Splitting from Uncle Sam

The shutdown is over now. Who knows what will happen at tonight’s State of the Union (the hope is for Trump to declare a national emergency). The goal of a border wall drags on due to the unwillingness of an inept and antagonizing Congress. Naturally, the majority of Congress prefers foreign invaders from multiple Third World hellholes, instead of the productive citizenry. One thing is making itself very clear: The American Empire cannot be reformed and we are better off without it.

Yes, the states are better off cutting their ties with a government which can’t even agree on defending its borders; now, many people out there are quick to disagree with me because they have been indoctrinated into believing in an “indivisible union.” They feel that without it society would collapse – people need security, which is quite understandable. Well, the now over shut down has proven that argument wrong, it proves that we can survive just fine without the federal government and that the current system cannot work. Why? Because the American Empire is not united and its government cannot properly represent us any longer, it never truly could or did. 

The sovereign states could do so much better without being under the control of a wasteful and broken federal government which puts the needs of foreigners and foreign countries (U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018 was a $38 billion defense aid package for Israel, much more than the “Wall”) over its own citizens. It is a government that is 21 trillion dollars in debt and allows abortion, homosexuality and other abhorrent forms of degeneracy upon its people. It’s a government that does little to stop the poisoning of its own people through the opioid epidemic – more than 70,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2017, including illicit drugs and prescription opioids—a 2-fold increase in a decade. They called the Soviets an “evil empire,” well, you’re living in one right now.

As great as President Donald Trump may seem, and I’ve got to give him credit for standing against the Left’s open borders agenda, he’s not going to fix the Empire. He’s not going to end the divide – it’s inescapable at this point. Tribalism dominates in diverse societies. Empty platitudes about “strength” and “unity” evaporate once the sound bite finishes playing or Chicago “youths” savagely torture a boy.

Our only solution is secession. If the states were free and independent, the Southern people would be able to defend their borders and their identity. They wouldn’t have billions of tax payer dollars going to things they disagree with and being used as cannon fodder abroad in endless wars or discarded economic units. Our states would become a lot wealthier as a result and we would prosper greatly as a free people, without the likes of Chuck Schumer, Pelosi and horse face Cortez telling us how to live. For those concerned about their government welfare, in a Free Dixie you probably won’t need it (or would get it, we’re a self-reliant people after all).

Southerners, the shut down proved that we can survive just fine without Uncle Sam, we can certainly do even better if we seceded from him! 

God bless Dixie!

-By Joseph Quintero