Messianic Yankeedom and White Nationalism

When the first Puritans slithered out of their boats at Plymouth Rock, they established their objective to create a “city on the hill.” An example for all the world to follow. A noble enough cause, I suppose, except their immediate descendants became inflamed when the peoples at the bottom of the hill did not bow down and accept the ways of their betters. It was not enough to provide an example which others could voluntarily emulate, should they so choose. They must be made to follow the chosen path, by any means necessary. Thus, was the Yankee born.

The entirety of American history is shaped by the messianic progressiveness of the Yankee. The idea that the City of Man can be made into the City of God, if we just do X, Y and Z. I am not going to countersignal the American Revolution as some in our circles might, but it was the Yankee who picked that fight. “If we were our own Republic, things would be perfect here on our shores!”, so the argument went. Our Southern ancestors went along, but quickly became an inconvenience to the Yankee, obstinately clinging to their traditions, their God and their families. After 85 years of a failed marriage, Dixie said enough and attempted to leave. But, our ancestors quickly discovered that departing the city on the hill is not an option and were subjected to an invasion that killed a million people in the South alone.

The spirit and fidelity of the South, not bent nor broken by defeat in war, was then beaten with rods for a further twelve years during “Reconstruction,” which was little more than an attempt to remake the South in the North’s image. Praise be to John Wilkes Booth for dispatching the tyrant, because the bumbling overreach of the Radical Republicans, coupled with their gluttonous rapacity, made the North tire of Reconstruction. The Lincolnite model, far from being the mercy that our captors teach our children in their schools, would have had far more staying power, and might very well have succeeded in destroying the Southern way of life. Or, at the very least, made a permanent underclass of those who would not bend the knee, to be forever ruled by negroes, carpetbaggers and scalawags. Like modern Atlanta.

From 1877 until the 1930s, the Yankee largely left Dixie alone. There was no more wealth to plunder, as in the early days of the Republic and they turned their eyes toward extending the city on the hill to foreign lands. FDR served as a dark portent of what was coming with his Tennessee Valley Authority project. You backward yokels need to be modernized, and anyone who opposes will be flooded out of their ancestral homes, regardless of their objection.  The not so subtle message was “be like us, or else.” Gone, gone with the wind. Ain’t nobody goin’ back again.

Two decades later, the Civil Rights movement began in earnest, and once again the Reconstructionists descended upon the Southland. Our negroes lived well, but they lived apart from us. This just won’t do, said the Yankee (and their new, large nosed friends who also were huge fans of social engineering). Separate but equal is not good enough! You must be muddled together and embrace the black man, Southern man. The Yankee was smarter this time. He saw the role played by the Knights of the Invisible Empire in resisting the first round of Reconstruction and infiltrated it with the absolute dregs of our society. There would be no legitimate resistance force to the Yankee project, only a gang of illiterate thugs whose actions roused popular sentiment against the South, even among her own people. The progenitors of Dylann Roof. One by one, the societal safeguards created in the aftermath of the War of Northern Aggression were torn down by the Federal Courts and by the Federal Congress. Champions of decency such as Strom Thurmond made noble stands against this naked assault on our people, but ultimately were silenced. And later excoriated for having dared to stand against the Yankee and his progress. Theodore Bilbo, Thurmond, et al have been memory holed now. They received the old Roman treatment of damnatio memoriae. I curse your memory and erase you from history. So sayeth the Yankee.

Now, we are in the third wave of Reconstruction. Progressives are moving to the South in droves, again trying to remake us in their image by force. They cannot get us to change our ways, but they can outnumber us. Particularly when globalists in both parties agree to flood us with Democrat voting foreigners. When about town, it is the rare occasion that I do not see at least one woman in a beekeeper getup. Thanks, Bush. Thanks, Obama. I am unambiguous in my support of Trump, but not because I think he can save the American Empire. It does not deserve to be saved. But, he makes the inevitable collapse friendlier toward my aims. Besides which, accelerationism is dumb.

Now that the long-winded hook is out of the way, time to get to the meat. There is another form of Messianic Yankee progressivism threatening the sons and daughters of the South. It takes its form in the pernicious lie of white nationalism. But WNs are not leftists! How can you call them Messianic Progressives!?! Progress is a nebulous term. It means different things to different people. What the political Left calls progress, both Southern Nationalists and WNs would agree are detrimental to human civilization. The WN’s idea of progress varies. Some are realists in the sense that they understand that there will be no grand Stalinist purge of non-whites. Others are bowl patrollers. The common thread is that they believe that the city of man can be made the city of God, if we follow their program. Thanks, but no thanks. Remember, the Alt-Right was supposed to be a big tent movement – paleoconservatives, right-wing libertarians, Southern Nationalists, white nationalists, race realists and other thoughtcriminals. They weren’t supposed to be subjugated under a white nationalist banner.

This is usually about the time when someone (most recently a fellow Southerner) accuses me of being some kind of bastardized civic nationalist. That I do not mind non-whites being in charge, if they extol the virtues of the Southern people. Arlene for president of the CSA! I can do little but scoff at this absurd straw man. Southern society has never been exclusively white. Not before the War, nor after. But it functioned as it should until the Yankee finally tinkered it beyond repair. Make no mistake: in a Free Dixie, society will return to how it was under Jim Crow. Mechanization has rendered the previous economic model obsolete, so there’s little reason to go back farther than that in how we order our society.

Having whites in charge of society does not make one a white nationalist. To borrow from Stirner, white nationalism is a spook. There’s no such thing as a “nation” of white people. There are many nations whose people are white. Dixie is one of them. But, I have as much shared heritage with Poland as I do with Yankees. Scratch that. At least Poland is Christian, even if they are papists. More than I can say of the godless Yankee.

The white nationalist can prattle on about blood and soil and how this is an ideology that we, as American whites, need to adhere to. How it is the only means to our salvation? How it is the only means to achieving Heaven on Earth? Except, un-Reconstructed Southerners already HAVE blood and soil. The historical sketch that makes up the opening paragraphs of this article show how and why that is true. The white nationalist has not these things and can never have these things, because he does not have a nation. Seldom does he have a religion unless he’s LARPing as a pagan, making no sacrifices and practicing no rites, but starting endless internet feuds with Christians by calling our Lord a “kike on a stick.” He is not living where his people are from, or if he is, he is disconnected from those roots.

Most typically, he is a rootless, cosmopolitan city dweller. The white nationalist, lacking any of these real connections to what makes a nation a nation must reduce to the lowest common denominator. The color of one’s skin. The Yankee white nationalist is white. I am white. But, we are not of the same people and never can be. Well. Not unless the Yankee does as he is wont to do and attempt to remake the world in his image, killing and destroying all who oppose him along the way.

The bitter irony is that in so reducing his argument to such a base level, the white nationalist makes opposition to his proper views that much stronger. That much easier to reject prima facie because of who is saying them. The white nationalist has no nation, so he is trying to create one. On some level, I applaud the effort, but I want no part of it. My nation, my land, and my home are in Dixie.

Southern Nationalism is not white nationalism (and, it certainly isn’t swastikas, skinheads, black finger-less gloves and burning holy books in outdoor ovens). We have real fellowship and bonds which go beyond the fact that we are white. No, this does not make the Rainbow Confederates like us. They are as disconnected from who they are as a people as are the white nationalists. They just have the good sense to align themselves with the proper side, because they understand their lot is improved under paternal Southern rule whereas it suffers under that of the Messianic Yankee.

WhAt HaS sOuThErN nAtIoNaLiSm EvEr AcCoMpLiShEd is the next petulant strike. Well, Billy Yank, we have kept our land and our people together despite repeated Yankee incursions. Within every last one of us, even those who do not fully see the truth, there is still the glimmer of light from the flickering candle. The assault on our heritage (kicked off by a bowl patrol white nationalist) creates a visceral reaction among even normie Southerners. Because they recognize that these things are a part of who and what they are.

Yes, we lost our war for Independence. Yes, we lost the culture war during the 1960s. Yes, Virginia and Maryland have fallen to the invaders. Yes, Georgia, Texas and Florida totter on the brink. But it was not for lack of effort. It was not for want of belief. And, by and large, it was not by conversion of native sons and daughters. The Yankee has descended like locusts and forged political majorities in these places or has come close to doing so. But the allies he has made are not us. They are not Southern. Because the South is a nation. Californians whose ancestors left the South during the dust bowl retain their Southern status, because we are a nation. New Yorkers who come to the South are not Southern. The soil on which our mortal feet rest does not change who we are. Though we are always more at peace and at home safely planted in Southern dust. Something that can never be said about the white nationalist.

Defeat is not the end. For 1800 years, the Jewish people said, “next year in Jerusalem,” never letting go of their dream to once again be a free and independent people. No matter how absurd the dream might have seemed at times, nor how criticized, they never let it go. And neither shall Southerners. Our clarion call is “the South shall rise again.” We won’t be reconstructed, and we do not care a damn. Even if it takes 2000 years, we will have our free nation. However, given the loose social cohesion of the Yankee Empire, I do not think it will take that long.

That then, is the crux of the matter. The Yankee white nationalist is an imperialist. Same as the Yankee liberal. He wishes to seize control of the opposition to the latter and make it his own. Southern nationalism subdivides wypipo. It’s bad, man. We’re all white here, why not side with us?

Those who are not swayed by such compelling arguments and do not agree with his tactics get the irony bro treatment or outright condemnation. Identity Dixie is often the subject of attack from these circles. We get it. You’re jealous. We have something you can only hope to conjure alchemically out of nothing. Blood. Soil. A nation. The liberal Yankee has tried and failed to destroy this. The illiberal white nationalist Yankee will similarly fail. Submitting to such a base ideology would be a shame. And rather than submit to shame, to die we would prefer.

Deo Vindice.


  1. I love this article, but I strongly and passionately disagree that “mechanization” has made antebellum society obsolete.

    This is a pernicious talking point, often repeated by our ilk.

    First, slavery was a great boon and our peculiar institution was a beacon of propriety for all other nations in Christendom (at least, it should have been seen that way). We ought not be eager to sweep it away with weak economics.

    Second, despite Yankee (and modernist) lies, the old southern apologists were right. Slavery can *never* be abolished. That’s impossible. Best, by far, to have it formally managed as an openly public institution, rather than sweep it away under rugs of pretentious lies about the “freedom” and “liberty” of our peasant classes. Better, indeed, decentralized and privatized slavery, than mass servitude to a state.

    Third – and this is subtle but important – machines can never replace labor. All they do is reallocate it. Did a cotton-picking tractor replace cotton-picking blacks? If you think so, then remind yourself of the mountain of new labour created by the tractor industry. Who mines the rubber for the tires? Who pumps and refines the oil? Who drives the trucks for part deliveries, and who paves the roads?

    No, mechanization doesn’t abolish slavery. Nor ought we seek a social order that remains ignorant of the neccessary class distinctions that, alone, are able to make noble an otherwise insufferable human condition.

    1. The profitability of slavery was a slim margin — which is why most planters were leveraged to the hilt. Mechanization necessarily would have made slavery unprofitable in the decades after the war had said war never occurred. Wage labor is cheaper than paying to maintain the laborer.

    2. And point of fact, my comment was not a negative commentary on the peculiar institution. It is white nationalists, whom I despise, who say it wasn’t necessary. There was a lot of land and no people to work it. Slavery solved the problem. It was merely a realization that slavery is no longer necessary given economic advances

  2. Good article overall, but I don’t agree with the puritan thesis. I don’t agree with some things the Puritans taught, but I think they were overall Godly people.

    And why is excluding people who don’t believe the same wrong when the Puritans did it? The Church of England did the same thing. The Anglican Church enforced conformity. Religious pluralism wasn’t really I thing yet.

    To me the Puritan thesis reminds me of the asinine “Dems are the REAL racist” argument.

  3. Great article. I could quibble here or there with minor points in this sweeping presentation but it would not change the overall truthfulness of the argument. This is an article which was badly needed. It will likely enrage some people but it will do far more good than harm.

  4. I like this article but slavery is definitely not obsolete and will not be for the foreseeable future. I’m not even convinced it is completely obsolete in the cotton field. Those machines waste a lot and the cotton has to be sprayed with defoliants first.