The Weimerican Jobsite Ep.8: Full Contact Dominos

Welcome to The Jobsite, a podcast for blue-collar Southern men. We’ll be discussing the challenges of working with your hands in Weimerica and other items not normally covered by the big brain shows. I’m your host, Spencer Randolph, and joining me is my co-host, The Seeker of Truth.

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  1. To the gentleman who was talking about the check engine light in his old lady’s car:

    A P0430 is tripped when bank 2 catalyst efficiency is below threshold. This code is not caused by a lean air/fuel mixture, although catalytic converter failure can be caused by a lean(or rich) air/fuel mixture. You mentioned a lean code and those are P0171, or P0174. There are myriad different codes for o2 and air/fuel ratio sensors. Generally, when you have a P0430, you have a bad converter. There are instances where this isn’t the case but *generally* it’s true. You’ve got the upstream and downstream o2 thing nailed. If the downstream(post-converter) o2 senses too much oxygen for a sustained period of time, over several drive cycles, it will trip the corresponding trouble code. I’d be glad to help you if you need any help. On Twitter I can be found at @downbylaw40

    Even though I knew about the show, I just listened to my first episode today. I’m not sure if y’all already covered it, but as a trade, auto mechanics is a very good one. I have been a professional mechanic for 20 years now. There is a shortage of 22,000 mechanics in this country. Vehicles are increasingly harder to work on, and if one really understands the new systems, and how to repair them, they have absolute job security. I was a shop foremen for several years in charge of hiring. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the quality of the applicants. What a shame too, because a man can really support a family on a mechanic’s pay.