5 Bold Southern Nationalist Predictions for the Summer of 2019

The hot-as-the-surface-of-the-sun weather is nearly upon us here in Dixie. With the changing of the seasons (and hopefully a refreshing mint julep in hand to keep you cool) we look forward to what might actually happen here in our sunny homeland this summer. We asked our resident experts for a few big, bold predictions and after exhausting effort we narrowed the list down to our top 5. Here they are!

Gator Time

5.  A cold-blooded gator on a mission from God is going to make a snack out of a curious and foolish Northern vacationer or transplant. It has happened before and it is going to happen again. I can just see a vacationing New Yorker venturing too close to the water hazard on one of our numerous beautiful golf courses and being grabbed and tugged down into the murky depths of the pond. I can also see a young, drunk Minnesota boy trying to impress his friends by daring to get close to one of our prehistoric survivors – and losing a limb for his trouble. Or, perhaps a Bostonian fishing on a lake will have his boat tipped over by a monster gator and be drowned by the beast before his remains are carried off to feed little baby gators. It is even possible that an alligator will crawl up to the front door of a Snowbird, ring the doorbell and wait for dinner to be delivered. Yep, that happens in Dixie. It could happen again. It probably will, especially as more swamps and woods are destroyed to make room for more condos for Northern transplants and trailor parks for Mexicans. And, chances are that when it does happen it will be recorded and put on YouTube for all of us to watch.

You in the wrong neighborhood, Yankee.

Disintegration Continues

4. The on-going war over abortion will further align the God-fearing Southern people who oppose the mass murder of babies with the decent moral people of the Midwest. This alliance for life will be fiercely opposed by the federation for death and dismemberment composed of New England, Colorado, the Left Coast and other random awful States despised by decent people. Expect this political and cultural war to heat up as more States take a stand on a red hot issue that divides the American Empire like none other. Thanks to Jean M. for this prediction!

Me Too, Virginia

3. With the leadership of Virginia’s Democratic Party all involved in major scandals, we predict that Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax will be taken down by the #metoo movement. The party recently turned down a large donation from Fairfax, who has been dogged by charges of sexual assault from different women. Fairfax is the second Black person to be elected to Statewide office in Virginia. He was a staffer for disgraced former Senator and presidenial candidate John Edwards, who fathered a baby with another woman while his wife was dying of cancer. Fairfax has already admitted to a sexual encounter with one of his #metoo accusers. He is increasingly isolated from his own party. Grab some popcorn and get a comfortable spot on the couch as this former darling of the anti-White Left goes down in flames this summer. Thanks to Silas R. for this prediction!

Chickens With Their Heads Cut Off

2. As climate hysteria spreads, we predict that several more American public figures will declare that the world only has less than 15 years left unless we embrace his preferred political agenda. The issue has been so propagandized that a recent poll shows 67% of Democratic voters actually believe the world only has 12 years left! The upcoming presidential primary campaign is the perfect environment for this hysteria to grow. Presidential candidates will spend an enormous amount of time on the campaign trail this summer complaining about the weather.

2016 Redux

1. A race riot will break out in a Southern State after a White policeman or security officer shoots and kills a young Black man. The White man will argue that it was self-defense. The family of the killed youth will tell the television cameras that, “He was a good boy.” A Civil Rights personality will swoop in and incite the local Black population. The US media will openly side against the White officer. Democratic presidential candidates will denounce the “racist legacy of White supremacy” in the South. And Black protesters will destroy a lot of property. It’s good for the media, good for Civil Rights personalities, good for Democratic politicians and there is an entire industry of anti-White propagandists out there in universities and corporate America stirring up racial hatred on a daily basis. So, this will happen. Neighborhoods will burn. It is just a question of exactly when and where.

There you have it! Our bold predictions for the summer of 2019 are on the table. How likely do you see these things happening during the dog days of summer in Dixie? Comment below and let us know!


  1. Bold? I’m not so sure. Aligators eat knuckleheads treading on their turf predictably. Race riots and political scandals do too. Climate? It’s always too hot in the summer. The disentigration over abortion is new and bold. Here’s another one–the port of Charleston and it’s connection to the inland road port is going to continue to gain ships and logistics at a big rate as the long sought transist to the interior is blooming. Which is an economic prediction of vitality for the Old South and this is great.

  2. I predict more crime in general (our horrific opioid epidemic notwithstanding). Here in mountain Kentucky there are more people dying, disappearing or getting murdered than i can remember in my admittedly short 21 years on this earth. talking to elders in the community confirm this though. used to be all we’d get was people stealing tools out of unlocked sheds. its spooky out there, protect yourself frens.

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