Weaponizing Human Nature

On November 25th, the Washington Post published an opinion editorial titled, “The GOP is Now the Party of Neo-Confederates.” This is, of course, a click-bait title (and behind their paywall), as has become the norm with rags like WaPo. Regardless of the pearl clutching theme behind the title, it is important to realize the concerted strategy at play by both the liberal media and their neo-Conservative gatekeepers.

Of course, the vast majority of Trump’s Republican base does not align itself at all with any kind of resurgent Confederate movement. Rather, the Trumpian zeitgeist has motivated normal middle and working class voters to simply question the justifications for leftist moral condemnation of jingoism. The Washington Post understands this. They know the dubious position that protected national borders are inherently bad isn’t an easy sell. People intuitively understand that open borders are against their self interests.

And, it isn’t just the Washington Post. The entire media establishment is coordinating with a tried and true playbook to push their narrative. The framework here is simple: Stroke the ego of the bourgeois classes, and, in a broader sense, weaponize the very aspects of human nature that right wing dissidents are critical of.

In the above referenced article, the tactic is clear. Force SWPL and socially conscious suburbanites to disassociate themselves with, what they perceive as, “toothless hillbillies.” The Neo-Confederate caricature has been more or less chiseled in granite since the Civil Rights movement. This is why the “optics” debate has been critical. Unfortunately, many in our circles unwittingly play right into their hands. But that almost doesn’t even matter, because where a lack of antisocial camera hogs exists, there is plenty of stock footage of eager and willing antisocial camera hogs through which to scare the partially red-pilled social climber back into submission. So, put a check mark by “ego” as one form of human nature that the Left