Common Sense: An Appeal to Reconciliation

The Alternative Right (or Alt-Right) has always been ephemeral, despite attempts to define it or even consolidate its strength and offer it direction. Most who have tried have failed and probably will continue to do so; many at this very moment have distanced themselves as far as possible from the term, considering it toxic. I don’t completely disagree, however the term Alt-Right is in the popular consciousness and I do believe it is, in general, for the better that people are aware that we exist.

Regardless of what we call it, most certainly the Alt-Right will not go away. I was not aware of the term Alt–Right when I first started reading ‘Alt-Right’ material years ago. I stumbled along, blog to blog, chasing content and forming a nebulous concoction of unorthodox thoughts and beliefs. Unorthodox in the curious way of our time – where you’re a heretic if you don’t subscribe to truth-inverted. I came to know what I had known all along, the big difference was that I wasn’t one of a few recalcitrant men against time. Chesterton said that ‘Tradition is the democracy of the dead’ and almost everyone who died before us believed nearly the exact opposite of what is called truth now. We live underneath the absolute tyranny of…to bring back an old term, ‘The Cathedral’ of secular humanism, IFLscience and dildos.

Finding the Alt-Right was like finding out that you weren’t sinking alone beneath a pile of corpses.
I still think of the Alt-Right this way. It is a culture that isn’t exactly anybody’s to claim or to wholly lead. It is the vehicle of rapid dissemination of information, it a/b tests ideas and propaganda efficiently and mercilessly. It very much is a hydra and more than the sum of its parts. This is the strength and the curse of what and who we are. We are hard to pin down, we are hard to rally. We are ruthless to our enemies, we can be even more ruthless to ourselves. We don’t have member roles, all it takes is a twitter account and the ability to speak truth to power. What we are experiencing is growing pains. Whether or not the Alt-Right or whatever it becomes will be a national force is to be determined. It may end up that we act more as a confederation of regional groups with common themes and interests. It may be that we awaken a new era of our people, we may all get lined up against the wall and shot. I do not know.

Which is why it pains me to see what’s happening at the moment. I’ll manage to piss off Yankees and Southerners alike probably, but I hope I can at least offer an olive branch and some insight into the Southern mind.

When our friends begin to engage in the age old song and dance of whipping the Southern mule, one wonders why even bother calling each other friends. They are engaging in liberal talking points for the same reason non-southerners have for centuries. Petty, vindictive and condescending hatred towards the South has a long and storied history; grinning and bearing rudeness and contempt from our northern neighbors and coastal elites is a time honored tradition for every Southerner.

Southerners have largely accepted the nature of the world that we live in and, most have no desire for separation – Southern Nationalist or a Joe Sixpack. We are not defined by our spergs and dweebs any more than you are. We ARE better off sticking together in our current circumstances. This is of course, if we can stick together to solve our mutual problems reasonably. The narcissism of small differences does apply here and as modern Americans, we have far more in common than some would like to admit. I speak for myself here, but secession was a last resort then and secession is a last resort now. I want to take it ALL back.

To be frank, people who denigrate Southerners and Southern Nationalists make an extremely compelling case for no immigration at all. While the broader Alt-Right is happy to say ‘Unlimited migration from Europe!’ I’m am not only reticent, I am aghast. America was lost when Lincoln made the deal with the devil he did, importing an army to crush his kin and country. We have never recovered and our imperial kakistocracy is a testament to all that was lost. I want Europe to be European, I want America to be American, I want the South to be Southern; and yet the sons and daughters of those who only came in the last century are telling me that nearly 400 years of my blood and my soil don’t count. Forgive me if I incline to disagree.

We have a culture and you need us, more than we need you. We already are the “salt of the earth” people you claim to fight for. Just because you, or most of your friends, may feel deracinated, does not mean the rest of the country is. Most Southerners have a firm and proud identity in who we are, riven by a plowshare of blood. Monuments to our dead surround us, from the original pioneers to our rebellion from the crown. Our Second War for Independence and everything henceforth was, and very much is still, preserved. Reconstruction kept us in poverty until very recently and largely due to that sequestration we haven’t forgotten who we are. I don’t expect everyone to understand who I am, it’s special to me and my people; what I do expect is for others to act with the same empathy. I’ve yet to meet a white nationalist who wouldn’t take up the cause of the Suidlanders, Australians, European nationalists, the Rhodesians who surely did die, or even our dear uncle. Or, at the very least, understanding the men who fought, bled and died in that war halfway around the world and the reasons why they did. I don’t think having our back is too much to ask.

I sit largely as an outsider at the moment, I have been gone for some time and I have come back home to this. I’d like to say I’m surprised but infighting seems to be what we do. It’s a tale as old as time, a congenial Southerner happy to work with others in good faith, polite to the last until things cross a bridge to far. Perhaps, we are cursed to repeat the mistakes of the past, but I’ll be damned if I let it be over something as stupid as feminine bickering and asinine blue on blue trolling. At the very least, spend your energy fighting the enemy. We have a job to do gentlemen, I implore you to act like it.

-By Sevier