Myth of the 20th Century: 2018 – Year in Review

As the Trump administration unraveled bits of the Neocolonial American Empire in Korea and Syria, the death of John McCain and George HW Bush represented a shift in American politics in 2018 away from overseas aggression and more towards pro-worker trade deals and border security at home. And while the prospects for online activism have met with fierce censorship and deplatforming of the likes of Alex Jones on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, heads of those same corporate tech giants were subpoenaed before Congress, and the Yellow Vest movement that began in France continues to sweep the European Continent in protest of Globalism as the UN attempts to force those countries to sign a pact allowing more 3rd world migration into Europa. In this record-length show, we attempt to sort through it all and wish you the best for 2019.

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The Myth of the 20th Century – Episode 103 – 2018 – Year in Review

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