A Pragmatic Look at Education and the Dissident Right

The subject of higher education is a touchy one for many in the Alt-Right. There are multiple factors at play here, not least of which springs from the reality that there are many of us who are high IQ and have degrees (multiple in some cases) that did not get out of those pieces of paper what the educational industrial complex promised we’d receive in exchange for four years of work and many thousands of borrowed dollars. There’s a sense that we were cheated and that causes many to rail against the institution of education as a whole.

While there are certainly valid gripes one can have against the system, to completely abandon it is as foolhardy as buying into the meme that a degree is the only path to success.

The fact of the matter is that there are too many people going to college at present in the United States. 2017 data indicates that 34.7% of females and 33.7% of males had a bachelor’s degree. At a time when costs are higher than ever, supply has boomed, leading to a marked decline in the bang one receives for the buck. Compare to when der ewige boomer was college age in the late 60’s and early 70’s, the statistical percentage of degree holders has more than tripled. A hair over 10% of Americans, 22 million and change, had a college degree in the early 70’s. More than 100 million have one now. Had the rate remained constant, adjusting for population increase, we’d expect around 35 million degree holders today. In 1970, costs were low and value on investment was high. In THE CURRENT YEAR, the reverse is true.

The college as vital necessity meme grew into its present leviathan for many reasons, almost all of them stemming from the Jewish influence in our country, which is another reason /our guys and gals/ have a propensity to throw up their hands and say fuck this (((shit))). But what are these factors, exactly?

The Banks

The benefits of the educational industrial complex to the banking conglomerates are obvious. The government fronts the misguided idea that all who want to go to college should be able to. Some people, though not as many as before, are able to finance a college degree in the same way as in the old days: through their parents or through scholarship. Gone are the days when a summer job as a lifeguard could pay an entire year’s tuition. The rest of Americans go to school through a pyramid scheme of debt financing. The government writes the college a blank check, giving the latter no impetus to keep costs down. At my own alma mater, prices have almost doubled in the 10 years since I graduated. The utility of the degree has not doubled, of course. To say it has been halved might be generous toward the recipient. In economics speak, the price information has been nuked from orbit. The market value of the item no longer determines its cost due to state interference in financing.

In typical slimy banker fashion, they fuck you coming and going. Not only are you on the hook for the loan for life (college debt is the only kind which cannot be discharged in a bankruptcy declaration), with so many loans being passed out willy nilly, your competition for the jobs which require degrees is higher than ever. Thus, we see ostensibly credentialed individuals working at Starbucks slinging joe (more on that later) or in the streets wearing a mask and slinging poo at alt-righters/normie Trump fans.

Supply is high which creates a buyer’s market for employers. This in turn forces educational inflation, which further benefits the banks. Our grandparents could get a Good Job™ (using the definitions of Globohomo, Inc…i.e. white-collar office work) with a high school diploma. Then when everyone started getting a diploma around the time our parents were graduating high school, Good Jobs™ were to be had by those with a college degree. By the time it was my turn, these could be secured with a BA/BS only if one attended one of the “elite” institutions. Now, it is almost impossible to get a Good Job™ without some kind of post-secondary degree. These degrees must be paid for somehow, and again Schlomo gets to rub his hands together and count the shekels. The pyramid of debt climbs higher.

The commies aren’t wrong that the banks are messing up college education in this country, but as is typical of Marxists, they only see half the problem. It is a combination of bad government policy and big bank greed that create a situation where out of state tuition at a Virginia university is over 45,000 per annum not including room and board, where in the mid aughts it was 27,000. Private universities have similarly exploded in costs, so let’s not go nuts and say this is a problem because we have public education. I’m looking at you, libertarians. Sip your Mountain Dew and let me finish.

The Culture

I don’t have to tell anyone reading this that our culture is beyond broken. And a big piece of that, as it relates to the purpose of this article, is the denigration of the working man. We are taught by our overlords that anyone who works with his hands is somehow less than. The only way for a civilized person to earn a living is with a college degree, so goeth the narrative.

Before my awakening, when I used to hang out in meat space with normie-bugs, I recall many times when under-employed degree holders (baristas, wait-staff, etc) would talk derisively of tradesmen and their lack of an over-priced piece of paper from a university.  Never mind that those tradesmen had minimal debt and a much higher salary than any of us did. I could only sip my drink in disbelief, because I had grown up around those men all my life. They weren’t less than me because they didn’t go to university. An early sign I was not meant for Bugdom.

That’s not a knock on people who work those wait-staff jobs, mind you. I don’t want y’all to think I’m doing what I’m ripping the bugmen for doing. But when you have $160,000+ in college debt and you’re waiting tables, something is amiss.

The narrative is so ingrained that even though it should be obvious that what we are told is wrong that people with mountains of debt and minimal job prospects moving forward despite that piece of paper will sit there and cast aspersions on people who have none of the former and plenty of the latter. WE ARE BETTER THAN YOU, PLUMBER, *haughty French laughter*. This is an inversion of traditional society, of course, when tradesmen and farmers were valued and those who counted shekels (goy or otherwise) for a living were viewed as less than. Even rich merchants and bankers were looked down upon by cash poor, land rich nobility and guildsmen. They could never be part of high society. What they did was dirty, and the corruption spread to their person and their soul. Sound familiar? Our enemies know how to hold a grudge.

There is a subsidiary aspect of the cultural rot surrounding education that feeds into the banking and under-employment issues: there is an excess of academic freedom and an utter denial of real world considerations. When I say freedom, I do not mean freedom of thought or conscience. Our beliefs are not welcome on campus, ask any college students in our ranks who have been doxxed. What I mean is that gone is the traditional curriculum and regimented course of study. Study what you want! Follow your heart! Do what makes you happy! Feminist dance theory? Intersectionality of homosexuality and feminism in medieval French poetry? It’s all good, here’s the money, goyim! Never mind that aside from getting a job instructing future idiots in these banal fields, one has no job prospects outside of the aforementioned low wage jobs which have nothing to do with the piece of paper on one’s wall. This “freedom” is a shackle in the form of permanent debt slavery. Pursue these esoteric and, frankly, useless degrees and you will spend the rest of your natural life servicing your debt. Your ability to have a family will be severely impaired and you will likely die alone in a studio apartment surrounded by cats who will then eat your corpse until your bloated body is discovered. Of course, this is what the culture of critique taught you to value, so you’ve done well. Good goy.


In the STEM fields, the capacity for pozz is rather low. The answer is the answer and there is no wedge room for Marxist theory to be inserted in an equation for the structural integrity of a bridge. It is for this reason, beyond the banking aspect, that the “do what makes you happy” bullshit gets pushed upon our people. Study what’s useful and you will pay off your debts, make a good living, have a family, and all the other things that our overlords do not want white people to do. Same as you would if you eschew the collegiate path and went into a trade. But if you the chart the course which isn’t useful, you will be blasted with Marxist retcon and anti-white invective from the time you sit down in history 101 to the time you write your thesis on how the worst thing that happened to humanity was Charles Martel defeating the Moors at Tours in 732. Or was that the Moops?

This wave of people coming from the social sciences, literature, gender studies, and all the other “disciplines” which can be conquered by Marxists who hate whites, be they Jews or Shabbos Goyim, allows for the Left to display its purported superiority. Look at how many of us have degrees! We all support social justice and economic justice, and all the other things. You right wing troglodytes don’t have degrees! You’re WORKING MEN. You must be stupider than us. Allow us to lead your benighted souls into gay space communism utopia. I’m sure every one of you has met the type. Or if you haven’t, I truly envy you.

Of course, these intelligent people have an ideology which is entirely based on pathos and they couldn’t think their way out of a paper bag. Everything that happens in the world is couched in terms of how it makes them feel. Everything that should be done is an emotional response to the world that is. Something is worth doing because it makes me happy. Something is not worth doing because it makes me sad. If someone presents demonstrable facts that disagree with my feelings or says mean things, that makes me angry. Those in the throes of emotion are easily moved, no matter what their IQ score is. I know some very “book smart” people who honestly believe in this Far Left crap. I used to be one of them. The indoctrination effect is real, and it is powerful. It is also very difficult to break away from.

The Response

The response from the Dissident Right to these factors and what the response ought to be are, I believe, at odds with one another. Clearly, a reactionary push is required, but too many in our circles carry this to an extreme which is counterproductive. To put it another way, if everyone got a trade rather than a degree, the tradesman’s life would be less economically viable and we would have completely ceded the world of influence to our enemies. And, let’s not underestimate Schlomo. He’d find a way to take over what is essentially a holdover from the guild system and require his pound of flesh to advance up the trade ladder. You need a new certification to move from apprentice to journeyman, goy. From journeyman to master, goy.

Furthermore, we simply cannot afford to punt on law, medicine, engineering, mathematics, nor even the social sciences. It is tough sledding, to be sure. Only the heartiest could go into that swamp and make it out while holding onto the proper belief structure. Our enemies control the playing field. But, not playing at all is self-sabotage. Since most of us are already adults, the question is more about our children than about ourselves. Should all of them go to college? Absolutely not. Should none of them go to college? Absolutely not. Those with the desire amongst us should, and with firm parental guidance can maintain the right path, even if that takes them to a professorial chair on pozz mountain.

In a similar vein, women are more apt to take the frou-frou courses and devolve into green haired, cat loving, loose landwhales. Therefore, no women should go to college, speaketh the Dissident Right. Absolutes are dangerous (damn you, George Lucas). We need to be careful about damaging ourselves in the world that is for the sake of the world as we wish it to be. We want a society where a woman’s primary motivation is to be a wife and mother. But the reality is that that is a difficult thing to accomplish in our world, even among those rightly oriented. There are many women in this movement who know the right path but must work because of financial considerations. It is a reality that can and must be changed, but that cannot be done from the margins.

This is something the libertarians never could get a handle on and we cannot repeat that error. Just because we don’t think the world should be X doesn’t mean it isn’t X. No amount of denial or retreat from X makes X any less the reality. We must fight on the battlefield as it exists. To fight in the abstract is to fail. Should all of our daughters go to college? No. That is the present narrative. But to swing the pendulum to the other extreme would be foolhardy. Saying the system is broken and should be fixed can gain adherents. Saying it should be smashed leaves us on the outside looking in. Low time preference worked for our enemies. It can work for us. High time preference leaves you standing on the cuck box.

I do not and cannot endorse accelerationism. When and if the road war comes (in Minecraft), we must be ready, but moving to that point faster than is natural makes us more likely to lose. So, until that time, we must live in the world that is. Some of us must subtly infiltrate and influence society back toward its proper moorings. Others must acquire hands on skills and useful trades. Still others must study the art of war. A proper society is about balance, not extremes. Our current society is horribly imbalanced and that is why we all suffer. Even those not rightly oriented feel the malevolent effects of clown world. One need look no further than the financial ledger of Pfizer to prove that. But shifting the balance to the other pole would not solve things. It would just create a new set of problems to be solved later. Apply the third way in all things and we can win.

I’d be remiss if after all this I did not proffer at least one common sense way that we can work toward righting this system beyond mere existential analysis. It is something I touched on toward the beginning of the piece, and it relates to the discharging of debt. All forms of debt, save college loans, can be wiped clean in a bankruptcy proceeding. Allowing this to be done would represent a multifaceted attack on our Hebraic enemies.

The banks would take a walloping from all the discharged debt. Tough shit, they’ve been leeching off us for years. Call it a market correction. This, in turn, would cause them to do due diligence when considering a college loan in the future. You want to study engineering? Great, here’s your loan. Women’s studies? WOMP WOMP. The fields which are lousy with Marxists would suffer, as only parlor Marxists with rich daddies could afford to study those things. Lower demand for services would cause increased competition in price: sanity would return to the field of higher education and with it, realistic price information. Fewer degree holders would increase the value of the paper.

Banker influence? Checked. Marxist influence? Checked. Cost of degrees? Lowered. Value of the degree? raised. It’s a win win win win for our people.

Carry that one forth into meat space. It’s normie friendly and you’d be hard pressed to find a rational person who could find fault with it, left or right.

Deo Vindice

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  1. Excellent article. I have a point about the last part of your article, regarding the college debt. Theoretically someone could pay off their student loans with another loan and then default on that loan, even a cash advance from a credit card, for example.

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