By the Numbers, Post-Midterms and Beyond

I wanted to take a moment and drop a couple of white pills. And, include some points of information now that we’ve passed the midterm elections, as well as, let folks know that now with the potential gridlock, it is a good time to get busy before the Trump 2020 re-election and the retaking of the House.

On top of Trump’s new and bigly increased income tax credit for children, one thing is certain, if we mean, at any level, to stave off or reverse the current demographic trend, we have got to start having families and have more children. There is no way around that fact and it is easier now more than ever to have home births, homeschool and have extremely reduced costs when it comes to having kids. So, Number 1 – start a family.

Number 2 – now is a fantastic time to grow and or start a small business and taking advantage of all the benefits with regards to trade, interest rates and tax cuts. Whether that means on your own or with a couple of friends in construction, small-time farming or something in agribusiness like raising livestock and poultry and their byproducts.

Number 3 – if being an entrepreneur isn’t up your alley right now, there are major openings all around the country for expanding blue-collar high paying positions. On top of that, the amount of higher paying management and white collar jobs are expanding as well. There is no time like the present to get started on a better career that will provide for you and the family for years to come. If you’re a reader of ID, you’re of high intelligence and with high agency – put those natural talents to work.

Number 4 – there are a myriad of ways to get involved in having your money work for you, investing in other friends’ small businesses, real estate, alternative currencies and even the old stocks and bonds.

Number 5 – This is a no brainer should be number one, but now is a perfect time to begin working on your own health, vitality and wellness, joining pro-am sports leagues, training with buddies at the gym, and building a better you – for yourself, your future family and our future.

Number 6 – get involved locally with friends, political parties and other groups like the Chamber of Commerce, the Rotary Club and other fraternal organizations. Build your network and help others with your skills.

Number 7 – attend a solid, uncucked, traditional, conservative, pro-family church. There are several possibilities, but I recommend, with my experience, an Orthodox, Presbyterian or Reformed Presbyterian Church. Ultimately, find a strong church community and get in there. There are plenty of  uncucked churches that need new blood and support. Those churches and that community will pay dividends into your future, I promise you.

We still have much to be done and much that is simple to do. Stay ready.

-By Paddy

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  1. Agree with all the above. Would add any solid Confessional 1689 Baptist churches to the list. Confessions, catechism, the Lord’s Day observances, liturgies, hymns, expositional preaching… we have a tremendous religious heritage waiting to be rediscovered.