Liberty or Security

Oftentimes, the most basic concepts are the most confounding and trip up even the best among us. Elusive as these ideas may be, it is instructive sometimes to revisit them in order to extract and improve upon the effectiveness of our narratives. Besides, sometimes a new reader or novice to right-wing intellectual thought will come along and provide us a teaching opportunity.

The oft quoted Benjamin Franklin once said, “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” It is key here to note that the words “essential” and “temporary” are pivotal in this sentence, but are often understated in libertarian circles. Both liberty and security are precious values, and neither should be compromised in favor of the other. The anarchist libertarian would argue that Franklin was suggesting that liberty trumps safety. I concede that Franklin was imploring his audience to understand the value of basic “essential” liberties and never compromise on those values, but he also understood that humans seek contentment and a just society provides for both.

But, before we dissect these abstractions I want to offer up another quote which we’ve all heard, attributed to some baby boomer, somewhere, out there. <clears throat> “We live in the freest country in the whole world and if you don’t like it you can just leave!?

No, just no. Stop. Please. I beg you, Mr. Boomer. Just stop in the name of the ever-loving and vengeful God.

We objectively do not live in the freest country in the world. In fact, I would argue that the American Empire has become one of the most oppressive regimes in the history of mankind (I’m sure an exciting Facebook thread could go for several thousand posts debating this statement). But, even if you disagree with my opinion, you must understand that what masquerades for freedom today in the modern NPC consciousness, is actually SECURITY (i.e. safety). And, with that I concede that circa 2018 America is the most secure country in the history of humanity. Unfortunately, however, what dwindling freedom we have left is dwarfed by the impositions we have endured since the American Civil War.

But why? How did we allow this to happen? Certainly at one time, however fleetingly, America was truly great, was it not? Wasn’t it founded upon the most lofty abstract notions of “liberty”? Yes, indeed it was. And, the hows and whys are the little devils in the details.

The answer is fairly simple – it was the “other.” You see, “liberty” is the domain of European men. It is in our DNA, as well as, our IQ. And, America was forged by a special kind of man – men who carried the legacy of William the Conqueror, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, and countless others whose names color our history books. Conversely, security is the domain of the middling, the inept, the weak and the fearful.

Every society is bottom heavy with the dependent classes, but at one time, the elite European man still had the courage to protect the liberties of the most capable, while providing for only minimal security (for all classes) in the form of laws and regulations. This was possible in days gone by because racial homogeneity allowed for it. Our nations were ethnically compatible. Our culture and religion were largely untainted by the outsider. History has proven that disorder threatens all societies when the ruling classes fail to recognize and uphold their duty to protect and preserve basic liberties, and when that failure occurs, security itself is also threatened.

So, by what mechanism did this shift from liberty to security occur? Well, from its very inception, the United States had a slave class of negroes, as well as, indentured servants of other races. By it’s very definition, the institution of slavery highlights the abstract, as well as, the practical distinction between liberty and security. SLAVERY IS THE MOST SECURE CONDITION BY WHICH A MAN CAN EXIST. All necessities of life are provided by the hands of his master. Food, clothing, shelter, protection and even a mate for reproduction. For this security, a man has only to provide his labor. Never mind that he has no choice in the matter, for it goes without saying that security and liberty are polar opposites, and where one need is fulfilled completely, the other need is nullified and often withheld.

The black man has been called “the white man’s burden.” We brought him into our societies and, for that mistake, we have carried this albatross into the 21st century. As time has gone by, maddeningly and inexplicably, we have shamed ourselves into bearing an increasingly heavy load, by pressing for open borders by which to admit more brown people from the Third World. These people demand more security, not liberty. They come, claiming to be refugees seeking asylum, but they do not flee persecution, they flee economic disadvantage. In fact, they are more than willing to be aliens and outsiders in a foreign society that sees them as an inferior class. All because that society promises a modicum of security that their home nation does not possess.

This phenomenon, rooted in the treachery of Abraham Lincoln’s ill conceived war, subsequent emancipation and later amplified by the Civil Rights Movement and the 1965 Immigration Act, was at least manageable under Jim Crow and, even to some degree, while the white population was still a sizable plurality. This is because the white man still had the will to administer security with a measure of wisdom with little compromise to liberty. Lo, this is where the Jew comes into our story.

The Jew’s Talmudic morality has served to invert and subvert the delicate, but precarious balance, between liberty and security that our forefathers created. Vice has become virtue and virtue has become vice in our new Post-Holocaustian dystopia. Where once it was understood that “separate but equal” provided for both security and liberty for all, the modern paradigm is an ever increasing and burdensome police state, new and more intrusive laws and regulations, more work, lower wages and higher taxes. Meanwhile, the liberties our Constitution once guaranteed are undermined by the oppressive oligarchy that is our corporate and political classes. This oligarchy, subverted by Jewish influences from all angles, seeks to control us all through essentially the same leveling economic security once promised by Communists and Marxists. This is the result of removing power from the hands of a benevolent white ruling class and placing it in the hands of a corruptive and subversive alien race. It is also the paradoxical consequence of the very benevolence that made white societies so great in the first place.

The closing lesson that must be BURNT into our minds is that security and slavery are one in the same. A degree of security is a necessary fact of life. We are not feral animals existing in the wild. A measured and thoughtful balance must be struck. But make no mistake, the consequence of a secure society is, and will always be, SLAVERY.

-By Dixie Anon


  1. Security is a daycare center with time-out, nap time, marching in line, milk and cookies. Everything provided, everything safe. Toys provided. Crayons provided. Everyone equal, everyone treated the same.

    Until you decide you want nap time when it’s time for milk and cookies, or when you decide it’s recess time when everyone else is marching to the bathroom to wash their hands. Then the teacher intervenes and puts you in time out, and you quickly discover just how little freedom you have.