the 21st century. We’re excited about a future in which the problem of scarcity has been solved.”

    The problem of scarcity has been solved! We can all live like aristocrats with $1000 bucks a month and AI slaves to take care of everything.

    Seems legit.

    I honestly can’t tell if Wallace is serious or not.

    1. All right, I just read Wallace’s 15 points of 3.0. Heres a doozy :

      “As Universal Basic Income cranks up over time, people will naturally retribalize, kind of just chill and the social fabric will begin to heal as future generations focus more on cultural pursuits than on providing for their basic economic needs. It is a happy vision of world peace and progress. Yang is one of the few people who realizes that having more money and redistributing it more broadly will solve most social problems and reconcile countless previously “irreconcilable” -isms.”

      Poverty is the main cause of social strife and ever increasing UBI (as a redistributive dividend of economic growth ) will solve this because everybody really just wants to “kind of chill” and pursue culture. In other words, money will solve our social problems.

      I still can’t tell if he’s serious, but I’m starting to worry.

      1. lol ask people who lived in soviet russia how ‘universal income’ worked out for them. People are unequal so naturally the cream will rise to the top. Want to rise to the top? Become better. It really is that simple.

        Poverty is not the main cause of social strife there are for more underlying drivers behind that. I am by all accounts poor yet you don’t see me beating down doors with a RWDS because of it. I work to better myself so that I may obtain success.

        It’s just another case of lazy people looking for a handout.

        China only cares about China and if you think the Chinaman has any room for you you’ve clearly never taken a look at the actions of the Chinese around the world.

        I don’t know about you but I’m not inclined to think we can’t rise to the occasion. I believe in the spirit which once upon a time made the west the powerhouse of the world. Sorry if I’m not so inclined to throw all that down the drain.

      2. Libertarian idiocy: everyone just wants a new house, a new car, a swimming pool (above ground is ok, but we all really want one below ground) and a good-paying job. He’s serious; he just wants you to keep guessing. Meanwhile, the total collapse continues unabated.

      3. As Universal Basic Income cranks up over time, people will naturally retribalize, kind of just chill and the social fabric will begin to heal as future generations focus more on cultural pursuits than on providing for their basic economic needs. It is a happy vision of world peace and progress. Yang is one of the few people who realizes that having more money and redistributing it more broadly will solve most social problems and reconcile countless previously “irreconcilable” -isms.

        Sub-moronic! This guy doesn’t, apparently, understand basic human instincts; or, more specifically, he apparently doesn’t understand basic Southron instincts, or, the Southron independent mindset. We’re not going to “chill,” dude; we’re going to get more separationist with every passing fancy of the socialists. You don’t get that? Where ya been!?

    1. The first thing any new government does when it gets power is to wash away elements of the past and secure their new power. If you think a leftist government is going to allow any of us to continue to exist in any meaningful way you’re out of your mind.

      We will be the first people they come after.

      There are too numerous occasions throughout history to name that prove this is reality not some fantastical land where an opposing totalitarian figure is okay with the continued existence of their opposition.

      I read his rebuke and he seemed to want to claim I’m a conservative where as I did not argue for conservatism but traditionalism. There is a huge difference between the two. If anything I’m a fundamentalist/red shirt more than anything else.

  2. Wallace may be wrong about the whole “Yang” phenomenon and its associated financial strategies, but to refer to him as “sub-moronic” (or even if only to refer to his recent proposals at Occidental Dissent as “sub-moronic”) is to do a serious disservice to a guy who has proven himself a passionate devotee to the cause of Southerners for well over a decade.

    I, too, believe Wallace is wrong – but he’s not *that* wrong. He’s appealing to Yang as a spin-off pragmatic, to achieve similar results that the so-called “Distributists” have wanted for a century now. And while I think Wallace has a lot of the modernist in him (he’s a typical neo-darwinist after all, as are the Identity Dixie commentators)…but he’s at least trying to advocate for something quintessentially southern.

    Disagree with him, but grant him that, at least.

    1. Point taken. I apologize to Mr. Wallace and retract the “sub-moronic” reference. Although it strikes me as rather ludicrous the idea that we’re all basically the same and share the same basic wants, and that padding the ol’ pocket book will bring that all out if we’ll just chill and give it some time. If every man, woman and child gets the $1000. mo. stipend, how does that change his/her condition relative to everyone else?

    2. Maybe Wallace is to focused on economics to the exclusion
      of human nature. Automation, UBI and no need to get up in the morning doesn’t lead to happy, content people. The situation Wallace envisions doesn’t mean sipping mint juleps on the verandah , it means
      communist agitation to take over the means of production from those greedy capitalists who only give us X a month to live on, comrade! It’ll be 1917 Russia, only gayer, and the white populace will spend even more time with mass media because what else is there? Slow suicide with alcohol and opiates?

      Maybe Wallace’s heart is in the right place and he thinks being babysat by the government will work out somehow. I can’t see how a government that doesn’t like us and has near total control of our lives will turn out well, though. I expect when we’re useless and expensive, they’ll get rid of us, but I could be wrong.

      Or, Wallace is attempting accelerationism with the goal of civil war and bringing about some fascist government to remove progressives , establish the ethnostate and give us UBI.

      I’m open to a third option that isn’t suicide or LARP, such as Wallace doesn’t see a feasible way forward and is grasping at straws to keep sane. That’s understandable, but AI utopia is not going to happen. The powerful are not going to pay us for nothing, its a bad investment.

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