The Psychopath of Patrick County

If readers of Identity Dixie are not already aware, the Sanhedrin of Patrick County, Virginia (aka Board of Supervisors) convened on Monday for a rending of garments session with TRS’s The Daily Shoah podcaster (and professional EMT) Alex McNabb. This tribunal was convened in response to his suspension (without pay) from JEB Stuart Rescue Squad of Stuart, Virginia over a complaint that was filed accusing him of being evil incarnate (aka rayciss!!)

The Patrick County Sanhedrin was led by one Lock Boyce, who went out of his way to let everyone in attendance (and watching via livestream) know that he (Mr. Boyce) is a wonderful human being who hates (said RAYCISS) and anyone else who would hurt the sensitive feelings of a DINDUishia or Harambe the gorilla. I found it peculiar that such an “honorable” man would seemingly equate the feelings of a black woman with those of a gorilla, but who am I to judge?

All kidding aside, the unprofessional outbursts from Mr. Boyce that were on full display at this board meeting were nothing more than showmanship and faux righteous indignation. The puritanical religious zeal that was summoned from this man’s core was on par with Judge John Hawthorne of Salem, Massachusetts, circa 1692.

Deflecting their hysteria and maintaining true form, Alex McNabb handled himself intelligently and honestly. He did not beg for mercy like a slave at the whipping post. No, he let these humorless codgers know that he came to stand up for his constitutionally protected first amendment rights. The Daily Shoah is an edgy political podcast that employs racial humor, no different than the racial humor of black comedians across this country. It offers controversial, but legally protected commentary on current events, race relations, crime statistics and demographics in the United States and other Western nations. It even uses racial slurs, which are also not illegal, but all of it done on McNabb’s off-time, in the privacy of his own home.

McNabb is famous for his “Doctor Narcan” skit, which FICTITIOUSLY parodies the daily interactions of an EMT with the local community there in Stuart, Virginia. Sometimes the skit alludes to humorous situations and quandaries for the doctor involving minorities. There has never been any question that these were fictitious stories and Alex McNabb has a perfect track record with his employer.

I know Alex McNabb personally. I’ve been interacting with him for several years. I’ve been in his company on multiple occasions. I have even witnessed him administering first aid to a friend. The Dissident Right sometimes jokingly refers to autistic traits within our ranks and I, for one, can say that McNabb’s dedication to serving his community as an EMT is practically autistic in its levels of integrity.

I’ve seen comments in regards to this situation which go something like, “Freedom of Speech is not freedom from consequences.” How have we come to this place, where the U.S. Constitution is so devalued by our own citizens? This meme about “consequences” is patently absurd. From what or whom do we presume our Constitution is there to protect our speech from? Sasquatch? Space Aliens? One Eyed, One Horn, Flying Purple People Eaters?

Well, let’s roll with this notion that free speech isn’t protected from consequences. Let’s lay out what Mr Boyce said at the end of this Sanhedrin tribunal. He said, “I fucking hate that guy, I’ve killed people like him with my bare hands.” This is, to my best ability, what I am hearing at the end of the recorded session.

Is that protected speech? Should Mr. Boyce face any consequences for his statements? If Alex McNabb were a patient requiring immediate emergency medical care, could he trust his life in the hands of Mr. Lock Boyce, who claims to have been a Rescue Squad EMT himself, and who has been sanctioned (in the amount of 5,000 dollars and, at one time, placed on probation) for veterinary malpractice? It was also found that he had been accused of assaulting an employee, had allowed unlicensed technicians to administer controlled drugs to animals and had allowed signs with profane language and sexual innuendo to be posted in his office. A simple lookup of Mr. Boyce on the Virginia Department of Health Professions licensure verification website will reveal quite an extensive list of previous “issues” – including fines, inspection failures, orders and other troubling notices. All of this is public information. Is this the man of character that Mr. Boyce is trying to present himself as? After all, he is a public official and a member of Patrick County’s Board of Supervisors – these are legitimate questions to be asked.

If you think Lock Boyce should face consequences for his hate speech (or, one could call them “death threats”) directed at Mr. McNabb, perhaps contacting the County of Patrick ( is a good start.

Political speech is protected speech. We have to stop this slippery slope before it becomes an avalanche.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. “If you think Lock Boyce should face consequences for his hate speech (or, one could call them “death threats”) directed at Mr. McNabb, perhaps contacting the County of Patrick ( is a good start.”

    A lot of interested parties are also leaving reviews for “Boyce-Holland Veterinary Services” on google reviews. I guess Dr. Boyce had a near perfect rating before this, but now he’s been knocked down a star or two since this all kicked off. People feel that it’s only fair to target Dr. Boyce’s business prospects in kind, for his political views.