Building the Future

Nationalists often like to focus on the negative. We, Southern Nationalists, like to claim that we will retake Dixie and that the South will someday be free from its Yankee oppressors, while at the same time taking the black pill and having no hope for the future. Well, it is time for some white pills. As degenerated and broken down as Dixie is, it is still possible to save it, or at least part of it, through a number of means. The two most useful methods of ensuring that the Dixian people have a genetic future and the ability to project power on a local and possibly federal level is through community building and reviving the old Southern political bloc.

Communities are the foundation from which to build our ideal society. They facilitate family creation and reproduction. Despite all the things Southern Nationalists may attempt to do, none of it means anything if our young men are unable to find suitable women to have children with and vice versa. Simply releasing our youth into the throws of degeneracy and leftist public education will only lead to their destruction and to a lack of reproduction.

Having communities of our own also allow us to police each other and preserve our own traditions. This prevents the aforementioned degeneracy and lack of fertility, while also ensuring that each passing generation is bestowed the knowledge and understanding of our fading, but long history of traditions. No, these do not simply derive only from antebellum aristocratic traditions, but also ones of common Southern folk.

These communities could even go far enough to build their own Confederate monuments, without having to worry about leftist carpetbaggers trying to remove them. We would most likely form our own churches that support our own people, but until then, we should not neglect attending churches available to us now. The means of building these communities may be difficult in some ways, such as having to endure maybe an initial downgrade in the “niceness” of the area we live or possibly having to gentrify areas before leftist carpetbaggers can move into them, but it will be worth it.

This is an obvious exaggeration of what we hope to create, but the point still stands. We have traditions and culture that need preserved.

The other means through which we can realistically begin building our future is reviving the old Southern political bloc. Dixie once used its political unity as leverage against the government during the days of the Southern Democrats. Much of that competition with the other parts of the Democratic Party came to ahead with the failed Dixiecrat Revolution of 1948. While the details of the failed Dixiecrat Party are for another article on another day, the effects of it were felt in the 1960s and 1970’s when Southerners began leaving the now Far Left Democrats in favor of the Republican party. Had the Dixiecrats stuck around and continued to utilize the South’s power as a political bloc, Southerners would have embraced it.

Since the move to Republicans, the South and all her politicians no longer seek to display or utilize power within the political arena. We lack political organization and are totally unable to get anything Southerners want done. Being the political backbone of the GOP has also led to the manipulation and warping of Southern conservatism.

By far the most devastating blow to the South’s political power is the underutilization of governors. Governors have quite a lot of power and influence in their respective states. In fact, the reason the Dixiecrats failed to have much of an impact on the 1948 election is because many Southern governors were too afraid to endorse the party due to the strong party loyalties among the Southern populace. They were cowards who sought reelection over making a difference or standing up for their beliefs. Ironically, it was the states (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and South Carolina) whose political leadership cast their lot for the Dixiecrats that gave their electoral votes to Strom Thurmond. Governors were largely responsible for those electoral votes. Unfortunately, governors have neglected their power since the 60’s, with the last notable person to use it, to any meaningful extent, being George Wallace.

An ad for Dixiecrat presidential nominee Strom Thurmond and his VP Fielding Wright

We need a Southern political bloc to stand up for us if we are to make real political progress in the future. No, they do not have to be ideological radicals; they must simply be radicals in terms of action. Phil Bryant, the Governor of Mississippi, is staunchly pro-Confederate, despite coming off as a bit of a moderate. After being accused of racism for supporting the current and true Mississippi state flag, he declared April to be Confederate History Month. Texas Governor Greg Abbott appears to be a decent governor and lacking in anti-Southern sentiments; however, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick has openly supported Confederate Monuments. The new Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, is a helluva fire-brand and comes off as almost Eugene Talmadge-esque in nature. Rick Perry, the former Governor of Texas and current Secretary of Energy, once made a speech that seemed to make allusions to secession. He may have backtracked this statement to save face, but we all know what he meant. The list goes on. Forming a movement that would convince these people to begin working together to form a strong alliance of Southerners at the state level and federal level could reap wonders for Dixie in the political arena, an arena we have neglected to participate in for at least three generations now. Going a step further and building alliances with other groups that might not entirely supported all our ideological causes could be an effective way of making this happen.

The men who justifiably seceded from the Union, while supporting a narrative that the Fire Eaters had been pushing for a long time, were not ideological extremists. Jefferson Davis was easily a moderate and many other Southern military leaders opposed secession, only fighting out of loyalty to their people. The Southern Democrats like Eugene Talmadge, George Wallace, Strom Thurmond, Fielding Wright, John E. Rankin, Theodore Bilbo, etc. were mostly fire-brands, but they only espoused ideas and beliefs that Southerners already held at the time, beliefs that still permeate among many today.

George Wallace is infamously known for his “Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever” speech, but the entirety of it was not that much different than something you could hear a genuine conservative say today. These men were well dressed, well spoken and loaded with political energy, an energy that American politics has not seen until recently with Donald Trump. This could possibly explain why Dixians love him so much.

Building the foundation for Dixie’s future may seem far away, but we should not get too tangled up in ideological esotericism or neglecting community building. While we have a long way to go, the means of achieving our goals are not as complicated as we may think.

There is hope for our future, but we must be willing to play the game of politics and endure hardship to build communities for our people. There is still hope, and the fact that we are still here is only proof that God is not through with us. He has blessed us with the tools we need to save our people; it is merely our responsibility to seize the opportunities afforded to us and save Dixie from utter destruction.


  1. I have long been a proponent of establishing/re-establishing a Southern Nationalist Party in Florida, but meeting surprising resistance from otherwise staunch Southern Nationalists in the state. Their answers to my questions and suggestions of such a political presence was always “Someone tried that years ago. It didn’t work”, and “You have to be very careful about the paperwork required to establish such a party”. Well, okay. Points taken. But that certainly doesn’t make it a bad idea. The other part of their response was “We must work within the Republican Party, and take it over from within”. Sorry, but that’s a pipedream, at best. We MUST, IMHO, present an alternative Nationalist Party, present our issues concisely, and start registering voters.

    In Florida, it takes three people to form a minor political party. Three. A Chairman, a Vice-chairman, and Secretary-Treasurer(can be one or two officers). Once the number of registered Party voters reaches 5% of the number of registered voters in the State, the Party can attain Major Party status.

    I am perfectly willing to take on the challenge. I need two others to come aboard.

    Any takers?

    1. I was just thinking today about the usefulness of having a party. But I would strongly suggest calling it the Dixie Party. Southern Nationalist is just too much of a mouthful, lacks name recognition and poorly frames the language for identitarian purposes. Just like a proper ethnonym should be self referential (Dixian) rather than using an external frame of reference (Southern uses the United States as a point of reference. We cannot be Southern without first being American.)

      The idea of a party is IMO a good path for advancing our narrative. It is not necessary to actually win elections for the party to be highly effective. It is all about moving the Overton window for our people. The first step is to actually get the message out there that they are not alone. The party would have the potential to become the biggest troll job in US history if we do it right. The way I envision it would be to advance very bold “audacious” but 100% true and well argued talking points, thus forcing the opposition to respond and attack those positions. For instance if we say we are opposed to the Dixian Genocide and prove that there is one w facts and figures, then the opposition will have to:
      A) ignore
      B) address but deny there is really a Dixian Genocide or Dixian ppl
      C) claim that the Dixian Genocide is a good thing

      They may try to ignore but it will be very, very hard for them to do so. And if we keep pressing hard it will in due time be impossible for them to do.

      Obviously whoever launches should do a tremendous amount of homework first. The candidate (who is effectively a spokesman) would have to be somebody well capable to handle being thrust into national spotlight and should be capable to speak well in a promo video.

      Don’t forget there are magic moments in time when success is more likely. Just because something did not work 10 yrs ago does not mean it won’t work today or 10 yrs from now.

  2. Excellent article. Always been a fan of Wallace’s speeches and his outlook. Orval Faubus was our own home-state hero and he holds alike status. As of late, the importance of community was always something I took for granted, but now I see how blind I was to the critical nature of community cohesion. I came from a (still) very rural and conservative ‘everybody knows everybody’ community, that, despite the drug problems and the lack of employment opportunities, has still yet held strong. Though I am one county North of my home now (still in Dixie, thank the Good Lord), I want to get involved and become a part of this place, as well as my old home. We Southrons have a lot to re-learn from our ancestors before we can reclaim our home. I’m always open to discussion and ideals on what we can do. I would love more articles and advice as well. Great article. Spot on. God bless you, and God bless Dixie.

  3. To create Southern Nationalist Communities one would have to have the money to buy propoerty, and then lease that property, long term, to those families willing to occupy it.

    That, as far as I can say, is the only legal way to discriminate in this current system – you must own the property as a corporation and maintain a corporate hold over it.

    At this point, however, we may be running a bit dangerously close to the ill-fated Brooke Farm.