The Assault on St. Nicholas

We’re all familiar with Santa Claus; when we think of him, we think of a jolly, overweight, white man with a flowing white beard. He’s a figure adorned on almost every shop window and featured in every commercial on TV during the holiday season. Our children meet Santa at the mall, sit on his knee, and tell him what they want for Christmas. That’s how it’s been for as long as I can remember and that is the image that we all know and love. In fact, the description above is how Santa Claus has been portrayed for centuries, but the people of Weimerica are demanding a change.

Through Marxist indoctrination, namely through the critique of Critical Theory, people are calling for black, female, and/or a gender neutral Santa, in the name of diversity and inclusion. In 2017, a children’s book called Santa’s Husband was released where Santa was portrayed as a gay black man in an interracial relationship with a white man, who coincidentally looks like the Kris Kingle we’re familiar with. Just two weeks ago, Romper declared that we need more diverse Santas, citing an article from National Santa that proclaims that Santa being white is merely a “stereotype.” Meanwhile, GraphicSprings conducted a study on how to make Santa more “modern.” Almost 28% of participants claimed that it is time for a female or gender neutral Santa.

Historically, Santa is a Western Christian folkloric figure of explicitly European origin; an amalgamation of the Greek bishop Saint Nicholas, the English personification of Christmas Father Christmas, and the legendary Dutch figure based on Saint Nicholas, Sinterklaas. He is European and male in origin, and it only makes sense that he is portrayed as such. Why would anyone want to change that? Surely, if we did that to an African figure the liberal masses would be up in arms over our “white-washing” with the items adorning it stripped from the shelves.

The Left does not care about our history or folklore and they seek to destroy it at every turn. There is no reasoning with them, either; they will merely shout you down and proclaim that you are a bigot, or whatever ad hominem they choose to use at that moment. While this attack on our culture, in the name of “diversity” and “inclusion,” is a minor one, it is an attack nonetheless. Sitting idly by while they re-imagine our cultural figures is something we can not afford to do. It may only be Santa Claus today, but where will they set their sights next?

– Tyler DaCosigner