No, You Are Not “Lucky” To Be An American

Throughout the fight over illegal immigration, there has been a constant theme pushed by members of the Left, especially so-called libertarians: “we are all the same, we just happened to be lucky enough to be born North of the border.” Nothing could be further from the truth.  There is nothing “lucky” about the United States.  It was earned and it is our rightful inheritance.

The Marxist talking point, laughably gobbled up by the ideologically incoherent libertarians, who seem to have reduced themselves to the role of central whore in a philosophical gang bang, reduces the role that sacrifice, hard work, determination and smart choices played in the formation of the United States.  Those factors were uniquely Anglo-Saxon cultural proclivities, derived from a disciplined people.  God may have shown the Americas to the first English settlers, but the English had to conquer it.

The facts revolving around the Jamestown Settlement is that Anglo soldiers, after enduring a grueling cross-Atlantic journey in horrendous conditions, conquered hostile natives, starvation, harsh new climates, wild animals, deprivation and diseases.  [The noble native had his own diseases; small pox was not a one way street].  These original settlers persevered by the force of their sheer will and determination.

In the year 1609-1610, only 60 of 500 English settlers survived.  That is not “luck.”  That is grit!

Before the English arrived to the Americas, there were no roads, no structural system of governance, no buildings, no means of collecting water at will and no agricultural production on any meaningful scale.  There was a forest.  There were snakes, alligators, bears, wolves and an extremely violent expansionist tribe called the Powhatan.  The English uniquely conquered them all and when they were done, they laid the foundation of the Nation-State that ultimately became the United States.  Future generations of “others” came into those states shortly thereafter – Scots-Irish, Suebi-Germans, French-Huguenots, German-Quakers, etc.  All of them contributed to the conquest and reshaping of a system of colonies.  But, they also benefited from the English who dared to arrive in Virginia first and EARNED the Americas.

Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution and the next large push of immigrants.

So many of my fellow Irish like to lament the treatment of their ancestral kin at the hands of Anglo Protestants upon arrival, but I have another take: the original settler class had every right to look down on our kind.  Here we were, coming to a land they conquered and uniquely carved out of nothing, and we were poised to economically benefit from the fruits of their earlier sacrifice.  Like any other “team,” it was incumbent upon us to show that we – the Irish – were willing to assimilate to their system of government and pay our dues through some form of hard work and toil.  Lucky for the Irish, they were used to hundreds of years of working for the English and consequently understood the language and governing systems.  They eventually succeeded as a group when they chose to embrace the unique Anglo-American cultural norms of their new country.

Some of my fellow Irish forget that the roads upon which they travel freely to visit their homeland were first introduced to their backward country by Anglo-Norman conquerors.  Suck it up and enjoy the view of the Connemara Coast.  But I digress…

Norwegians and Swedes? They went out and settled huge swaths of the agricultural Midwest with 19th Century tools and very little else. Italians? You will not find a dual language immigration application in 1910.  And so it goes…each group had to rightfully EARN their spot in the Anglo-America that began in Virginia.

There were no federal benefits awaiting earlier immigrants upon arrival.  There were no federally funded English Language classes. There were no Soros-funded caravans. There was hard work and a hazing ritual that sought to ensure you – the new guy – would adopt the superior cultural practices of a system that began in England and was imported to Virginia.

But what of our Latin peers to the South?  They came to the Americas before the Anglo conquerors of the continent.  They were gifted with far better climates for agricultural production.  They had more gold.  Spanish lands had more silver.  They had plenty of African and Native slaves to build an Empire that would easily trounce the United States.  So, what happened?

Simple: they weren’t Anglo-Saxons.

They lacked the cultural discipline of their English counterparts.  They lacked the entrenched mechanisms of governance of the Virginian Anglo.  In the end, they and their lascivious kind worshiped a dictator named Simon Bolivar; we embraced a self-sacrificing farmer and product of Virginian Anglo-Saxon nobility named George Washington.  El Libertador was anything but a liberator.  Bolivar had to be killed by tuberculosis to vacate his station.  Washington willingly surrendered it to republican virtue.

The Virginian Anglo was every part the superior of the Venezuelan Criollo because he sacrificed power for the good of his people.

Future generations of Presidents who made wise choices and respected the systems of governance first introduced by Anglo Virginians continued to far exceed the capabilities of cheap “emperors.”  Until 1860, the Virginian Anglo system was the bedrock of that which would become these United States.  It is no accident that the US continues to crumble with each successive blow to that Virginian Anglo system and the importation of foreign peoples who are not inclined to adopt it.

We are all the products of our decisions.  Our forefathers made the right choices.  The forefathers of these latest hordes made the wrong choices.  We all reap what we sow.  Choosing to adopt corrupt systems of government and never sacrificing to change those systems of government has led to the mess of their destitute existence.  We enjoy the fruits of Anglo-Saxon Virginians today because we embrace their superior cultural dictates.  That is not luck.  That is our rightful inheritance and it was earned.