Adventures in Babysitting: Army Edition

Much has been said and pontificated in regards to female leadership in society, Grrl Power! and what have you. Subversion of traditional society has led to this mentality that because something hasn’t happened yet, we should be the first to implement it. This is the case with female leadership, notice I have not mentioned femininity. That word will not be laid across the page any further, as today’s female leadership paradigm has no room for said quality, only malevolence and sabotage.

You won’t even find any real deep dive study on the phenomenon of ineffective leaders of the homogametic sex. To “call a spade a spade” is the social equivalent of sticking a shotgun in your mouth. You don’t address the issue because it doesn’t play out well with Aunt Carol and her Sylvia Plath inspired book collection during family gatherings. You’re still reading, that’s good. So, on to malevolence and sabotage. Where can we find this?

In the greatest social experiment the American Empire has: The U.S. Army.

Now, women have served since the Revolution and the history of women in the military before the last 40 years (give or take) is, generally speaking, honorable. The World Wars and the Korean War needed all our citizens to support the war effort. However, there remained gender segregation until 1976, when President Ford signed Public Law 94-106 into law, opening the service academies to women and followed up by the first combined gender MOS school class in July, 1977. Integrated Basic Combat Training followed in the fall of the same year.

Lets assume that Clown World still had a decent work ethic for the 70’s and through the late 90’s, when the last vestiges of our meritocratic armed forces transformed into the CYA culture we have today. I have worn this nations uniform with humble pride since the early 2000’s and I have seen the gender relations go from mild camaraderie to cold indifference and then to downright fearful of crossing paths with the fairer sex. Think about how catastrophic that is for a fighting force.

Basic Training took me to the pinnacle of mediocrity – Fort Jackson, Worst Carolina. I recall a very particular moment, I was covering for three females on a task and the Drill Sergeant approached.

Drill Sergeant: “What are you doing?

Me, foolishly: “They asked me to do this for them Drill Sergeant.

Drill Sergeant: “Why?

Me, honest and merely repeating their reasoning they gave me: “They said they can’t handle it.

Alexa, play Despacito while I do push-ups in the mud. They still didn’t do the task.

There was some hope though, this drill sergeant came from an MOS rife with women. His programming was well established by this point. However, the infantry drill sergeant in my platoon did not share his enthusiasm for letting women slack off. In my young and idealistic ways, I found myself filling sandbags for these same females a mere week or two later. I was deeply engrossed in the task and I could tell someone was standing behind me.

Me: “Drill Sergeant, I didn’t see you there.

Infantry Drill Sergeant: “What are you doing at this foxhole, Private?

Me: “I’m helping fellow soldiers.

Infantry Drill Sergeant: “Are you now?” *he points to the gaggle of females whom I am doing all the work for*

Me: *DoesNotCompute.exe*

Infantry Drill Sergeant: “Fill your canteen, grab an MRE and go find some shade, anyone asks what you’re doing, send them to me.

A glance back at the foxhole minutes later:

That seems to be commonplace in our society. Women using the pass to avoid responsibility until it suits them.

So, that’s the first taste I got of this new thing called political correctness and double standards. If it wasn’t for the contrasting reaction of the infantry sergeant, I would have believed this was how things were supposed to go.

Fast forward a decade plus, and I will just list out the key things that showed me the true nature of the female in the military. At least a half dozen single women getting pregnant out of wedlock to avoid deployment. A girl in my squad selling her body on deployment. Female officers bedding down enlisted men. Married female soldiers sleeping with their supervisors. A female soldier punished for insubordination and then launched a false sexual harassment complaint against her supervisor. Refusal to follow orders to dismount a vehicle and patrol less that 1,000 ft into a village.

I don’t have enough time in the day to share all this anecdotal evidence of the need to make the military segregated by gender. If you are reading this and you are doubtful of the veracity of these claims, go ask a non-cucked military man in your family or social circle. They will give you the straight talk and confirm much of what I have said.

So, have we benefited from sexual integration, are we more lethal? My suspicions say no. If we can’t even forge women (who even volunteered) into competent, calculating and honorable leaders, devoid of emotion based reactions and well-rounded in critical thinking and logic based performance, do we really think civilian women in positions of power will do any better? They have not even grasped the concept of self-sacrifice, they wont even pay lip service to it. At least the harlots I served alongside made an effort to appear that way.

We have watched our sacred institutions and traditions fall to the blade of political correctness and misandry. Just because our womenfolk in our clans are good people, doesn’t mean we should hand the nuke codes over in the name of some misplaced sense of chivalry.

-By Mr. Lee

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