Irony Bros: Who Hurt U Sweety?

The phrase is obnoxious, but we’re all familiar with the common retort of, “who hurt u sweety?” This is a common rebuttal by online thots (a derogatory, but necessary, term for “that hoe over there”) against those who honestly wish they weren’t being thots – essentially, policing reckless female behavior via online correction. If it’s good for society, good for the woman or whatever, that is a common rebuttal to the corrective action. However, I’ve recently seen a similar rebuttal, not coming from thots though, but rather another online presence, one just as vapid and just as sophomoric.

It’s the same line of thinking and it is produced by a similarly deracinated and lonely diaspora mindset. This argument isn’t coming from online cam-whores, but those who are critical of things like Southern Nationalism and “regional identity.” What I’m referring to is the irony bro. The irony bro really doesn’t believe in anything, except what he would call – “the lulz.” Perhaps he’s a fellow traveler of some sort, but a quick laugh or jab at something someone considers important or worthy is far more tempting than movement work. The irony bro critiques, shames and embarrasses under the guise of, “it’s just a joke, dude.” He is quick to put down, but brings nothing meaningful or of substance to anything actually meaningful.

The irony bro’s chief response to our little corner of the world is usually, “lol why do I care? What is really left of Southern identity anyways? Being fat and shopping for things at Wal-Mart?” They have no real connection to their people (they wouldn’t understand the concept anyway), tradition, land, veneration, etc. They may have a family and a job, but their real world connections are blunted either due to lack of genuine interaction or an overabundance of online trolling and gossiping (which doesn’t result in the typical reactions that would occur in the real world). The connections with others and empathy begin to fail at that point. It’s just memes and jokes, until it isn’t.

So, why even bring it up? Why be associated with Southern Nationalism or Southern Identity if it doesn’t matter, isn’t important, is “fake and gay,” sucks, is historical fetishism and will be gone anyways? What reason would you want to be around people that care? The nihilistic, usually atheistic, self-centered and modernist mindset that is required for that is alien and abnormal to those who actually feel like they have a dog in the fight. That’s not to say we can’t take a joke or even make jokes – in fact, we’re funny as hell. But, if everything is a joke, what’s the point of your involvement? It seems like vanity.

The behavior is not unlike that seen by those who balk at the current cultural orthodoxy. Few of these people have an issue with those criticizing the Empire. After all, they don’t like what it did to their nice SWPL neighborhoods outside (or even inside) of Dixie. But, when you mention breaking away from them and the problems with their states, politicians and even they themselves have created, it’s all of a sudden unthinkable and “clearly won’t work because reasons.” The only part of the country that actually broke away, almost brought down the Empire, has a unique culture antithetical to Globohomo and large elements still remember the War just can’t do it a second time – what sense does that make?

This is not to brow beat actual criticism of things going awry in Dixie. We have things that need improving and certainly have issues, but when the criticism is leveled as, “lol it doesn’t really matter” it both serves no purpose and severs what little connection those isolated individuals have in the Dissident Right and the Southern Nationalist milieu. If they want so little to do with us why still hang around? To be honest, it’s not because they really care, it’s because they need something real to try and actually hang on to. It gives them a peek into the lives of those living as authentically as they can and the green monster of envy peers over their shoulder and whispers into their ear: “Spoil it for the lulz, bro.”

Ignore irony bro orders. This is a serious movement for serious people.

-By N