Teach Your Children Well

As a new father with another baby already on the way, the role that identity will play in how I raise my children is something I spend a lot of time thinking about. I’ve seen what happens in households where these topics are avoided out of some sense of moral virtue. While I found my way into dissident politics, I have an older sibling that has been consumed by the worst that Modernity has to offer.

He and I were raised in the same loving household, yet ended up on complete opposite ends of the political spectrum. Had my parents taken stronger initiative in openly discussing important topics like where we came from and the impact that has on who we are, I don’t believe he would be in his current position. I’ve done my best to convince him that being childless and stoned in your late 30s is a hollow existence. It’s very difficult to get through to someone when they’re this far into their life if they’ve never been exposed to these sorts of ideas. The resistance to these ideas is very hard to overcome.

This sort of apathy was allowed to fester, due in large part, to the circumstances in which we were raised: we knew our neighbors, we had close ties to our community and we were active in the church. When these things are in place, teaching your children about their unique identity can seem unnecessary. When you’re in a homogeneous community, why even bother thinking about what makes that community what it is? It just is, and it always will be. Until it’s not.

The town I grew up in was defenseless against the encroachment of outsiders. They had no sense of themselves, making them unable to form the necessary arguments for why radical changes to their demographic makeup will have a devastating impact on their once idyllic community.

My children won’t be afforded the luxury of avoiding these sorts of topics. Each day the attack on whites becomes more and more overt. I pray that I can provide them with the necessary tools to defend what was established for them, while also preparing them for the false identities that Modernity has to offer. If my parents had done the same, I would have likely avoided a number of wasted years where I engaged in all manner of degeneracy. I would also have a sibling as an ally. Prepare your children as best you can. Their fight is sure to be a difficult one.

-By Vaughn Hardwood

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  1. Good advice. As a middle aged male, who was lost, and eventually found his way, I would say that there is still hope for your Brother. Don’t entirely give up on those who have lost their way. In my case, it made all the difference…