Welcome to Hell

I’m not going to write this article as a Southern Nationalist, nor a White Nationalist. Not as a “Neo-Confederate,” nor as “Alt Right.” I’m not even writing this as a Christian. Identity has nothing to do with what I’m about to say. I’m simply writing this as a rational, concerned, common sense human being who is gravely concerned about the safety, well being, health and happiness of children. Children of all races, religions, and nationalities.

With that, I’ll refer you to this article from Dangerous, the website of Breitbart’s former gamer-gate journalist and homosexual provocateur, Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo Yiannopoulos has caught a lot of flak from the Far Right for his essentially ant-SJW, anti-feminist, anti-Islam, slightly right of center, but edgy and libertarian views. With the rise of the MAGA movement that coincided with Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Milo found himself in the position of being a controversial figure, even accused of being a fascist by the liberal media. Yet, Milo distanced himself from the legitimate Alt-Right, and found himself without anyone to defend him when he started catching heat from the MSM.

Having said that, I strongly believe that Milo has honest intentions and is the canary in the coal mine of the LGBT subculture. He is sounding the alarm to warn rational people who are concerned for the health, well-being and innocence of our children. And, in this case he is exposing the fact that the so-called “slippery slope fallacy” was never a false notion. For those who concern themselves with the coming push to legalize pedophilia, make no mistake that open pedophilia exists, it is in your face and is being flaunted, nay championed, by the liberal establishment.

Some Southerners might live under the delusion that this is only a “Yankee problem,” that it is only happening in cosmopolitan areas like New York or Los Angeles. No, my friends, we must stop kidding ourselves. New Orleans, Atlanta, Austin, Orlando, Miami, and even Ashville, North Carolina. Your children are not safe just because they are south of the Mason-Dixon line.

All I can do is write this article and subdue my fury. This eleven year old boy, “Desmond is Amazing,” is being used, in fact abused, by the liberal establishment. His own parents are to blame and should be imprisoned for child prostitution. For this is nothing less than the sexualization and prostituting of a child. HE is DANCING, for MONEY, HALF NAKED, at a GAY BAR. Never mind that a bar is no place for an eleven year old child and that it would be just as vile to put a heterosexual 10 year old girl on stage to dance provocatively at a normal bar.

This “soft” form of pedophilia isn’t actually something new. Women have been putting their toddler daughters in makeup, high heels and provocative clothing for decades and parading them on stage at child beauty pageants. I’ve always felt that dressing a child up to look like an adult was sick and perverse, and a warped way to express the innocent beauty of a child. I have no problem with child beauty pageants, nor do I take issue with mothers doting over pretty little girls. But, when did we transmute child pageants from the realm of big hair bows and pink Easter dresses to high heels, makeup, hair-spray and tight skirts and jeans?

But, even taking for granted that the heart-felt intentions of most of these pageant mothers is not sinister, which I do not believe it is, this situation with “Desmond is Amazing” is quantum leaps beyond anything I’ve ever seen. Openly sexualizing a boy and parading him in front of grown, adult, GAY men. If there was ever a justification for “wow, just wow, I can’t even,” this is it.

How did we get to this wicked place, where have we gone wrong? Why have the parents of this boy not been locked up for child abuse?

It’s pretty simple, really. There is a reason that I pointed out the child beauty pageant and contrasted it to this situation with Desmond. It has become practically an everyday thing for mothers to dress their young daughters like “thots.” Where once upon a time, most parents didn’t allow their daughters to start wearing makeup until they turned 16 or so, today, 6, 7, 8 year old girls are often allowed to wear lipstick or blush. Where once upon a time, little girls were given baby dolls to play with to help nurture their natural mothering instincts, today they are handed provocative looking “teenager” dolls that come complete with a fashion wardrobe, heels, purses, and all the other narcissistic and sexualized consumer goods that little girls are trained to desire.

So, if it is okay to dress and train your 10 year old daughter to be a self-centered sex object, why wouldn’t it be okay to train your cross-dressing, gay, 10 year old son to be the same way? After all, our Constitution has been interpreted to protect the sensibilities of homosexual people, elevating their status to that of the normal heterosexual, in fact, above it. So, if it is normal to prance a pre-adolescent girl around in the garb of a hooker in front of adult men and women, why not a pre-adolescent cross-dressing boy in front of a bunch of gay men?

I cannot think of a more blatant convergence of multiple “slippery slope fallacies,” that have been mocked and ridiculed by the Left (and even some “conservatives”) for decades, all coming together into fruition with the most decadent Clown World display of debauchery that I’ve ever dreamed (or envisioned in my darkest nightmares) of seeing.

And, nothing will be done, because America is a nation of cowards. This story will never make it into the mainstream press. And, what right-wing outlets cover it, however few, will not be a drop in the bucket. I’m fairly certain that 75% of Americans would be appalled at this story, and would openly say so. But, lift a finger to do anything about it? Nope, because we have our bread, circuses, negrotech and sportsball.

Now, where did I put my Nintendo Switch?

-By Dixie Anon


  1. You are absolutely correct on everything you’ve written. I only take exception with one portion of the article. Of the half-dozen municipalities mentioned, NOT ONE is any longer an example of a mainstream Southern city. Actually, I’m not sure any exist in this age, but these six are certainly overrun with Blacks, Hispanics, Feminists(or Effeminists), Yankee- and/or Jew-liberals in power, and all have seen the degradation and gutter-cultures that emanate from such holes of lust and greed. If they all burned to the ground tomorrow, we’d all be better for it. IMHO, of course.

    1. Sir, these aliens cities in our midst are the portraits of dorian Grey we have earned by being cowardly, for nearly 3/4 of a century.

      Neither these cities, nor these in them, are to blame for our shocking indifference.

  2. This is no only not just a Yankee problem, it is much more so a Southern Problem, because we know better, have known better, yet we continue to bow and retreat.

    Forgot a call for revolution, secession, or violence, I am merely talking about a general non-violent non-cooperation put forth by either our Negreos against us or The Yellow vests against Macron.

    In all these years since 1968, the only thing close we have done is vote for President Trump, and that os not near enough.

    Thank you for your tact, because one does not have to pigeon-hole oneself in order to put forth these common sense arguments.

    What has goen wrong is that our community has broken down, and, that so, we act as individuals who want to risk nothing.

    I come from a Southern culture that, at the time was still somewhat honour-driven, though, nowadays, that whole concept is lost to that of the me, me, me.