• With the passing of each year and the start of a new, we all look forward to the future and what changes it may bring. We set personal goals, be it physical, mental, or financial, and we hope to put ourselves into […]

    • I just watched the ad. I don’t even think Gillette cares about selling razors. Pankaj Bhalla, brand manager for north America, says they aren’t pulling the ad, “We recognize it’s sparking a lot of passionate dialogue — at the same time, it’s getting people to stop and think about what it means to be our best selves, which is the point of the spot”. The point wasn’t to sell product, it was to criticize society.

      If I shaved, I’d check out Bawdy Barber based on their Twitter response.

      • Imagine being so out of touch and dilusional thinking this ad is sparking “dialogue”

      • Just the fact that the NORTH AMERICAN marketing department for Gillette is run by a dude named “Pankaj Bhalla” should be a slap in the face to normal working class Americans, it’s not your country anymore and YOU ARE PLEBS and WAGE SLAVES to be whipped, berrated, and shamed into submission.

      • They are not in a position to criticize society. They sell razors and shaving accessories. They need to stay in their lane and leave the politics to people and political organizations, not companies.

    • 1-800-445-5388

      Gillette customer service.

      I suggest calling each and every day and let them know that you will continue to call to file complaints until they pull the ad and issue an apology to men.

      Their normie customer base who is oblivious needs to be inconvenienced by long hold items waiting to talk to someone. They need to be forced to hire temps to answer the phone.

  • In this episode, SuperLutheran and Myles Poland go back to basics and share the Gospel. Feel free to clip portions of the episode and share them around if you’d like.

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  • One of the reoccurring memes in Southern Nationalist circles is “this is why we want to secede,” often said in response to some ungodly new abomination like tranny story time or 10-year-old drag queens. Obv […]

  • The other day I was doing a search for sheet music to play on my fiddle, as is standard for a Friday evening, and one tune in particular piqued my interest. It’s an old song, and like those old country ballads, h […]

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  • Know thy enemy is perhaps the most important precept in Sun Tzu’s ancient text, The Art of War. There can be little doubt that the Dissident Right is well aware of who the enemy is. Too aware. I’d go so far as to […]

    • Good point. Although, I have never followed modern day football, baseball, etc, I do appreciate the way that the games were played up until about the 1950’s. The participants were men who played because they loved the sport and the games reflected this passion.

      That being said, I am a gearhead and I love racing. Stock car racing was invented in the south, and drag racing was equally influenced by southerners. However, I have zero interest in modern day NASCAR or NHRA because of the yankee infiltration and the corporate dollars that come with it. It always ruins everything it touches.
      The answer for me is to participate at a local grassroots level. I race a car I built, at nearby drag strips, and I also attend local car shows.
      The same can be done for those who are interested in the various sports-balls. Find a local grass roots team to support with your time and finance, even if it is at a high school level. You will most likely find it to be a better game, and more in line with our southern values. You will also meet fellow Southerners and even “normies” that share your values and opinions, as well.

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  • The slogan “united we stand” is repeated ad nauseam in our society. We see it on bumper stickers, hear it used in political rhetoric and perhaps sometimes even use it ourselves. Perhaps it is most powerful when it […]

    • Democracy doesn’t scale up at all, it only works locally where people’s values, needs and wants are very similar. Global democracy would be a farce since the constituencies would be so large representatives couldn’t accurately represent them in any meaningful way. Just look at our presidential elections: no president represents more than 51% of voters and even then not accurately; we still complain that he’s not doing what we want.

      And globally, various cultures’ value systems are so widely varied that common ground isn’t possible. It would be, as you point out, tyranny of the most populous countries. Pretty quickly it would be WWIII.

      But, since we’re not even united in this country, the slogan is a farce to begin with. It’s just another excuse for conservatives not to fight for their values.

    • The Washington Times has an opinion piece in favor of secession and more state sovereignty. Essentially, the author’s idea is make secession legal and the threat of secession would force the federal government to relax it’s control over states to prevent them leaving. I don’t think it would as well as hoped, but it’s interesting that the article was even written.

    • Well, I’ve already made 2 comments; third times the charm!

      I just read a translation of an essay by Brazil’s foreign minister Ernesto Henrique Fraga Araújo: Trump and the West. Wow. I wish our politicians had thoughts like these (or even just thoughts!)

      It’s pretty long, but here’s a gross summary: the West is suffering from a spiritual decline beginning no later than WW I and only nationalism can save her.

      I hope he’s right about Trump.

      If you haven’t read it I highly recommend doing so.

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    This week on GMW, Tyler and Patrick are joined by Silas Reynolds, the editor of, to discuss content creation. Our SoundCloud account was removed, without notice, so we will be moving over to […]

  • I am a native Floridian, I was born and raised in this state. I have traveled to many places all over the world; regardless, this is my home and I was fortunate after my military service to be able to come back to […]

    • Amen Otto. The line was crossed for me when I read that 1000 people a day were moving into FLA. I damn sure didn’t invite a one of them. It’s their yankee ways and yankee votes that bother me. We need that wall, right at the state line. Our hospitality will be our death.

    • Here in Pensacola, we are reaching Max capacity with Yankees but they do tend to lean to the right. However, I don’t know how much they’ll support Florida in another secession.

    • Amen, sir. Well put. I worked with a native Floridian girl once. When she spoke of her home she would talk about how some places were ‘Still Southern’ with a touch of sadness. Truly broke my heart. God bless and stay safe down there.

  • As the Trump administration unraveled bits of the Neocolonial American Empire in Korea and Syria, the death of John McCain and George HW Bush represented a shift in American politics in 2018 away from overseas […]

  • “The Great Liberal Death Wish” is a subject that I’ve given a lot of thought to and have written about, and it would be easy for me to read to you a long piece that I’ve written on the subject. But somehow in the […]

    • That was a very good read! Thanks for posting.

      ‘. How otherwise could you explain how people, in their own country ardent for equality, bitter opponents of capital punishment and all for more humane treatment of people in prison, supporters, in fact, of every good cause, should in the USSR prostrate themselves before a regime ruled over brutal-ly and oppressively and arbitrarily by a privileged party oligarchy?’

      Cons work because the mark is invested and admitting he’s wrong hurts his pride, so he won’t allow himself to see the truth. I think something similar is happening in the situation quoted above. Once you’ve created an ideology that solves all of man’s problems, finding out your wrong is unacceptable.

  • Patricia Motherhen and Big Cat Kayla talk about what it means to be a woman.

  • Recently, Rod Dreher wrote an article for The American Conservative on the origins of anti-clericalism in Spain (yeah, I know, I know, I don’t like Rod either, but a Facebook friend of mine posted it and it l […]

    • Excellent post.
      The Christian church, for the most part, no longer preaches “fire and brimstone” from its pulpits. They have replaced it with a “inclusiveness and tolerance” theology that is unbiblical at best, and Satanic at worst. This why their pews are empty.
      Why waste time at a “church” when you can hear the same B.S. in the media any given time of day.
      As for as manhood is concerned, what better example than Jesus Christ himself. He did not preach “tolerance or inclusiveness” for the moneychangers at the temple. Rather, in righteous anger, He threw over their tables, and chased them out with a whip.

      That is the very definition of masculinity!

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  • Trump has thrown the gauntlet. Now, more than ever, he needs soldiers who are ready to do meme battle. It is time to don our armor and take up the shield of faith to help him fight the anti-white J-left […]

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      Many Southrons are of the mindset that our path lies in taking over the GOP from within. This is delusional. But, we MUST become political, radically political. We need a strong grassroots effort to establish a SOUTHERN NATIONALIST PARTY. Yes. I know. It was tried before. I’ve heard all the arguments against it. Personally, they don’t interest me. WE MUST GIVE WHITE SOUTHERNERS A REASON TO REGISTER AND VOTE WITH US.

      And we need to start yesterday.

      • Otto replied 1 week ago

        In time. If you ask me there are bigger fish to fry such as the demographic crisis that if we don’t get a handle on we are screwed in the long run. It is why they are so desperate to stop the wall because they know the wall will work. Their plan for us is replacement and if that fails so does any chance of them permanently seizing power.

    • We have to believe in his sincerity here. We also have to understand his ego and psychology. Ann Coulter is doing a great job of holding his feet to the fire rather than fanning his balls. It takes both being critical when he deserves our criticisms and supporting him when he seems to be trying.

    • The ultimate goal of the (((globalists))) is to dilute the united States to the point it is a third world country no longer able to sustain or defend itself. This effects not only the empire, but unfortunately Dixie too.
      Trump is the only President in my lifetime to do a damn thing about it, and to that end I will support him.
      As stated above, he is not a Southern Nationalist, but a Nationalist, and at this time, he is the best we got.

      • It wasn’t a fireworks kind of speech, but he did set a tone and I particularly enjoyed the fact that he called out the gated community phenomenon.

        He’s targeting elitists with his rhetoric, and we know who the (((elites))) are.

    • Trump is probably the last gasp of traditional America even if he himself isn’t really traditional. If his immigration agenda fails it’s all over. Texas will go blue and the GOP, even in its current worthless state, won’t be able to elect a president so they’ll slide further left to ‘remain relevant’ and the dems will do the same. Whatever faults Trump has, he’s our Obi Wan.

      ‘They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside’

      Great quote!

      There’s talk of declaring a State of emergency and bypassing congress. Trump seems to know the wall is key to both his legacy and any hope of reelection.

  • Have you driven through a gentrified neighborhood? It is marvelous is it not? The streets are clear of needles. The porches are clear and clean. The old homes are restored. Brick warehouses or storefronts have […]

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