Stand As They Did

It has been 153 years since the last shot of the War of Northern Aggression has been fired. Although the cannons have long been silent and blood no longer flows through the farmlands that were once battlefields, the Culture War remains. Reconstruction in the modern era is alive and in full swing now more than ever. Our beloved Dixie becomes more infested by carpetbaggers every year, who turn our towns into metropolitan hellholes and sanctuary cities. They ruin every place they set foot in, they spit on us every chance they get and destroy everything that our forefathers worked so hard for.

They bring with them their Yankee/West Coast politics, which in turn, brings more of them to us. With more of them, comes more development – with more development, comes more diversity and our way of life being displaced. This has already resulted the destruction of many of the monuments and grave sites of our ancestors, a people who valiantly fought our cause and lands. What would they think of the rootless vermin in our local politics who viciously slander us and them? Or of the screaming, green haired harpies and androgynous looking numales who pull down our memorials with no recoil?

Our hearts pump the blood of our Southern ancestors through our veins. Every time our enemies try to remove a battle flag, we should be there with more. Every time they remove a monument, even if in secret in the dead of night, we should be there in staunch defiance. They should, once again, learn to fear the rebel yell. We cannot afford to give the transplants and carpetbaggers anymore leeway when it comes to our homeland and culture.

The road to reclamation won’t be easy, but it is achievable. Even, for example, starting a business or creating something with the word “Dixie” in the title is a start – that way, they will always be reminded of where they are. Just because Dolly Parton removes “Dixie” from “Dixie Stampede” to cater to the Yankees, doesn’t mean we can’t say it with pride. If we make it harder for them to have influence over us, then they will no longer feel comfortable, thus (hopefully) slowing the Northern and Transplant Flood. If we can stop the Flood, then we stop their destructive voting habits. They can ruin their home states, but they can’t have Dixie. Our forefathers look down upon us from heaven and now it is our turn to stand as they did – for ourselves, for our children and for generations to come.

Deo Vindice

-By Mason


  1. Dixie drive in Asheboro NC (pop 25k) is highway 64 and a main road through the commercial area of town.

    I keep expecting it to be changed every time I drive there, but it remains! There’s also the Dixie Drive-in restaurant, Dixie Express gas stations and some others. Clearly the aversion to Dixie, like liberal politics, isn’t homegrown.