Something You Don’t See Everyday

I recently stumbled across this heartwarming preview of how children with be raised following the imminent total collapse. Check it out. Or, if you have little stomach for visualizing the fascinating spectacle to come, here’s a brief synopsis.

There was a little girl, with neglectful alcoholic parents in the Ukraine. She was abandoned outside on a cold night, and adopted by dogs in the farmyard kennels…for 6 years. “Then, she begins to act like them”. That’s literally what happens. Eating raw meat, barking, racing around on all-fours. Nice, keep it keto.

Here’s a few snippets from Australian CBS:

A child psychologist tries to assess what the years spent with dogs have done to Oxana’s intellectual and social development

Her synapses are firing on all cylinders, right? Huh, not really. It’s baffling.

Cognitive tests show this 22-year old has the mental age of a 5 or 6-year old.

That should be easily remedied by college, just go ahead and borrow the money. She’ll get her life back on track.

Psychologists believe she’ll never be able to catch up

Oh, now I’m really stumped. However, her situation presents:

Scientific opportunities that could never otherwise be replicated because of their cruelty…’s fascinating

I wonder if she goes berserk in a moving vehicle like my border collie? Well, I don’t know about you but I can’t possibly imagine how there could be any parallels between the plight of this young lady and wayward youngsters attempting to navigate contemporary American society. I just know you should send your kids to public school and sleep sound at night. Everything will be fine, of that much I’m certain.

So, the comments are disabled for this video. That’s mighty peculiar. I can’t imagine why.