The Flags of Hate?

Some years ago, I warned a patriotic Northerner friend that once the Confederate flag is considered a hate symbol, then the day will come when Old Glory herself will be thought of in the same abhorrent manner. I admitted that the Confederacy did indeed have four years of slavery under her belt, but by comparison the US boasted the same for almost a century. Yes, I’m referring to slavery, but also in the North!

However, we must also consider the massive slave importation system through Northern states such as Rhode Island and Massachusetts, the brutal Indian genocides that lasted literally hundreds of years, the outright banning of blacks from the few Northern states that didn’t enslave them, et al. So, if we follow the lefts supposed values of equality and social justice consistently, then all the righteous moral verdicts that have been brutally discharged upon the South and the Confederacy, now require either repudiation or to be supervened to the Empire consistently in a likewise manner.

Well, now it seems that day is drawing quite near. A few days ago, survey  results revealed that one in five millennials (age 22-27) believe the US flag is a sign of intolerance and racism. It further clarified that two in five thought it is okay to burn Old Glory, while over half believe that the US is both a racist and a sexist country. That same report also found that allegiance to the USA among all young people has fallen quite drastically. So, to put things into perspective, a full nine in ten of the Silent Generation (over 73) consider themselves to be American patriots, while those thoughts permeate less than half of the young Generation Z.

Rest assured that after the Confederate flags have been completely banned, an ironic new symbol of hate will certainly be connected to Old Glory.  Once the Confederate monuments have all been removed, then American statues will be the next targets for hatred and removal. Say goodbye to John Paul Jones and Benjamin Franklin. This recent survey and its results indicate that one symbol of hate will simply be substituted for another. The real target of their distaste and loathing becomes obvious, irrespective of ethnicity or nationality – White Western man.