Activist Orgs: Bad for Whites

So you want to save the white race, or maybe just help some white people have a better life, how can you achieve that goal? Well, for starters, you could get a group of people together who share similar goals and organize. Maybe you should come up with a cool name that tells people explicitly that you are here to help white people. And don’t forget a flashy (or “fashy”) logo.

Now that you have your group of like-minded pro-white dudes together, what are some actions you can take to improve the lives of your fellow white people? Maybe you could volunteer to help people recover from opioid or alcohol addiction. Maybe you could provide job training for out-of-work young white men. Maybe you could organize child care for stressed out young white moms. Or you could just sit with older white folks at nursing homes, listen to and record their stories, make sure they’re taken care of and don’t die alone. Any of those things, and a thousand other concrete actions, could materially benefit the real lives of real life white people in America.

But we’re not looking at the big picture are we? We need to be sure that everyone knows that white people are under attack, or that white people need help defending themselves from the pharmaceutical industry, the Israel Lobby, or illegal immigrants. We should therefore organize some big protests, march around with signs and banners, maybe even film and photograph the whole thing and push it out there on social media. Surely that is going to help white people overcome the myriad problems they face today!

Unfortunately, once you’ve organized as a pro-white group, branded yourselves as such, and then publicly marched around with banners, recorded and published it all online, you might find yourself in some trouble. You see, there are people who don’t like pro-white organizing, who consider it all “Nazism” and now you’ve just given them the faces of twenty or thirty of such “Nazis” in crystal-clear HD. And then, maybe, because no one is perfect, some of your guys let too much of their private information slip online.

So what comes next? Dozens, eventually hundreds, of your friends and allies find their faces plastered online and on their neighborhood lampposts. Their family members and employers get calls asking if they know they are associating with an evil Nazi. Suddenly, lots of your guys are out of work and some are cut off from the networks of family and friends who they once could’ve counted on to help them out.

But you at least raised awareness of white genocide or illegal immigration, right? At least the people who saw your brave demonstration will have their minds opened to your point of view. Not likely. Most of the folks who will have seen your demonstration are either A) already on your team or B) determined to destroy you. Normal people won’t see your protest because the media won’t cover it, unless it’s to briefly note that “violent white supremacists protested in front of city hall today.” Most people, at least those who even hear about the protest, will accept the narrative because changing people’s deeply ingrained beliefs about the nature of the world takes time, a lot more time than a flash demonstration.

So, the end result of your pro-white activism is more white people out of work, more white families struggling to make ends meet, and bolstered spirits for the local “anti-fascist” rabble. Congrats, you played yourselves.

I don’t write this to rub salt in anyone’s wounds. No doubt, the desire to take action against a system that hates you is a healthy one, but whenever one engages in war or politics (which are the same) one must consider the net costs and benefits of one’s actions. The unsexy, unflashy, uncomfortable work of helping opioid addicts recover, or training young men how to operate a welder, have real and measurable victories. The “good” accomplished by public demonstrations and protest is nebulous at best, while the costs are large and obvious. Those who wish to be real leaders, to truly care for “their people,” should take all of this into account going forward.


  1. Excellent article.What is your opinion on the matter of a confederate flag sticker on my vehicle then.(and I’m currently in the North though aiming to move back to NC) I was doing landscaping and had neighbors and customers for 8 yrs.and always had the battle flag bumper sticker.Well one black customer got offended though I had offered to help her for free when she was injured,etc.another elderly white customer said “it offends a lot of people.”But thinking I should take a stand,I have kept it on and even been to “bad areas”with it on my vehicle.I am a christian too so this matter has been in the back of my mind.Thank you.

  2. Agree.
    But, while helping people with their needs such as you suggest is laudable regardless of politics, it doesn’t affect the recipient’s world view unless you “proselytize ” putting you back in the same situation as soon as some sjw catlady hears you and calls the news . Only now you’re a “neoconfederateskinheadnazi who’s taking advantage of the helpless who are the only people who’d join your cause anyway since you’re on the wrong side of history”.

    We always loose on optics in the mainstream.

    Not saying helping is bad or pointless only that its a different subject from activism.

  3. You’re right, of course, but I’ll just throw this out there too so everyone with ears to hear understands the extent of the uphill battle we all face: one needn’t (need not!) organize a group of like-minded folk to draw a bunch of negative attention to himself. I know of what I speak from fist-hand experience. Whenever a man starts a family and determines, at length, to live a traditionalist existence (by which I do not mean going completely off the grid and blah, blah, but rather governing his home and family life in a traditional way in which he is head of the household – patriarchy, his wife is the homemaker, child-rearer and primary educator of her own children, etc), all of this unfortunately (or, fortunately, depending on how you choose to look at it) raises all sorts of red flags to the equality-worshipping normies around him. They distrust him, his motives and intentions, because, first and foremost they are not equipped to understand what he is up to and why. How could they be?; from whence might the average normie have learned any of this? In the second place they distrust him because he is so much different than themselves; I mean to say that he conducts himself very much differently than his neighbors, who cannot but notice this, and who happen to believe something must be wrong since he conducts himself and his affairs radically differently than they and “normal people” do.

    There is an ever-present element out there who, when they see these “red flags” in one of their neighbors, feel compelled to get the authorities involved. They do so anonymously of course, and in the meantime they are acting as though they are indifferent to your worldview and traditionalist lifestyle. My point is simply this: one must be very vigilant in understanding the world we all live in and the people who surround him, and conduct himself accordingly. Homeschooling is a good example. Lots of people think it’s “weird” and that your kids can’t possibly be properly educated unless they go to the government schools. One thing is certain – they most certainly will get a good education in the government schools, but the kind of education they’ll get is not one most any traditionalist worth his salt can abide. Not at least for very long. As one of my grade-school teachers told me awhile back, “y’know, twenty-five years ago I would not have agreed with your homeschooling your kids, but now I support you in what you are doing.” My answer: “That is precisely why twenty-five years ago I didn’t listen to your advice; I knew you and others couldn’t see the handwriting on the wall then, but I could, and that is all that mattered to me with regard to my own family.”

    Bottom line: forming a group of white nationalists or whatever and showing up in force at Memphis to protest removal of a confederate monument (or whatever) might exacerbate the problem, but it is not the source of the problem by any means, and we would all do well to understand that first and foremost.

    1. Yes,very true.I did homeschool and I prayed alot for God’s protection from neighbors like that,etc.and I have been through some stuff myself.Sometimes it makes me want to be bolder though,lol.But thank you for your reply.It’s a difficult day.

      1. Thanks, Laurie. Just to be clear, my comment above was to the O.P., not a reply or any kind of advice I might offer to your query. Concerning which, I think you more or less answered your own question in a comment to a previous post when you said to “be careful” approaching blacks and the white trash who consort with them. I advise my kids to stay away from these people as much as it is in their power to do so. So, for example, I would simply advise them that going into what you refer to above as a “bad area” bearing a confederate bumper sticker on your car is not a good idea. But going into those areas is not a good idea in the first place, confederate bumper sticker notwithstanding, so there ya go. Incidentally, my 14 year-old son and I were in Wal-Mart a few weeks back purchasing birthday gifts for one of our other kids when a “family” of blacks (the mother and her daughter) happened down the aisle we were on. Per the usual they were loud and obnoxious, and just plain stupid. Pretty sure they were trying to provoke one of us to confront them about their in-your-face ghetto language and conduct, but we both simply ignored them until they finally went away. At which point I looked over at my son and jokingly said, “now, don’t you go all racist on me, man.” He replied: “I’m trying really hard not to, dad.” Hahahaha! I have explained to my kids that when I was their age something like that almost never happened in the same community. Why? Well, because 40 years ago those persons simply did not venture into white areas for the most part, and vice versa; most everyone knew where they belonged and didn’t belong, and pretty well confined themselves to those areas. Not so today, sadly.

  4. IMHO, we must begin to align ourselves politically. We are not now, nor will we ever be, represented by either of the two major parties. Therefore, I am presently looking to form a minor party, the Dixiana Party of Florida(DPF). We need four officers in order to register as a party with the Secretary of State. Requirements are for a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, although the latter two offices may be held by the same person. Once we are registered as a minor party, we can begin to register voters. Once our numbers reach the equivalent of 5% of registered voters in Florida we would become eligible to be a major party.

    I would appreciate any help or information that you might have to offer.


  5. This is a very good article and probably is the best explanation for why I do not engage in public activism like this. There are better ways of spreading awareness to the plight of our people without getting doxxed or having our livelihoods ruined. Usually does more harm than good. I would say that discretely putting out fliers that informative and reasonable and that display intelligent optics would perhaps be more productive.

    Deo Vindice.

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