A Southern Take on the Mueller Fizzle

In case you were in a cave with your fingers in your ears, or had your pink hat adorned head a foot up the bum of a Chinese communist, Robert Mueller delivered his findings to Congress and the Department of Justice this past weekend. There really is no better way to describe this event as a massive nothingburger. Of course, anyone who ever understood politics (sit down Alt-Right and Far Left…but I repeat myself) knew it was always going to turn out this way, but that doesn’t make the deliverance any less sweet.

I won’t mince words: for the last several months, Donald Trump has not been fun. He’s pivoted from the things that I, as a Southern Nationalist, supported. Namely a sharp curtailment of brown immigration, both legal and illegal. Of course, there is also the matter of his ability to destroy the peace and comity that binds this country together: simply put, there ain’t no one I have seen this side of John Brown capable of so dividing popular opinion in this country. I love his divisive rhetoric, because everything he does, whether it aids or harms me and the aim of Southern Independence in the short or medium terms, is a massive benefit in the long term. Boland Skrumpf helps people on both sides of the political divide see that there is no fixing this moribund entity known as the United States of America. As someone who thinks the Empire of Lincoln is long overdue to slide into the dustbin of history, any successes of this administration beyond this realm are against my interests. But my, oh my, have the past few days been fun. I feel like a slave driver in the mines of Carthage, there is so much salt to be had. *cracks whip* Cry harder, Vermonters!

My supposed allies can’t seem to get past their hang-ups regarding the men in funny little hats. Boohoo, Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital and the Golan Heights as Israeli territory. Israel claimed the former since 1947 and the latter since 1967. It was de facto truth and making it de jure reality is a meaningless concession to Israel. Crying of the Alt-Right aside, had any other Democrat or Republican been in office, the ardently pro-Christian Bashar al-Assad would have been buried in an unmarked, shallow grave and Southern boys would be prepping for an invasion of Iran. Another set of generational neocon wars. “bUt DoNaLd TrUmP iS a JeWiSh ToOl. Hurr durr.” I hate these people.

Those imbeciles aside, the fact that Mueller came up with absolutely nothing is an important victory, not just for Trump, but for Southern Nationalism. How? Hold your horses, son. I’m getting to it.

The benefits to the Yankee President should be obvious. The American Pravda, otherwise known as the media, have managed to hobble themselves in a way which boggles my mind. As I stated in the beginning of this piece, it should have been obvious that the narrative about Russia was little more than the fever dream of the most ardent Neo-Liberal Democratic party operatives. Operatives who managed to gaslight average Americans into believing that Mueller was to American Democracy what Christ is to the mortal soul. Except for, you know, the fact that the former is godless nonsense and the latter is the Way, the Truth, and the Light.

The palliative effect to civilized society that the self-immolation of the Communist media and the shadow government have committed cannot be overstated. As a reminder, this is not the first time that Marxist journalists and the Deep State have collaborated to subvert the will of the American people. That would be in 1973, when they conspired to undermine and destroy a president who won 49 states and would surrender his office without a fight. Because the media and the FBI enjoyed the confidence of the people.

Even had Mueller found something…or manufactured something like agents of the government did against Nixon…there would have been a substantial number of Americans who would not have believed it. No matter what the purported evidence said. The proof of that is in the reverse pudding. The reaction to Mueller failing to deliver the goods that the Left has been promising were on the way for the last two years has taken one of three forms, from my observer’s post:

  1. Mueller was never a big deal! SDNY (Southern District of New York) will get Drumpf!
  2. The Russians must have gotten to Mueller!
  3. mUeLlEr DiDn’T eXoNeRaTe TrUmP oN ObStRuCtIoN cHaRgEs. (He didn’t indict him either, but hey)

All are propaganda points trying to pivot from the fact that for two years the media not only predicted, but assured, that Mueller would bring down the President and did nothing of the sort. They have, in the estimation of this writer, fundamentally damaged their credibility in the eyes of independent voters. In conjunction with the clown car that is the Democrat nominee field, I honestly don’t see how Trump doesn’t win re-election next year. Which brings me to how this benefits the South.

I shouldn’t need tell any of you that the Republican Party has been about as useful to Dixie as a screen door on a submarine. The idea that they ever changed their positions is an utter farce. They have always been a tool of big business, and big business has always been the enemy of the white working class of the South, the only thing that has changed is who is buying their bullshit and pulling their levers. Were I of political age in 1964, with all apologies to George Wallace, I would have advocated for secession rather than attempt to carve out a minority status in the Democratic Party or try to be an actual conservative wing of the lickspittles of Yankee business that is the Republican Party. Trump is something different. He’s a Yank, but he at least occasionally stands up for the working man. Something we’ve not seen on the national stage since Wallace in 1972. Which can at least soften the burn of imperial politics as we veer toward a collapse of the centralized state.

I am a rare voice in this thing who understands just how Trump benefits that collapse, just how a Yankee can be used to benefit my own fever dream of a Free Dixie. Namely, by angering Northern liberals and emboldening Southern conservatives (take a look at all the heartbeat abortion bills or even the gun-law sanctuary counties in non-Southern states if you don’t believe me), Trump takes a butcher’s cleaver to the glue holding the Imperial Frankenstein together. It goes without saying that this is a far cry from the restoration of the Empire as certain ranch dressing guzzling sectors of the Dissident Right thought he would bring about. Thus, they get butthurt, don pink hats, and screech about gettin’ dem bags. Frustrated Marxists, the lot of them.

The paramount virtue of Donald Trump, as it applies to Southern Nationalism, is his ability to divide the people of our polyglot country.  It should go without saying that we here at Identity Dixie prefer a peaceable separation from our Yankee oppressors. As a man wiser than I said the accelerationists controlled the discussion in 1861, much to the detriment of the sons and daughters of the South, to the tune of a million killed and 154 years and counting as a subjected people. Armed confrontation must be the last resort, not the first. The left must strike first so that we retain legitimacy and rectitude in the eyes of third parties. Waiting sucks, sure, but I don’t think accelerationists understand quite what they’re advocating for. This isn’t Rome circa 475, when it’s all over but the shouting. It’s maybe 200. Septimius Severus, not Julius Nepos. Speeding things will do nothing except deliver us into a South African situation in which the people are not prepared to deal with the harsh reality of that position, much like our Saffer brothers and sisters in 1990.

Trump dynamites the foundation holding this rotten country together without even realizing he’s doing so. For once, boomer foolishness is benefiting the rest of us rather than dooming us all. An irony that YangGang is far too stupid to understand.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand why the Yankees of the Alt-Right are angry at Trump and have pivoted their support to a Chinaman. I mean, beyond the obvious reason that they were all not-so-secret Communists. The truth of it is that they believe in the idea of the Yankee Empire. They don’t support its present iteration, but their argument is essentially that they can do it better. They can do Yankee Imperialism in a way that works, just like they can do White Communism in a way that works. I’m going to have to pass on any future that involves congress with the Northerners that extends beyond the niceties one offers a neighboring state.

We here in the South, at least those of us in the know, never saw Trump for anything more than he is: a means to an end. A path to the freedom which has been denied to us since 1861. There is nothing that I would not support if it meant the sweet spring rain would fall on my face in a free Virginia. For the foreseeable future, that thing is Trump. Under no circumstance will that thing ever be a Yellow Neo-Liberal seeking to buy off the anger of White Southerners who have been destroyed by the machinations of Yankee politicians. I’m no Judas, 300,000 pieces of silver would not be enough to turn me.  The Alt-Right? All it takes, apparently, is 80% of a minimum wage. I am a Son of Dixie and I am not for sale, nor is any true Southerner.

Deo Vindice


  1. There is no doubt, at least to my mind, that the Russians at least attempted to subvert the US presidential election in 2016. How successful they were is another matter. When I read about how “shocked and outraged” – shocked and outraged, I tell ya! – that the Rah, rah Americans are about all of this, I literally just roll my eyes and go “you dipshits grow up and get a life; otherwise silence yourselves because you are nothing but an ignorant nuisance.” But I also know I am talking to the wind; Yankees are incapable of minding their own business, and wholly incapable of understanding their own stupidity. And Yankees currently rule the country, of course. When the ‘framers’ devised the “mode of election” of the US president way back when, this whole issue of foreign intrigue in our elections was a first principle of their settled “mode” for goodness sakes. My goodness, y’all, read a damn book! Americans (Yankees) have been infiltrating foreign governments and overthrowing them since at least the WBTS and Reconstruction. I mean, for goodness sakes, what the hell do you people think all of that nonsense about the modern US Navy being a “Global Force for good” was all about?

    1. We are not Yankees here, Mr Brit. But I’d also be careful about casting aspersions as to interfering with foreign political processes. Julius Malema of the South African EFF party is a wholly owned subsidiary of Teresa May and the Tories.

    2. God. That meme really is real. I spend countless words savaging the American government but some Eurotrash fuckwit pops off and all the sudden I’m feeling patriotic. lol.

      1. “Eurotrash Fuckwit”. Ha, ha. I like that one. I don’t take offense to it, brother. Apparently you’ve misunderstood me. So be it.

    3. Let me tell you a thing or two about military slogans (being as I am a military veteran and all that), slogans, organizational or otherwise are primarily meant to do a few things, 1) bolster the image of an organization and 2) improve morale.

      Don’t read to deep into them. Only suckers take them at face value. Trust me, I did at one time before I was ever actually in the military.

      The slogans do a damn good job of what they are intended to do which is recruit and create esprit de corps.

      Analyze the actions of an organization before passing judgement.

      The few, the proud…

      Army strong…..

      Global force for good….

      It’s all the same.

      That being said Americans are not the only ones who interfere in foreign politics. Everyone does it in fact. The difference is it’s easy to ignore everyone else in the room and pick on the big guy instead which in this case is America.

      You want to talk about political interference? Take a look at what the Chinese do, the Iranians, the Israeli’s, etc. Everyone actively or passively tries to subvert and influence others for their own ends. This is how global politics works. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar and never to be trusted. If you think otherwise you’re ignorant as to how the world works behind all the smoke and mirrors.

      1. Hey, you guys will just have to forgive me for not rah-rahing ‘Murica every time I turn around. I’m a U.S. military veteran, an “honor graduate,” blah blah. So what? I note that the likes of John McCain et al have (or had) some of the same distinctives bestowed upon them. Granted, I wasn’t a veteran of (the first) Iraq war, but I got a ribbon for it nonetheless, so there ya go.

        You’re preaching to the choir, in essence. My main point above was that “everybody,” meaning every influential country, does it. This is not something that is “new” or that any of us ought to be ‘shocked’ by. Like I said, the whole ‘mode of election’ of the U.S. president was originally designed, in light of the rest of the Constitution, of course, to make the influence of foreign intrigue as minimal as possible. Read (or, rather, study) the Federalist Papers, you’ll see what I mean.

      1. Ha! ‘Muricans can’t be commies; you ought to know better’n that.

  2. I simply cannot hit the like button enough times on this article. I have found that extremists on both sides fail to grasp that politics is a chess game, not checkers. If you do not play it as such you will lose every single time. My assessment is balkanization is the most likely outcome at the current rate. Why stand in the way of that?

    If you’ve studied the reconstruction era, the rebuilding of Europe after WW2, etc, you would know how long and damaging the consequences of armed conflict span. The decades it would take to rebuild along with the loss of life involved would be so unfathomable to the modern person I won’t even go into detail here about it.

    We already have limited numbers with the whole issue I highlighted in my elephant in the room article. We need to employ some strategy here if we desire to achieve our dream.

    The only people who want war are ones who’ve never been in one. I’m a GWOT vet and let me say this, you have no idea not matter how much you think you do, how bad war is.

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