A Pitiful Excuse: The Failure of Thomas Cullen

A week ago, the Roanoke Times posted an editorial by Thomas Cullen, the relatively new US Attorney for the Western District of Virginia.  In that opinion piece, and entitled accordingly, Cullen made the assertion that “Hate Crimes are on the rise.” It was irresponsible.  Not only is the piece factually incorrect, it further betrays systemic biases held by the US Attorney and his office which will have a direct impact on the fair and equal application of justice.  Thomas Cullen is under no obligation to embrace White Nationalism; he has a professional obligation to allow the law and evidence to guide his judgement.

His irresponsible editorial fails on both counts – factual and ethical – and thus proves Mr. Cullen is incapable of serving in his current role.

First, let me address my own biases – a capacity that Thomas Cullen lacks.  I find the very concept of regulating anything as a “hate crime” abhorrent.  No one can or should attempt to regulate “hate.” Why? Because “hate” has such an amorphous definition due to being an emotion.  One man’s hate is often another man’s love.  Attempting to regulate a subjective emotion is impossible and lends itself to manipulation by political opportunists like Cullen.  Worse, it provides a tool that can be wielded irresponsibly by parties who seek to achieve alternative objectives.  For example, the SPLC’s “Hate Watch” lists Catholic nuns who oppose birth control and gay marriage on religious grounds among its hate groups, because the SPLC pushes both as part of its broader leftist agenda.

People like Thomas Cullen make it possible for groups to violate the fundamental freedom of personal conscience on the dubious notion that he and his elite peers in government service are better arbiters of emotional constructs than you, the individual.

All of this has led to a systematic weaponization of a noun, hate, by making it a verb with criminal penalties associated.  Of course, since that verb is subject to the Left’s own interpretation of hate, the application of law becomes muddied.  Black Nationalism, the Left will argue, is simply an outgrowth of anti-racism and Black Pride and thus, not hate.  White Nationalism, that same Left will argue, is a sinister attempt to exclude “others” (i.e., non-Whites) from the benefits of a White dominated and constructed society, and is therefore hate.  Heaven forbid if the government were to describe a White Nationalist more accurately as a White person who wishes to marry his own, enjoy the benefits of his racial lineage, celebrate his European heritage, and otherwise live a peaceful, prosperous but separate existence from those who are not like him.

That latter definition hardly reaches the definition of “hate” by any textbook definition of the word. But, people like Thomas Cullen and his leftwing allies will make it so.  Thomas Cullen will tell you that the latter is evil and in so advocating a position of “White Nationalism,” the peaceful separatist is likely committing a crime.  Worse, what if the actions of that thought criminal resulted in violence, not initiated by the White Nationalist, but perpetrated against the White Nationalist?  In Cullen’s twisted mind, the White Nationalist has committed the initial violence – his thoughts being inappropriate for modern sensibilities – and therefore, if the White Nationalist is attacked while attempting to exercise his Constitutional Rights to Freedoms of Assembly and Speech, he not only deserves the violence exacted upon him, but is guilty of a crime should he choose defend himself.  After all, Cullen has made it clear that he believes such a defense is actually the result of violence provoked by the individual upon himself.

You can see Cullen’s bias on full display.  Quoting from US Attorney Cullen’s extraordinarily reckless editorial in the Roanoke Times, “…Virginia, too, has experienced extremist violence. In August 2017, several hundred people — mainly young white men heavily influenced by white-nationalist propaganda — converged on Charlottesville… The following day, some of these Unite the Right enthusiasts attacked and injured counter-protesters in Charlottesville….”

Clearly, Cullen’s political biases have blinded him to reality.  Regardless of whether you agree with the White Nationalist message or not, the fact is that a group of attendees and speakers had a Court-ordered right to attend a rally at Lee Park in Charlottesville, Virginia.  They attended that rally with the expectation that their First Amendment Rights would be protected by the state and city law enforcement entities that are supposed to uphold such a right.  After multiple, nationwide incidents in which leftwing extremists violently assaulted individuals from the political Right – regardless of spectrum – it was only natural that these rightwing attendees would arrive armed to defend themselves against such extreme violence perpetrated by the Left.  True to form, the Left attacked the attendees – NOT the other way around.  Furthermore, we know that the same law enforcement purposely stood down from defending the rally attendees’ right to freedoms of assembly and speech.

Be honest: if the political Right arrived in 13th Century battle armor with swords, shields, and crossbows, would there have been any cause for violence if they were allowed to enter the park peacefully, listen to their speeches, and walk away peacefully? Of course not!

The dispassionate observer can watch any video from any angle of that day and see that the first punch was thrown by a leftist… the first stones were thrown by a leftist… the acid balloons and feces were thrown by leftists… the violence was initiated by leftists.  Cullen and his ilk are far too blinded by their political ambitions and biases to take the politically unpopular position of neutral and fair executors of law and justice.  That makes Thomas Cullen an extremely dangerous person – because he is not just prejudiced in his opinions but he has the power to act upon those prejudices with unjust impunity.

But, what makes Cullen’s piece so odious is not his overt pandering, but the fact that he uses his platform to perpetuate a myth.  It is true that hate crimes are on the rise, but US Attorney Cullen uses a slight of hand to appeal to his professional victim clientele.  Cullen blames Whites and White Nationalist propaganda for the rise in hate crimes.  The fact is, per the very same Department of Justice with which Cullen coordinates, a very different picture on hate crimes emerge.

The largest group of Hate Crime perpetrators?  Hispanics.

The fastest growing perpetrators of Hate Crimes? Hispanics.  In fact, the proportional percentage of hate crimes committed by non-Hispanic Whites has FALLEN dramatically![1] Hate crimes initiated by non-Hispanic Whites have gone from approximately 28% (2013) to 12% in the past five years.[2]

Meanwhile, Black on White hate crimes remain disproportionately high.  On average, Blacks commit approximately 20 – 25% of all hate crimes.  In 2017, Blacks committed 21.3% of all hate crimes.[3] It would be tempting to say that these crimes are double the proportional representation of Blacks in the United States, a demographic that is approximately 12.6% of the population per the 2010 Census and dropping.[4] But, that would fail to account for the fact that males overwhelmingly commit more crimes than females – at a factor of nearly 9 to 1 across all demographic profiles.  Thus, Black males, who account for only 6.2% of the population per the aforementioned statistics, are committing hate crimes at nearly four times their proportional representation in the United States versus White males who, if we assign similar gender crime ratios of 9 to 1, are committing hate crimes at about one-third of their proportional representation.

Statistically speaking, the most likely person to commit a hate crime in the US is a Hispanic Male, followed by a Black Male.  White Males, of the three cohorts, are the LEAST likely to engage in a hate crime and disproportionately more likely to be attacked by a Black Male than a Black Male is to be attacked by a White Male.

And, not all hate crimes are created equal…

Diving into the same statistics on hate crimes previously referenced, we see a different pattern of hate crime.  White Male hate crimes are generally in the form of property crime.  Black Male hate crimes are generally in the form of violence, manifesting in three categories: assault, rape, or murder.

In other words, while Johnny Whitebread is spray painting swastikas on the local synagogue, Tyrone Blackey is raping a White Woman because she is White.

Now, how about those synagogues?  Well, it turns out our Jewish buddies at the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) used some statistically misleading information to record a “near 60% increase in the number” of anti-Semitic attacks in the United States post-Donald Trump.  From their own report:

“Incidents [of antisemitism] are defined as vandalism of homes/businesses/public areas, or harassment or assault on individuals or groups, where either 1) circumstances indicate anti-Jewish animus on the part of the perpetrator or 2) the incidents result in Jews perceiving themselves as being victimized due to their Jewish identity. Any vandalism against Jewish religious institutions or cemeteries is also included.”

In other words, if US Attorney Thomas Cullen set aside his political biases and actually read the ADL report, he would know that it would never pass the threshold of any meaningful statistical significance.  First, it includes incidents in which the victim perceived they were under attack for being Jewish (without any evidence that it was) or incidents in which no bigoted animus was known to exist at all – such as a dumb drunk peeing on the side of a temple because it was closer than the Roman Catholic church.  Second, some of the incidents included in the report included basic wear and tear issues (such as, siding falling off or chipped paint), to include some instances in which the reporting body or rabbi attempted to use hate crime reports to get routine  maintenance paid through insurance money.

Tsk, tsk, those crafty fellows at the ADL…

Of course, making such scurrilous accusations against White Nationalists, the Alt-Right, or Southern Nationalists by the eternally dishonest mainstream media is one thing.  But Thomas Cullen is an officer of the court, a prosecutor with immense authority and power, who has a civic responsibility to be truthful to the citizenry and uphold the law.  Thomas Cullen can do neither.  He proved he is incapable of telling the truth by the misleading editorial he dared to post in the Roanoke Times.  His internal biases toward peaceful expressions of White Identity and/or Southern Nationalism make him dangerously worse.  This is a man that cannot be trusted with the execution of justice and the application of law.  Cullen is a man with an agenda, one in which he will lie to achieve those goals at the expense of your freedoms.

Thomas Cullen, a Trump appointee nominated at the suggestion of Virginia Democrat Senators Warner and Kaine, is just one example of the bias that exists throughout the Federal Government.  It is important to remember there are thousands like him out there – willing to build a case on lies to deprive you of your liberties.  Remember this man and his army of professional liars.

The Federal Government is not your friend.

Additional Citations Noted

[1] FBI statistics on Hate Crime Offender statistics from 2010 – 2017:  https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime

[2] FBI data cited above.  NOTE:  the FBI records ethnicity – Hispanic v non-Hispanic – as a separate sub category from race.  Whites typically commit about 50% of hate crimes, but of that 50% only 25% are non-Hispanic Whites as of 2017 – or 12% of total Hate Crimes https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime/2017/topic-pages/offenders

[3] FBI Data for 2017 https://ucr.fbi.gov/hate-crime/2017/topic-pages/offenders

[4] US Census Bureau, 2010 is based on the last census year.  The last year of estimates with complete data is 2016:  https://www.census.gov/data/tables/2016/demo/race/ppl-bc16.html


  1. Hear, Hear! to everything you wrote.

    Anyone who doesn’t see the far greater propensity of blacks and Hispanics to commit violent crimes than whites is either blind, or a damn moron, or both. Meanwhile, often when Johnny Whitebread is being accused of painting that swastika on the door of the Jewish synagogue or turning over head stones in a Jewish cemetery, it turns out it was actually Abram Ashkenazi who did the deed to revitalize awareness that “anti-semitism” among whites is perpetually on the verge of erupting into another “holocaust.”

  2. Submit this to the Roanoke Times as a rebuttal and any small town papers in the area. It probably won’t get published, but it might.

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