Dixie’s Quiet Revolution

One of the defining hallmarks of Dixians, at least in relation to the other ethnic groups of the United States, has been conservatism. Dixie has been the most conservative part of the nation with cultural leftism having little to no hold on our minds. There have been men of the Left in Dixian politics, but these men were of an old Left, concern for the common man type like Huey Long. If he could see what passes for leftism today- i.e. 29,398 different genders and a tendency to see Western civilization as some kind of first mover of everything wrong with the word- well, I’m not sure if he would have gut laughed or been angry, but I am confident that he would have completely and totally rejected it. Dixie has long been conservative and unlike other highly conservative ethnic groups in the US (the Great Plains or the Mormon Corridor) Dixians actually had the numbers and the states to put up some kind of resistance to the Left.

It is this ongoing resistance that led the Left to launch a quiet revolution in Dixie, one that is just beginning to bare fruit. To understand this concept, we must go back to where this phrase originated- Quebec. Despite the horrid state of Quebec today, in the 1950s Quebec was conservative. It was called “France without the Revolution” and was led by Premier Maurice Duplessis, a staunch traditionalist and devout Catholic. The period, known today by idiot Quebecois as La Grande Noirceur (The Great Darkness), saw a Quebec that was a stronghold against modernism. Duplessis’ death in 1959, combined with the rise of the Liberal Party the following election, saw a rapid shift in Quebec’s culture, with the providence in just a few years going from a bedrock of old French values to a secular society hellbent on destroying its own past.

I believe this is the ultimate goal of the Left, to slowly and as much as possible, without open violence, transform Dixie until she can not only no longer resist cultural leftism, but actually be among the most culturally left-wing regions of the US. If you don’t think this can happen, think again. In 1960, Quebec was the most conservative providence in Canada. And, Quebec is no mere outlier. In 1983, 66.9% of the Irish voted in favor of the Eighth Amendment, which strengthen an already existing law banning abortion. In 2018, 66.4% of the population voted in favor of repealing the Amendment. In less than 40 years Ireland literally went 180 degrees in the other direction. In 1990, Ireland was far and away the most conservative country in Western Europe. Not a single serious person would have even thought of bringing up something like gay “marriage” as a possibility. This was, after all, a country where divorce wasn’t just illegal, it was unconstitutional. A generation later, Ireland became the first country on earth to legalize gay “marriage” via popular vote. Y’all, I hate to say it, but this can happen to us.

For the first time in our history we actually do have a cultural leftism coming from within (rather than being imposed on us by federal force). I know a lot of this is coming from the Tim Kaines of the world, carpetbaggers who could never been elected dog catcher had it not been for the demographic transformation of Dixie, but some of it is also coming from actual native sources, people whom are the children of family friends of my parents, people whom I know for a fact were raised with our values and whose ancestors fought honorably for the Confederacy- are today celebrating when a monument is torn down or about whatever new gender they discovered.

And how was this done? I have identified three main culprits- 1) the hijacking of the education system, 2) the corruption of the clergy and 3) the importation of global capitalism. First is the hijacking of the education system and the one that most are familiar with. By taking the education system from us, you can now create, even if it takes decades, a generation that hates Dixie. Instead of Dixie being that country that has produced some of the greatest writers, musicians and military leaders to ever live, Dixie has now become the land of irredeemable racism, ignorance and violence.

Next is the corruption of the clergy. As much as pagan LARPers dislike it, Christianity is the backbone of any traditional Western society. This does not mean that everyone must be a personal believer, but this does mean the importance of Christianity must be recognized by the vast majority of the population. To destroy a country, you must first destroy the morality of its clergy, which can be done through sex. The Church in Ireland was destroyed through sodomy. Men with deep-seeded homosexual desire, who never should have been made priests, were unleashed on that island. As a result of the understandable fallout, the Church had her influence destroyed. Though the Protestant clergy in Dixie did not have this problem for the most part (though that was there too), plenty of pastors did fall into gross sexual sin and while a man having an affair is not as bad as a homosexual act (the homosexual act goes against nature) the result is the same- Christian morality is undermined.

Finally, there is the importation of global capitalism, something many on the Right have trouble with, as any criticism of capitalism, thanks in large part to the Right being swept up in the anti-communist crusade, is seen as left-wing. But this is not the case. The first critics of capitalism were men of the Right and moreover capitalism has shown again and again that it is culturally left-wing. The days of it playing nice with us are over. Nathan Deal refused to sign the RFRA not because the feds threatened Georgia, but because Amazon, Hollywood and the NFL did. As soon as you make yourself dependent upon corporations, there is no way to fight back when they tell you how to govern your own country. The structure of capitalism is usurious by its nature, which is why it is so eager to defend sodomy. Sodomy and usury cannot be understood separately. There is a reason Dante but them in the same circle of hell (for violence, not for lust or greed)- sodomy takes what is by nature fertile, sex, and tries to make it infertile. Usury takes what is by its nature infertile, money, and tries to make it fertile.

Make no mistake- the Left wants to turn Dixie into something worse than California and as soon as that happens there is no stopping them. Mormons and Great Plains farmers don’t have the numbers to put up a fight. We do and the Left know it and that is why they are currently pushing a quiet revolution in Dixie.

-Dixie Anon


  1. The way The Scalawag Left decided to try and overturn North Carolina was by embedding The NCAA firmly here, and then leaving it with no oversight as to it’s curriculae.

    65+ years later and we have teachers organizing students to take down our monuments.

  2. ‘As soon as you make yourself dependent upon corporations,’ you’re a whore.

    Sounds like you’ve been watching E Michael Jones videos, he drew the line between usury and sodomy for me.

    1. Dear Roger,
      Corporations must be. That said, what is wrong in this situation is that the governmental interaction with Corporations is wrong, because it skirts the law which requires it to monitor them with the protection of The American Worker, American Manufacturing, and American Small Business in mind.

      There is no getting around Capitalism and Corporations, but, they must be made to mind.

  3. One other thing I would like to mention about the old Dixiecrats, like Huey Long – they were economically Left but, socially Right, which, by the way, is not dissimilar to any nationalist party of the last century, anywhere.

  4. I agree with Jared: this is an excellent analysis of the current situation, and of the proper road to recovery.

    Perhaps it will brighten the spirits of some of your readers if I point out that this is not the first time in post-WBTS history that the people of the South have faced – and successfully driven back – such an onslaught. As to your first “culprit,” I believe you have placed it correctly in order of importance. If I may be permitted to quote (or, rather, paraphrase) a wise New England man in one Noah Webster, he once wrote that he considered the proper education of youth to be of far greater importance than the making of laws and the preaching of the gospel; for, he further explained, it is upon education that both law and gospel rest for their success.

    The situation the sons and daughters of the South currently face, is essentially the same issue their forbears faced around the turn of the 20th Century. 30-35 years had, by then passed away, and a new generation was coming onto the scene. This new generation had been reared and educated in the Yankee “Common Schools” imposed upon the South during and after “reconstruction.” The aging generation.began to notice that their own children and grandchildren were beginning to hold them in contempt. Meanwhile, D. H. Maury had, in 1868, formed the Southern Historical Society; and by 1876, the first volume of Southern Historical Society Papers had been published. By 1897 “Grand Camps” in the South had been formed, and select committees chosen from them to investigate the cause(s) for which Southern children had begun to show alarming signs of openly despising their ancestors.

    In 1898-9, Dr. Hunter McGuire (Chief Medical Officer in the Stonewall Brigade) issued a report, condemning the Yankee-written history books then in common usage in the Southern “common schools.” McGuire’s report went on to recommend the removal of those titles, and replacement with history textbooks containing the true history of the “lost cause.” I won’t quote Dr. McGuire’s report at length, but I would be remiss not to add the following excerpt. Said he:

    6. That the Grand Camp of the Confederate Veterans of Virginia earnestly appeal to all the other camps in the South to demand the elimination of all false histories from public and private schools; that they appoint committees, whose duty it shall be to see that this is done; to urge the Sons of Veterans and Daughters of the Confederacy to co-operate with them in this holy work, and to remember that unless this effort is made that the curse that belongs to those who dishonor father and mother will belong to them. All of which is respectfully submitted,

    Hunter McGuire, Chairman

    Now, a real and lasting cure for this problem would be to eliminate the Yankee school system in the South. But that is an impracticable solution for many reasons, one of which is that Southerners are by now as addicted to so called “public education” in the main as Yankees ever were. We live in the “New South,” after all, not the “Old South.” But something can still be done, as per McGuire’s report cited above. But it will also take a great deal of effort and coordination, as well organization and determination to see it to its conclusion. The stakes are very, very high, but if any people on God’s earth can do it, certainly it is the Southern people. The current mad scene we are witnessing of our monuments being attacked and pulled down is, I.am guessing, the impetus that will finally galvanize the true sons and daughters of the Confederacy to take the proper steps and set the ball in motion. As our fathers did before us.

    There is hope!