A Time to Refocus

Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews, Jews… and more Jews.  STOP!  SHUT UP ABOUT THE JEWS!  It is time to stop obsessing over the Jews, it is time to start focusing on Southerners.

Let me begin by stating that I am not oblivious to who the Jews are or, for that matter, how they operate.  There is a reason that the world’s oldest gypsy class continues to find itself forced to move from country to country; at last count, one hundred and nine independent nation-states have extricated the Jews.  But the unhealthy fixation on Jews by Southern Nationalists does no one any good.  In fact, it is detrimental to the cause of Southern Independence and Freedom.

First, the preoccupation of anti-Jewish thought that permeates Southern Nationalist discourse detracts from our own faults.  It is easy to blame, it is harder to fix.  Far too often, it seems like every single thing that goes wrong in some individual’s life is the result of Jews.

Got a splinter? It was a Jew who sold the wood.  Milk is expired in the refrigerator? It was that damned Jewish grocer.  Caught a cold? The Jewish doctor failed to fix it.

The fact is, you are likely unsuccessful in life because you fail to self-assess and improve you.  A Jew is not keeping you from going to bed early, awakening early, and accomplishing throughout your day.  You chose to discard your deep-seated Anglo-Saxon principle of personal discipline and Protestant work ethic.   The fact is that you chose to walk away from the cultural predicates that made your people capable of achieving great heights, building enduring structures, and creating a once formidable empire.

Hymie Rosenstein is not forcing you to smoke pot or drink your face off in front of Netflix, that was your choice.  Sam Winkler is not forcing you to forgo reading a book, you chose some other endeavor that did less to improve you.  Harvey Goldberg did not make you get a tattoo on your face or neck, like some cheap Polynesian-wanna-be, denying you access to gainful employment.  You chose to act like a complete asshole because you saw an episode of “Vikings” on the History Channel.

Second, it is time to acknowledge that Jews are only doing what any alpha predator does: they tribe up and eliminate competitors.  That would mean you, goyim!  There was a time when Anglos, Franks, Gauls, Germans, Scandinavians, and Italians did the same thing.  Stop complaining about Jews and start doing what they do.  When we complain about Jews getting each other jobs, helping each other get into schools, or building powerful professional networks, we sound like contemptuous Negros complaining about Whites holding them down.  Stop!

Just like Whites do not hold down Blacks, Jews do not hold down Whites.  We are competitors.  Stop complaining and start competing.

The Jews, who now hold almost 35% of the student body of Harvard, literally conquered that once great institution of White Anglo Saxon Protestant learning.  Why did you let them? What will you do as they infiltrate Duke…University of Virginia…Vanderbilt…Rice…Tulane?  Serve them pastrami sandwiches from your dead-end job on High Street?

Rather than complaining about Jews, the superior alpha predator would ask, “How did that tiny little group of merchants grow to such influence and prominence?” Deconstruct their methods and – if you are truly a ‘master race’ – beat them at their own game.

Where are YOUR Yeshivas preparing your youth to compete academically?  Where are your cultural centers that ingrain Southern values in your youngest children?  Where are your versions of Beth Israel Hospitals? Where is your version of a Southern Professionals Network? Where are your versions of insulated communities that grow into regional fiefdoms, like those enjoyed by the Hasidim of the Catskill Mountains?

How many of your women have to pay for daycare because either the Southern father is an absentee dad or worse, both parents are working and no one in the Southern community is available to step up and help?  Where is the sense of community that Jews have?  Where is the sense of Southern ethnic comradery that Jews enjoy?

When a Jew finds out that another Jew needs a job, he immediately begins working the network, but he is also honest about the deficits of his fellow Jew in order to help him improve.   Far too often Southerners say, “I’ll pray for you.”  Whereas I certainly appreciate a prayer, that limited response displays a deficiency in this movement, we should be able to help each other.  Right now, we cannot.

Third, why do we surrender so easily to Jewish cultural influence?  Jews are not forcing our women to walk around in yoga pants.  Jews can sell lascivious pornographic fashion, but we are under no obligation to buy it.  What happened to the White Man who wore suits to work?  What happened to the White Woman who did her hair and make-up before she was seen by others?  What happened to holding open doors or pulling out a chair for a Southern lady?  Jews never forced us to accept degrading rags or forswear our genteel manners, we gave up.

Richmond, Virginia

Take it back.  Take it all back.  Retake Everything!

At an ID event, we met as a group in suits.  It was a warm day in a Deep South sun.  But every one of us wore a suit or, in the case of the ladies, wore dresses.  The compliments we received from normies were overwhelming.  We should do the same thing for our culture and our people as a whole, we should show our very best on all occasions.

Jews can only be Jewish.  They are doing what comes natural to Jews.  They have their own interests and those interests conflict with ours.  Complaining about them incessantly without doing something for our Southern People, however, is pointless.  Fuck the Jews!  Focus on your own.

Now is the time to build our own schools.  Now is the time to build our own legal networks.  Now is the time to build our own daycare centers.  Now is the time to build our own charities.  Now is the time to build our own professional networks.  Now is the time to build our own hospitals.  Now is the time to build our own political action committees.

Now is the time to build our own People.


  1. I agree with your broad point, but I also look at the problem you speak to a bit differently. My take (for what it’s worth) is that this obsession with the JP you describe is really just an over-correction on the part of White Nationalists, and a necessary one at that; something like (to give a shitty example, but bear with me) Jose Canseco biting his jersey in batting practice to eliminate the habit formed of throwing his head out during the swing. I agree that this (the over-correction) can become its own problem (its own kind of “obsession” as you call it) if not properly governed, which I think is what you are trying to do in this article, and I applaud you for that. Here is a lengthy VFR article that does a good job of explaining the JP and how to deal with it properly and from a balanced perspective on the question.:


  2. About sums it up. I’ve wanted to write something like this for a while. I swapped careers and now work in medicine. One thing that stands out every single day I’m at work is where in the hell are the white people? There have been times I’m the only white person on a shift. The jobs pay well so I don’t quite understand what has happened. I don’t want to waste my time trashing my co-workers but…. I can’t help what I see. Do people really want to go to hospitals and be treated by non-whites, many of whom literally lower your level of care? On the other hand, I see so many of our own kvetch about poverty, limited opportunity, etc. No, it’s out there and non-whites are taking full advantage. Why aren’t you?

    1. Absurd.Our people are cheated out of opportunity in so many ways.The Jews control our top colleges and keep us out.They use quotas to keep us out of deserved spots in all other colleges and jobs.There are 6 million with STEM degrees who are unemployed or underemployed yet the Jews flood us with foreign workers who have substandard qualifications.In the medical field we see dark skinned imbeciles brought in to be doctors and nurses whilst our young White men are purposely kept down.You sicken me when you blame Whites.Are you too stupid to see the huge effort to rob Whites and give everything to those who neither belong here nor meet our standards.Get your head out of your ass and start using your brain to see that we are under attack and we are 2nd class citizens in our own lands.

      1. Exactly! I don’t know where all this nonsense about there being some sort of “level playing field” comes from, but it is exactly that – nonsense. Not that I personally believe in the concept of establishing a “level playing field” to begin with; no, what I believe in is loving and supporting and defending my own people against their/our sworn and mortal enemies. I don’t apologize for that, not now, not ever. Meanwhile, one might just as well argue that 2% of the US population occupy 33% of SCOTUS seats (to say nothing of the federal courts in general) because, well, see, white people are fat and lazy and unintelligent by comparison. I’m sure Affirmative Action, quotas and “equality of outcomes” has nothing to do with anything. And Southern whites voted for all of that anyway. Right? Right! Well, in any case,…

        I certainly agree that white Southerners need to clean ourselves up and pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps, so to speak. That is precisely why my email address contains all of those elements – self-government (self-control, self-restraint), liberty (as opposed to license), independence (non-dependence on government; self-determination) – but I also understand why whites (Southern whites in particular) have become so deracinated and demoralized and have lost our way over the decades. The JP (I prefer JP to JQ, because it is a problem, not a question) is real. My personal approach to it is to inform those within my own circle of influence, and to encourage them to educate themselves on the problem, and to share that knowledge with others within their own spheres of influence independent of my own. As the Bible teaches us, each of us has his job to do; one plants, another waters, another pulls weeds and so on. It is God who gives the increase. Onward!

  3. Cannot disagree with you more. Perhaps I’m the only one able to be completely honest about this; but you are wrong.

    Not in your broad point, southreners should be proud and put your heart and soul into it; however, I’m currently doing research translating a Jewish history book, and I’m here to tell you, the south and Jews are inexorably linked with one another. I understand that some look at the jq as an albatross, but since ogelthorpes Georgia, Jews have had a strangle hold on politics in the south.

    If you research, your culture and your heritage has been covered up with and manipulated by Judaism.

    The attached link is just a temporal overview, but if you search the Jewish encylopedia and other sources; it becomes quite clear that my assertion is correct.


    Generally I wouldn’t say anything, but I really would like for you to flesh this out for yourselves. The lineage in your history is continuous. To this very day. Now as to tactics of addressing the jq, is entirely up to you. I’m only making this post to inform. I’m only part southrener, but if I was full blooded, I’d be pissed. And you should be.

    Contemplate an America where slavery came in went. Imagine a country wo brown v board. A world where all the false shame, hatred and bitterness was not consciously laid at the feet of the south and get back to me.

    Tell me then if you feel the same.


    1. Totally agree Bob.Some of these guys aren’t very bright.And judging by much of their vernacular they have absorbed Jewified-niggerized culture to the maximum.

      1. I think the ppl posting that stuff are spencer-ites muhself.

        200% ansolute cianiggatry

  4. Correct my fren. Focus on what you can do where you are at with what you have. Do push ups, sweep the floor, go for a walk in nature, grow a garden, get HAM radio license, find land to homestead, learn auto mechanics, etc. The enemy exists, yes, but dont stare at him neglecting thine own duties. Use the realization of jewish subversion to make yourself stronger and independent from his clutches. God uses them to keep us on our toes. Otherwise we get weak. Thanks jews lol

  5. Have to disagree Sir.In the past I might have blamed our youth,our people for allowing themselves to become entrapped in the vulgar evil that is the Jewish way.But now I clearly see that our youth could NOT have fought back when every single image and word from movies,media,tv,magazines,teachers,politicians,church leaders is total soul destroying Jew propaganda.How dare you fault the victim because it has not the super human strength to weather such an onslaught.It is the rare individual indeed who comes through with even a tiny understanding of how our people and culture were even 100 years ago.I opposed these things in my youth but even I felt like an outlaw,even I felt like I must be drawn to evil(i.e.my own White culture),even I felt like an outcast.I know understand that I was made to feel bad about what my soul knew was right and true.No human being can withstand such forces,even if those forces are a tiny minority manipulating the larger masses.The illusion is reality when it is enforced from childhood and all day every day.If ones parents says don’t date non-Whites then the powerful forces merely convince that it is your very own loving parents who are evil.We must focus on what has brought us race mixing and mass immigration and perverse lifestyles,NOT IGNORE THEM.What you suggest are not even half measures,and millions of our youth will be lost while you self-focus.I cannot disagree with you more and will avoid your future pieces because obviously you have a great deal of Jewish brainwashing to overcome.

  6. I have to agree with the other comments here. Endless hatred of Jews makes one a shallow person and political commentator, but ignoring them is not a solution. The issue with this article is that you blame the individuals for not standing up but our society is not unified enough to stand up to it. I don’t think any society could ever stand up to it forever, and Whites have finally cracked. Just because Whites failed to stand up to the onslaught does not mean our lack of will is the ultimate enemy. That was one thing they targeted first and for good reason.

  7. I had to write another comment after just reading a suspiciously similar article(both April 9th)telling us White men to “stop obsessing about Jews”.Is Identity Dixie not aware that the Israeli’s have full time units numbering in the hundreds who pose as angry White men and try to inject their poisonous propaganda?Apparently Padraig and Imperator are some such creatures,maybe the same creature with tow screennames.I don’t appreciate anyone telling me I can best help my race by hiding the truth about the very enemy who brought us so close to destruction.Fuck Padraig and fuck Imperator.How dare these con artists come here and try to stifle the truth.Only with the advent of the internet have the masses got half a chance at seeing who truly runs things(since the Jews have owned ABC,NBC,CBS,all movie companies,most magazines and newspapers).The premise in the article is absurd,forget about who causes your pain and struggle own while they use their vast stolen resources to brainwash your children beyond recognition.NO we can’t win against their wealth and control of ALL institutions by just concentrating on ourselves and wishing real hard.How fucking asinine.The schools are teaching your daughters to fuck niggers but hey don’t call out the Jews who brought us here instead go have tea with a few fellow White men and discuss meditation and clean living.I say screw Padraig and Imperator and the advice they KNOW is bullshit.What site allows such.

  8. This sounds great, but is it actually going to happen?

    Or are you trying to offer those of us who roll our eyes at you more bullshit about how you are finally going to stop?

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