A Southern Man Don’t Need Them Around Anyhow

It’s an ages old struggle, that which we call class warfare. One need look no further than pharaonic Egypt to find historical context to support the fact that men have always stratified themselves into hierarchies in order to benefit societies as a whole. Even before the invention of the wheel, Egyptian farmers would donate their idle time between harvest and flood seasons to the state in order to build their king his pyramids and monuments.

Why would men of agency and free will submit themselves to a king, a state, a corporation, a feudal system, a military empire, or any other form of hierarchy? Why did those Egyptian farmers toil to build the Pharaoh his pyramid in exchange for nothing more than grain and beer?

The answer is security. Classes stratify over time as a means of institutional management, as a means of establishing cooperation among men for the benefit of all. And, for all of the profound intellectual exchange of ideas that have occurred in the dissident right over the last few years, I find it stunning that so many people, who speak in terms of “alphas” and “betas,” have energetically embraced a meme (YangGang) that so clearly reduces the individual to less-than-beta serfdom. (inb4 just a meme, bro)

I criticize the failings of corporate capitalism just as earnestly as anyone, but I cannot deny that at least on economic terms, it is the one system that succeeded in creating a massive prosperous working and middle class in the West, and that this working and middle class has experienced more economic freedom than any other proletariat or bourgeois classes in history.

I have always had right-leaning beliefs which, at their core, are grounded in my opposition to a growing welfare class. I firmly believe that every man should be compelled to experience the dignity of working for our own daily bread. After all, no creature in nature survives without providing for its own survival (be it through individual or cooperative means).

Even in hive-oriented insect habitats, every individual must work and play a role to support the colony. The only insects in the hive that do not have laborious tasks are the queen and her drones, but their roles are just as critical to the survival of the hive as the worker bee. When any one of these roles begins to break down, the entire colony is threatened. The same goes for pack animals like wolves and coyotes. While there is clear evidence that canines care for their elderly and weak, the role of the alpha in the pack is to lead the hunt and make sure the capable members of the pack pull their weight.

There is no “UBI” (Universal Basic Income) in nature. It is eat or be eaten. Survival of the fittest. Only in times of plenty, those times where men grow fat, lazy, and degenerate, can such a concept take root. It is clearly the manifestation of the Africanization of the European man, for it is only the Negro (whose ancestors lived in fertile abundance in hunter/gatherer tribes in warm climates) who would so happily submit himself to bondage in exchange for “gibsmedat.”

In the early-to-mid 2010’s, I began to gravitate to a burgeoning online movement calling itself the “Alt-Right.” I was sensing a rapid decline in Western values and economic prosperity in the wake of the Great Recession of 2008. I was sensing a rise in racial animus brought on by what seemed to be an impending collapse. I learned a great deal which expanded and opened my mind, and it is clear that I will never again view the issues of proximity and diversity through my former blue-pilled lens. However, as it grows more and more apparent by the day that our populist POTUS Donald Trump has given up and given in, I refuse to retreat into nihilism and wiggerdom.

The struggles of class warfare are not going away, and neither are racial struggles. They will only get worse, only compound, as Weimerica drags us into the future kicking and screaming. But what they CANNOT take from me is my dignity. I am only a slave if I go willingly and totally submit my life to servitude in exchange for breadcrumbs. A man chooses; a slave obeys.

Things are falling apart here in Clown World. That much is clear. But, I do not have to engage the culture that is being forced upon me. I am free in spirit, even if the only sanctuary I find is in my own thoughts. And look, I’m certain that Orwell’s warnings will eventually come to pass on that front as well. Computer chips will, one day in the future, be implanted in our brains. I promise you this, that will have to be the day when everything is lost, because I will only become part of the Borg when they’ve sucked the last bit of fight out of me.

Until then, I work for my keep, with dignity, and afford myself the economic security that my own spine provides me. Never a willing slave. Never.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. Better to die for something than live for nothing. So long as I have a breath in me I will continue to resist. I will not become part of this unholy collective which spurns what made the west so strong for many generations. I will not let my sacrifices go in vain nor the legacy of countless ancestors from all over who came before me. No one can take your freedom so long as you refuse to let it go.

    Keep your powder dry and your bible close.

    Deo Vindice

  2. UBI–yeah why not–there’s of plenty of UBI going way back 60 or more years? I’ll take the check and go right on being an Alpha and a fighter. This doesn’t mean you support them; you are just hunting and this happened to show up–shoot it for dinner. It’s time to stop thinking this is our country and start protecting oneself and family and if ZOG is willy-nilly tossing resources hither and yon, might as well grab them and put them to good use. Give them as little possible. And grab their stupid money when ever you can. This doesn’t mean you are a slave or lack dignity. It means you are a fighter.

    1. My people like catfish. I like it OK, but not as much as many of them do. They stock their freezers to overflowing with it, year-in and year-out. I personally like to fish for sport as much as the next fella, but I also prefer to eat scaly fish like crappie or bass over catfish any day of the week. None of us has any use for the scum-sucking carp, if you know what I mean. We all understand that in His wisdom God put them here as a vital component in the economy of nature, and we’re perfectly content to leave it at that and let them do what they are intended to do. Likewise with hunting and harvesting game for our own consumption. If a nice sow comes along while I’m deer hunting, I might or might not go ahead and take her; if an ornery boar comes along rooting everything in sight as he’s wont to do, I’m liable to shoot him and leave him lay – buzzards gotta eat like everyone else.

    1. Ha! I don’t even concern myself with this Yang dude, nor his “gang.” If some who *think* they are on the dissident right support him, then so be it. They’ll figure out, before all is said and done, that anyone (*anyone*) vying for high political office in the ‘good ol’ US of A’ is their mortal enemy, or not. If not, then God help them.

    1. I feel certain that he’s serious, which is unfortunate. I kinda feared like the “movement” was heading in this direction once Trump started placating to his critics and attackers. Communism for white people. No thank you.
      It’s really a shame that an umbrella of social concerns has devolved into economics debates. What a waste.

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