If The Horseshoe Fits, Wear It

On Wednesday it was publicized in the MSM that Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, scrapped the controversial “carbon” i.e. fuel tax hike that sparked a series of violent protests from groups calling themselves “Yellow Vests.” It remains to be seen, as of this writing, if this capitulation will squelch the uprising, but the whole affair has been a glaring manifestation of the current geopolitical climate as Macron’s globalist style of centrism is rejected by both the Left and Right in the public square.

For the sake of this article, I’m going to dub Macron and his ilk “tyrannical centrists,” and place the crosshairs on mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy “liberalists,” libertarians and free-marketeers who make up the political center. This will be, in effect, confirmation of the mechanisms of horseshoe theory that Sargon of Akkad aka Carl Benjamin is infamous for defending. However, far from being the noble or righteous position that the liberalists purport it to be, the center of the horseshoe has become an incubator for the worst kind of corrupt economic and social policies (as is evident with this French carbon tax).

So what is horseshoe theory? Essentially it works like this; the Far Left and the Far Right are the supposed sources of authoritarianism, and as such, their tactics and the end result of their policies are supposed to be the same. Anti-liberty and all of that. This is why boomers call Antifa the “real fascists.” You will also hear people call the phenomenon “two sides of the same coin.” The centrist believes that his liberties are threatened by giving in to Far Left or Far Right regimes. Unwittingly, he will defend the status quo even as the status quo drifts ever leftward, leaving yesterday’s norms in the dustbin of history.

Macron was brought into the 2017 French presidential election to run against the nominally right wing Marine Le Pen of the National Front as a slightly “right of center” conservative. His candidacy was a stop gap measure to prevent a quasi-nationalist candidate from getting a mandate on immigration. Much like the “Never Trumpers” in the GOP who attempted to bring in David French to run against Trump. The difference is, the French fell for the trap and elected Macron.

And, much like Republican conservatives in America who are scared of their own shadow, Macron takes every opportunity to signal his tolerance of migrants and minorities in France, going so far as recently posing for a photo op with what appeared to be black gay porn stars and transgenders.


With all of this feel-good nonsense, one could almost convince himself that Macron is a man of the people, but as it is with political elites, nothing could be further from the truth. The hidden nature of the beast has been on full display with this carbon tax debacle. Globalists desperately want to use climate change concerns as a means of controlling the masses, even while the 2nd and 3rd World increases and surpasses the U.S. and Europe in unregulated emissions. The French have already been crippled by gasoline prices in excess of $6/gallon. The increased tax would only serve to punish an already strained and dwindling middle and working class.

The Yellow Vests could well be described as a populist or even a nationalist uprising. As evidenced by photographs, the groups are mostly constituted of young, ethnic French, working class men. But, it isn’t entirely clear how many of these Yellow Vests are of right wing or left wing inclinations. It matters not, for they stood unified in their stand against the “tyranny of the center.”

As I stated in my opening paragraphs, the center is the incubator for corruption in geopolitics. The center is a popularity contest that seeks to appease the most people and keep things “peaceful” at the expense of those who wish to seek change, be they right wingers or leftists. Yet, since right wing ideals are almost always the ideals of yesterday, it is the leftist who ultimately is appeased by the centrist, leaving the right winger forced to either accept the new paradigm and adjust accordingly, or accept his newfound position in the ghetto of political discourse. The bottom line is, the center is NEVER the ally of the right.

In fact, the centrist ultimately comes to serve as the very wedge that middle-of-the-road politics is supposed to prevent. Both the Left and Right resent the Center because the centrist doesn’t give in to the demands of the Left quickly enough, and the compromise that is a necessary function of centrism is always at the expense of the Right.

The Center is easily the most corruptible realm of politics. While the Far Left and (especially) the Far Right both struggle to get financing for their favored political candidate’s campaigns, the centrist gets BOTH his left and right pockets lined with big corporate donations from wealthy players seeking to influence politics to be favorable for their bottom line, but not necessarily favorable to the middle class, which, by the way, is mostly constituted of right leaning white people.

The horseshoe of liberal democratic politics is very real, and it is by its very nature a profoundly immoral paradigm that crushes liberty instead of protecting it. People should be allowed to forge their own destinies and live in the society of their own choosing, not this clumsy and inefficient Rube Goldberg machine that Western democracies are stubbornly keeping on life support.

So, while Macron might be putting another band aid on the tattered, failing state that is France, the inevitable is only being delayed. Southern Nationalists should be watching and taking notes.

-By Dixie Anon