The Toxicity of Anecdotes

Gravity is great. Since it applies every single time, there’s nothing to dispute. The physics are “settled science,” so it offers endlessly reproducible opportunities for experimentation. All produce the same results. Reproducibility is the golden standard for the validity of a scientific study. Nobody ever has or will simply float off this ball of rock. That’s why we don’t ever hear about adults leaping from skyscrapers without the express purpose of killing themselves.

But what if there were anecdotes that call physics into doubt? Bro, I knew this guy who levitated over to the top of the Empire State Building. All he had to do was start from the top of the MetLife Building. It’s reasonable to expect that we’d see quite a bit more splatter of a non-suicidal provenance.

If only groups of people were as free of being considered on an anecdotal basis as basic physics. When someone naïve and credulous gets anecdotes floating around their head, that head can get separated from their shoulders. Sure as gravity, your decapitation will turn Christmas into a pretty shitty occasion for your family.

Case in point: A two pretty blonde girls from Denmark and Norway decided to go hiking by themselves in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco on the 18th. A video was taken by their assailants, which I feel is too appalling to justify a link. I’m pretty desensitized from years of this stuff, so I gave it a look. It’s clear that they were sexually assaulted (of course), then rather slowly decapitated as one screams out in pain for her mother.

I’ve taken a vacation to Morocco and afterwards decided that it was not a wise place to be taking a vacation. Hindsight’s 20/20, but that was also long before getting killed at a Christmas Market became part of the traditional European experience. While I was young, I sure wasn’t a hot blonde female.

It would be ridiculous to assume that they had the agency to be accountable for ideas that someone else put in their head. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other wretched people besides their killers to blame for this horrific and completely preventable tragedy.

Prior to embarking on their trip, at least one person must have pointed out to them that Morocco, being an Arab Muslim country, was not a safe place for young blondes traveling alone. Such doubts once ventured would have been dispelled by others preaching that it’s racist and ignorant to say that all Muslims are dangerous. Not all Muslims want to rape and murder, thus there’s nothing to fear. Cue up the anecdotes to dispel a broad truth about reality. We all know the drill. Too bad there’s no accountability for anecdotes.


  1. No White person of European extract(ESPECIALLY pretty young, blonde, bubble-headed females alone) has any business in these third-world raghead cesspools. Period.

    Why are people SO stupid as to believe otherwise?

  2. Girls such as these two are just the unfortunate ignorant victims of a leftist deep-state agenda. Yet ponder for a moment the overwhelming evil it takes to import these people into YOUR OWN country. Our children will certainly bear this burden 100-fold if we allow them to become a hated dwindling minority. To not oppose that direction for society is truly enabling evil….