• So, the RAND Corporation has been simulating WW3 scenarios involving The Empire taking on China and/or Russia. Pretty much every time, we end up getting “annihilated” in a non-nuclear engagement. That sho […]

    • Grill, or be grilled…

    • We were watching some prepper show on hulu last night laughing at the nuts and today Tom Shackleford is telling me I’ll have to start eating people in the next ten years. What a world.

      • I’m told – by Ocasio Cortez & Co – that if I don’t get on board with the ‘green new deal,’ within a decade (or so), life as we know it will cease to exist. If life as I know it ceases to exist according to Cortez’s theory and time frame, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want it to be otherwise.

  • It’s an ages old struggle, that which we call class warfare. One need look no further than pharaonic Egypt to find historical context to support the fact that men have always stratified themselves into […]

    • Better to die for something than live for nothing. So long as I have a breath in me I will continue to resist. I will not become part of this unholy collective which spurns what made the west so strong for many generations. I will not let my sacrifices go in vain nor the legacy of countless ancestors from all over who came before me. No one can take your freedom so long as you refuse to let it go.

      Keep your powder dry and your bible close.

      Deo Vindice

    • UBI–yeah why not–there’s of plenty of UBI going way back 60 or more years? I’ll take the check and go right on being an Alpha and a fighter. This doesn’t mean you support them; you are just hunting and this happened to show up–shoot it for dinner. It’s time to stop thinking this is our country and start protecting oneself and family and if ZOG is willy-nilly tossing resources hither and yon, might as well grab them and put them to good use. Give them as little possible. And grab their stupid money when ever you can. This doesn’t mean you are a slave or lack dignity. It means you are a fighter.

      • My people like catfish. I like it OK, but not as much as many of them do. They stock their freezers to overflowing with it, year-in and year-out. I personally like to fish for sport as much as the next fella, but I also prefer to eat scaly fish like crappie or bass over catfish any day of the week. None of us has any use for the scum-sucking carp, if you know what I mean. We all understand that in His wisdom God put them here as a vital component in the economy of nature, and we’re perfectly content to leave it at that and let them do what they are intended to do. Likewise with hunting and harvesting game for our own consumption. If a nice sow comes along while I’m deer hunting, I might or might not go ahead and take her; if an ornery boar comes along rooting everything in sight as he’s wont to do, I’m liable to shoot him and leave him lay – buzzards gotta eat like everyone else.

    • I just read Yang supports permanent daylight savings time. That’s a deal breaker.

      • Ha! I don’t even concern myself with this Yang dude, nor his “gang.” If some who *think* they are on the dissident right support him, then so be it. They’ll figure out, before all is said and done, that anyone (*anyone*) vying for high political office in the ‘good ol’ US of A’ is their mortal enemy, or not. If not, then God help them.

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  • Shreveport, Louisiana is trying its best to become the most degraded city in the country. It mainly consist of enclaves of  uptown whites surrounded extremely closely by the ever growing ghetto. This ghetto is […]

    • “Shreveport, Louisiana is trying its best to become the most degraded city in the country.”

      I’d be more inclined to nominate Asheville, NC for that title.

      The level of debauchery and pure evil that is exhibited in that once-fair town warrants its total destruction. It’s likely that Abraham himself couldn’t find ten righteous souls there to save it from skyfire.

    • I don’t think it especially necessary at a place like ID to explain this, but please bear with me in any case since I have other interests I am attending to.

      When we (the three of us in this case) say the things we do of the cities or towns in question, we say them because we care deeply about the fate of such places! This issue is where me and the Yankee get extremely crossways, with no chance in hell of anykind of reconciliation between us. Whereas Mr. Yankee halfwit is quick to point out how “backwards,” “hate-filled” and “racist” my Southron “hillbilly” brethren are, he is not so quick to point out how that he has shielded himself from the much greater propensity of POCs to crime, violent and otherwise. He loves to point to the poverty in the South, but fails to link it with the prevalence of POCs in the South he and his forbears worked so hard to make “equal” with their betters. This is one of the main reasons I detest the Yankee; he is a bottom feeder of the worst sort.

    • Asheville is very white. You’ve got drag queen shows and gay hippies from California. Violence would be preferable.

    • Good point, Rogerunited. I was in Boston and and Portland, Maine some years back, and quickly noted this very tendency. That it has made its way South of bothers me most. This is *not* the propensity of Southron, but of immoral interlopers.

    • Huey, undoubtedly the state’s most notorious politician, did more for the people of Louisiana during his time than any governor since and for that he’s lambasted in textbooks as a dictator who refused to abide by the rules of establishment decorum and bureaucracy. He was a man of action and results, an entity wholly contrary to the sort of spineless pencil pushers which currently plague us. I’m unsure if a man such as him will come along anytime soon to once again lift up our people and make them truly proud to live in our beautiful state, but a man can hope. Either way we shall survive, as we’ve seen hardship and collapse before – except this time we’ll be doing the reconstructing.

  • Patrick is joined by Padraig Martin and Silas Reynolds on this episode to discuss leadership and brotherhood.


  • A week ago, the Roanoke Times posted an editorial by Thomas Cullen, the relatively new US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia.  In that opinion piece, and entitled accordingly, Cullen made the assertion […]

    • Hear, Hear! to everything you wrote.

      Anyone who doesn’t see the far greater propensity of blacks and Hispanics to commit violent crimes than whites is either blind, or a damn moron, or both. Meanwhile, often when Johnny Whitebread is being accused of painting that swastika on the door of the Jewish synagogue or turning over head stones in a Jewish cemetery, it turns out it was actually Abram Ashkenazi who did the deed to revitalize awareness that “anti-semitism” among whites is perpetually on the verge of erupting into another “holocaust.”

    • Submit this to the Roanoke Times as a rebuttal and any small town papers in the area. It probably won’t get published, but it might.

  • America’s involvement in Vietnam was a long and complicated ordeal that cost trillions of inflation-adjusted dollars and millions of lives. Why the media decided to fixate on the massacre at My Lai, where 400 o […]

  • “One of the things that surprises people – sometimes upsets publishers and authors – is that we let people enter negative reviews, and they say, why do you do this? You – your – you only make money if you sell […]

    • The argument for trying to force Amazon to sell verboten books is to keep them in a mainstream market-the biggest book seller in the world. But motivating people to create alternatives to Amazon is probably better long term.

      • I have to admit that I am generally very attached to Kindle books. I hate to admit I am entering “old age” but so I am nevertheless. When I was a youngster I was extremely averse to electronic books of any sort; as I have grown older (my eyesight being a dead giveaway) I have (very reluctantly) changed my attitude. But I still maintain a rather carefree attitude about Amazon books in particular – if I want to read David Irving, for example, why in the world would I bother with insisting Amazon make his books available to me?

        • “Book burning ” has never really bothered me, its just something revolutionaries concocted to keep THEIR books from being suppressed, now that they’re in power they are trying to suppress our books. Getting worked up about it just seems like DR3 to me.

    • Agreed. Yankee liberalism/gnosticism takes on all sorts of various forms. Whether we are smart enough to recognize it for what it is and reject it out of hand is another issue altogether.

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    This is Rebel Yell — a Southern Nationalist podcast. I’m your host, Musonius Rufus. For our 124th episode of Rebel Yell, Southern Comfort, Dark Enlightenment, and I speak about the Bible, the s […]

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  • This article will be a bit different than my previous posts. While I prefer more formal articles written in a more standard essay format, this one will be from my own perspective and will discuss a realization I […]

    • The disjointed nature was done on purpose. I tried writing it in a “stream of consciousness” style.

      • Yeah. I like the disjointed nature of the post; it tends to be instructive in its own way, although it might take awhile for the average guy to see it.

        Identity Dixie is kind of (kind of) new to me, but you will notice I am fairly quick to point out obvious faults with certain posts while simultaneously avoiding putting my head in the proverbial guillotine. That will all change in the relatively near future. Stay tuned. As I have said many times before, it is much easier to criticize an author than it is to be one (an author) and field that criticism.

  • The Dissident Right has no viable presidential candidate. Trump is not /our guy/. He’s had three years to make good on his campaign promises to his voting base and is quickly losing steam, while his previously h […]

    • They will not replace us, ma’am.


    • “lie of the American dream ”
      And just what is UBI if not the rehashing of that same lie?

      If Yang were elected (he won’t be) what makes you think he’d be any more effective than trump at getting his agenda implemented? And even if he did, what makes you think it would be universal (ie inclusive of yt) after Congress writes the bill? We’d end up with more gibs for immigrants.

      Trp has shown that a president without party backing is useless.

      Also, Yang is a lefty and any alt right support will only hinder him.

      • Yang will fail and collapse the nation. Which is preferable to the current state of the nation being Israeli slaves.

      • No one cares if Yang is elected. That’s the entire point of the last paragraph. No one gives a shit about Yang.

        • Yeah, heard that before. It doesn’t work, half your people will miss the “irony ” (man! I hate that word!) and a new, stupid alt right off shoot will come into being.

          But go ahead and try at least Yang will get a chance to virtue signal.

        • I have no problem with a “new, stupid alt right off shoot” coming into being. At a minimum, the Yang phenomenon has proven that our media apparatus is stronger than the Israeli tribes. It has shown that when we organize, we have the power to destroy or make a President or Presidential Candidate – and the Israeli media machine can not stop us. I will take that profit over whatever cost. The morale boost alone to our lads is worth it, let alone the expression of strength.

    • I’m gonna tell you plain “guest” . I think you need to pack sand in your crack, kick rocks, miss me with that gay shit and toddle off back to Reddit and the daily stooler crew with this yang shit.

      At least pick someone white b4 you come to a prodominately white IDENTITY board.

      I ain’t nothing to nobody here, but I’m not gonna sit here and tolerate this OBVIOUS waste of IDENTITARIANS time nor efforts.

      This community would be better served if they discussed options pulled from the either than allowing you to poison the wellspring of thought with this Spencer yang shit.

      And if op is a mod, just deact my account, cuz the more yang shit I see, the more I’m gonna make an effort to be here to stop it.

      • No one cares what effort you make. You want us to vote for Trump again? Tell Trump to build the fucking wall and denounce Israel and quit sucking their cocks. Otherwise I don’t vote for him. I was promised a wall, Hillary in prison, and an end to globalism; instead I got no wall, Hillary is fucking free, and we get ZioGloboHomo on a daily basis and Trump denouncing his own fucking base as “anti-semitic” for calling out the GloboHomo crimes of Israel.

        You’re barking up the wrong tree. If you don’t like Yang, you need to talk to Trump, not the people that Trump betrayed.

        • No dummy, I’m talking about yand and Todd the rod being an obvious attempt by Spencer alt litist borderline controlled jewry attempt to stray from identitarianism WHICH puts ppl in Trump’s column once they realize how pointless yangary is.

          You must have misunderstood me. To be clear, I’m beyond voting period. I’m a siegist (if my monicur didn’t make it plain), I’d sooner support Omar B4 I’d vote for trump again… If I still believed voting made a difference which I don’t.

        • Also, totes agree with you about Trump’s treason to the ppl.

      • I’d like to bring your attention to the non-existence of the insistence of actually voting for a slant. I’m sure it’s possible you may have nodded off while trying to make it through the whole thing; nursing home life is tough. I hope they bring your apple sauce and blood pressure meds soon, before you blast an artery.

    • i voted fer alvin green heer in sc against mista demint in 2010–probably yall’s too yung to rememba that.
      see dis heer;
      hoo cares???
      i want da worst up thare we can git–it ain’t worth savin’, yung’fols or ppl or whateva in da hail all this short hand text bs yall use p in heer!
      think outside the box, folks. irony, ridicule, and the unexpected iz th’ key to winning–or at leest havin’ fun tryin’…

  • WotW reads from a book by one of the most controversial philosophers of the 20th century, who saw the West’s spiritual vacuum as the primary cause of our problems.

  • “Criticizing Judaism is not anti-Semitic. Criticizing the policies of the state of Israel is not ant-Semitic. Criticizing the evil that some Jews do is not anti-Semitic,” wrote Father John Whiteford. “Lu […]

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  • Over the course of the last week, I, and many of you, have run across the new “Yang Gang” memes. Originally, I took the meme at face value and thought it was hilarious. For me, it perfectly captured a number of […]

    • This was very helpful,thank you.I used to think maybe someone would come along and help me,etc.but I realized I have to find a way to move forward,etc.with or without help.(And God’s help) I read about the confederate soldiers and women and what they endured and it actually helps and strengthens me to say I can go on and endure too.(as well as bible verses that strengthen me and what Jesus endured)

    • I read very little news or blogs anymore. Today is the first I’m hearing of this Yang person and its on 3 sites in a row! LOL

      Yeah, Trump seems to have collapsed, or given up, which is sad. It was always a slim hope that he’d accomplish any of his big campaign promises, but the real problem of his failure is the discrediting of nationalism and right wing politics*. That’s something i hadn’t considered, that Trump’s failure may be the right’s failure, too.

      *I’m aware that Trump isn’t actually right wing or a nationalist, but he’s the closest we’ve ever had and now anything right of him is that much less likely. The left (both sides) will use Trump as an example of the failure of right wing politics from now on.

      • I can’t see why Yang has any following on the right unless /pol/ has gone full worse-is-better.

        “I denounce and disavow hatred, bigotry, racism, white nationalism, anti-Semitism and the alt-right in all its many forms. Full stop,” Yang said in a statement. “For anyone with this agenda, we do not want your support. We do not want your votes. You are not welcome in this campaign.”


        • People are just releasing steam and looking for alternatives. I don’t mean to sound like a siegist or like I’ve taken the blackpill, but as the article points out, the idea we can change this all around is naïve. America is dead, our only chances are outright civil war or a third party that leads to secession. Either way, it’s preferrable to staying on course.

          Shit will hit the fan soon enough though.

      • I read very little news or blogs anymore. Today is the first I’m hearing of this Yang person and its on 3 sites in a row!


      • “It was always a slim hope that he’d accomplish any of his big campaign promises, but the real problem of his failure is the discrediting of nationalism and right wing politics” He actually accomplished more than I hoped for- like getting rid of the individual mandate. It would be naive to think that anyone could have done everything he set out to do, the system is just too rotten. As far as discrediting nationalism and right-wing politics, that shouldn’t happen except with a total failure of propaganda from our side. In fact, nationalists should be energized to action by the concerted effort of the Deep State, the Jewish media, both parties, and the Zionist NWO to derail him, and by extension, the right in general. It’s a shame if nationalists/ patriots are so easily disheartened that they could be discredited by that.

        • Hr did get some smaller things done and made attempts at the bigger ones like the travel ban.

          As for discrediting nationalism, I mean in the eyes of normies.

  • There is a saying often seen in the Dissident Right when there is a revelation of some pretty young girl who has made the poor decision to engage in a “romantic” relationship with a man of color.  Often, the sayi […]

    • Is this satire? As one who regularly uses memes to bring home this point, I can’t say “celebration” was ever part of the exercise. Nor have I observed it in others. Don’t mistake disgust for celebration. The fear of rejection by your own people remains the best deterrent to this awful practice, not the high probability of domestic violence.

    • As a father and a Christian, I would always welcome my “prodigal daughter” back into our home. She will still have to bear the consequences of her bad choices, but I will never turn her away. Just as Christ has never turned me away when I have asked his forgiveness for my disobedience.

      However, as a man, I can promise you that the minute after my daughter returned to the safety of our home, I would be on my way to “visit” with her dark feral friend, and inflict upon him the consequences of his poor choices.

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