Charlottesville’s Kangaroo Court

When I was a young child growing up in the 70s, a popular show for kids called “Captain Kangaroo” was a favorite of mine. The star of that program was a wholesome gentleman named Bob Keeshan. Today, the one person in America most deserving of that name is Judge Richard E. Moore of Charlottesville. This man presides over a kangaroo court in every sense of the word, after all.

On Dec 7th, James Fields was convicted by a jury of “his peers”, but it is doubtful that any of them were anything other than communists, given the venue. His inept counsel, Denise Lunsford, practically instructed the jury to find him guilty, essentially pleading “pretty please make it only manslaughter.” We all know the circumstances of the case. Fields was chased by Antifa member Dwayne Dixon, who was brandishing an AR-15, when he got boxed into what amounted to a trap in the downtown area, was chased by more Antifa who were beating his car with a bat, and then he panicked and drove into a mob of protestors and rioters.

There was absolutely no evidence that Fields acted in a premeditated fashion. And, if his counsel had not been guilty of literal malpractice, she would have presented the abundance of evidence available to her. In a perfect world, James Fields would have been acquitted or, at worst, found guilty of manslaughter.

But, this isn’t a perfect world. It is Clown World. And, this was a kangaroo court, the conducting of which turned out to be nothing less than a Stalinist show trial.

When I sat down to write this article, I consulted a search engine for “infamous show trials” in hopes that some interesting tidbits of history would pop up. I was not disappointed. I give you the communist Czech Slánský trial, where 14 communist party members, including General Secretary Rudolph Slánský, 11 of them who were Jews, were accused and convicted of participating in a Trotskyite-Titoite-Zionist conspiracy, and of which 11 were hanged and 3 were sentenced to life in prison.

This trial of chosen ones by Czech communists was literally among the top hits on Google’s front page. After all, it’s important not to forget that chosen ones are always the oppressed victims of show trials. Nuremberg, we must remember, was blind justice in its purest form. Retroactively convicting Nazi party members of this brand new genre of crime called “crimes against humanity” and conducting a tribunal overseen by jurors plucked from the victor allied nations could never be called a show trial. Now could it?

But, I digress. There is an underlying theme here with show trials. Communists and chosenites. And you don’t get much more commie or chosenite than the carpetbagger infestation that is Charlottesville.

Justice is not blind, it is antiwhite.

– By Dixie Anon

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